Friday, March 17, 2006


(I spent much of the day swatching, and NOW blogger won't upload ANY of my swatch pics :(

Ohhhhh, I'm so excited (I feel like Donna Summer singing - shush if you're not old enough to remember singing I'm so excited, I'm about to lose control and I think I like it, I LIKE IT....just SHUSH

All set up with a fresh pot of coffee, my bins of summer yarns around me, my recently organized notebook full of patterns, a stack of books and magazines, and a mess of needles, and I'm ready to swatch.

and just in case you're wondering, yes, Lara is knit off the needles, ...and this font color is in honor of Spring, not that other thing happening today.

First, must remember to say:

Happy Anniversary Dad & Joan Happy Anniversary Jon & Erika

and in another anniversary of sorts, on this date in 1988 my first dh (a true Irish Catholic) left us. Mark was 5, Daniel was 3. We survived. we prospered. But I have a serious problem celebrating anything related to St Pats day - even though my dad and my bro each got married on this date.


On to the fun stuff. Click on that for a link since I can't make blogger upload any of the pics! ARGH

And Finally, I cast on for my Life of Pi project for Knit the Classics

1 comment:

Anne said...

So you swatched then huh?! Very nice - I'd want to too.

Oh - and thanks for the tune I'll have in my head all day... ;-)