Sunday, April 30, 2006


I am overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of people in the knit-blog community.

I have some thanks to make:
First to Leah, who is part of the Mara Knitalong on Yahoo. Leah sent me a copy of the Workbook magazine containing the Alice Starmore pattern for the Mara vest that she picked up on ebay, when she happened to win more than one copy. This is an out of print, hard to come by pattern, and when the knitalong was started quite some time ago there were no patterns to be found at any price, much less a reasonable one. She asked for nothing in return, just sent me the Workbook. Thank you so much!

And to the anonymous lady in the St Louis Knitting Guild, who was cleaning out copies of her old magazines and sent some with another woman who knits in the SnB group I knit with most Wednesday nights. I scored an older KR with an interview w/ Alice Starmore, the pattern for Maidenhair, and the pattern for an older Beth Brown-Reinsel cabled sweater I've loved for a long time.

To Anne who sent me an envelope full of vintage needlework magazines and patterns from an older aunt of hers. There is a fabulous pattern in there for some Latvian mittens. I have some embroidery parts to pass along, I'm thinking Kim or Stephanie may want them?

To Marina who totally surprised me with an unexpected package that is too fabulous for words. In addition to the best chocolates (you're right Marina, they are wonderful), and stitch markers like I've never seen before (ok, I'm sheltered), there was a book of needlework, the first pattern which is Marina's namesake cardigan. The cardi is a version that I like better than the current incarnation as shown on Virtual Yarns, this is a shorter cardi, with a V-neck, and It may just be the cardi that compels me into the world of fairisle. Marina, did I see you write that you've only been knitting fairisle for a little over a Year? You are so accomplished it's hard to imagine that you haven't been knitting fairisle for decades. The book also has needlepoint patterns from Kafe Fassett and Gloriana

And finally, thank you to Kerry, who sent me a set of ebony (short, YES!) dpns for glove knitting. This was the prize that she sent for one of the winners of the Best Secret Pal nominees - she was sweet to do it, and she was so thoughtful that she came here to see what specific thing I might like before choosing the prize. My spoilee Carmen nominated me, which was way over the top - I can't wrap much of anything for beans, (all of the packages she got looked like they were UPS shipments, not fun stuff) but it's so nice that she did. Kerry, thank you so much. They will be put to good use.

Timely Knitting!
So, last October or so, I finished knitting this sleeveless shell, just in time for cold weather.
Yarn: Jaeger Siena cotton
Needles: US 3

So what do I finally finish NOW? Why this mohair and silk garden sweater and skirt combo - just in time for 80 degrees.

Time for me to think this thing through.

So, I am knitting right now on summer projects - Orangina, a cotton/viscose top you haven't even seen yet from stash yarn, the red cotton cardi from Karabella, and possibly the linen print cardi, pattern from Drops Aurora. But at the end of the month - that's it....I'm starting my wool sweaters for the Tudor Roses KAL, and I'm going to work again on my UFO's from last winter season. So that I may actually wear something...In Season...what a concept.

I leave you with some prom pics - my dsd is in the black - dress was finished Saturday AM. Nothing like cutting it to the wire.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Tudor Roses KAL

It's about time to set up the KAL for the Tudor Roses patterns.
I don't know yet whether to set up with Yahoo groups or Blogger...are there any preferences? Marina? Carrie? Anyone else who wants to participate? Yahoo has the advantage of photoalbums and daily email digests, however Blogger seems to be the choice for most KAL's. and those of us already considering, use blogger.
My two pattern choices:
Jane Seymour - I have all the yarn (original Alice Starmore yarns) except the Fern color, which I can buy Jamiesons (or is it J&S?) and it will be fine.
Or Eliz I. I have the Rowan cashsoft 4ply for this, however am having reservations about the suitability of that yarn for this sweater. I'm thinking it just may be too soft..and I know from experience that it grows in blocking. Soft to wear - good, a Hebridean yarn that hold stitch def better - good....what to do?
Right now, what to do is go to work.
At this moment in time, I'm working doing alterations for a bridal shop in town, altering prom dresses. Dare I say this publicly?: This years Proms are going to look like 'early French Whorehouse' in ice cream sherbet colors.
I know I sound old and fuddy duddy - but I CANNOT believe what mothers are allowing their daughters to wear.
Brittany Spears and the like, get yourselves dressed so that the youth of America will put some modesty back in their clothing choices. Sorry, my rant.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Project Colorswap pkg

1. I'm days late in posting about this bright, happy package from Becca, and I apologize. It was such a bright spot in a not very bright day, and such fun wrappings. I kid you not! Knitting Girl candies - can you believe it? this tin, which is too cute, is destined to contain stitch markers.

2. I must clarify, that last post about the green tea latte - I didn't Write that...I copied it from an email I got. I thought it was a scream and wanted to pass it along, although I don't ever think you'll find me writing anything on my blog using the F word.

Now for the rest of the package:

a great package from Becca. That yellow page that looks like a starburst is a notebook full of graph paper - how cool is that? It is def going to Stitches Midwest with me, and will get carted along in my knitting bag for idea jotting down. Also included are some great needle protectors shaped like socks, a photo album, the cutest little pedicure set which my pedicurist will have a great time with. The toe separator thing is shaped like a caterpillar. AND, I managed two skeins of stash enhancing yarn without breaking stashalong - score!. The yellow silky wool is destined for a project that I've been kicking around in my mind for awhile now. Details later.

Becca, thank you so much for the thought you put into this, and the incredibly cheerful lovely package that arrived on my doorstep last week.

Friday, April 14, 2006

have you read this?

If you love Starbucks, (which I do)
or if you are seriously offended by 4 letter words...
don't read this

otherwise. I think it's funny

and I spend nearly $4 per day at starbucks. on coffee.

April 12, 2006
The Five Stages of Grief as the Pertain to an Unfortunate Choice of Beverages at Starbucks
This morning I decided to forgo my usual boring latte in favor of Starbucks' new green tea latte. What transpired might require extensive psychological treatment. All that treatment I endured for post-traumatic stress disorder last year has been completely undone by one little hot beverage. To whit:
Stage One: Denial"No! Surely it's not as bad as it seems. I'll just take another sip. It probably something with that hippy-dippy toothpaste I insist on using. That's got to be what's making this beverage taste like someone left a dead carp in the milk steamer."
Stage Two: Anger"Motherfuckers! Who the fuck is stupid enough to think green tea and hot milk would be a good idea? It has a hint of melon ... hint of melon??? I WANT THE HEAD OF THE FUCKING BEE-EATING DIMWIT WHO CONNED ME INTO SPENDING FOUR FUCKING DOLLARS ON A DRINK THAT TASTES LIKE HOT CARP-STUFFED HONEYDEW, GODDAMMIT!"
Stage Three: Bargaining"Okay, God. Here's the deal. If you make this big Venti paper cup of hot frothy koi pond water palatable, I'll never use the phrase "fucking bee-eating dimwit" ever again, no matter how badly someone deserves it."
Stage Four: Depression"It's no use. The taste of seaweed is going to be forever imprinted on my tongue, marring everything I try to ingest for the rest of my life. I'm screwed. Starbucks is no longer a happy place for me. And what am I without my happy place? I'm just a poor slob, drinking hot milked-up algea-water and paying out the nose through it. I suck. I deserve to empty my wallet in the name of really crappy beverages. It's my punishment for being too stupid to see the obvious: this drink is a giant April fool's joke, and I fell for it. Drink up, Moron!"
Stage Five: Acceptance"Hey, I'm getting used to the fish taste, and I can really feel the antioxidents working!"

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

3 R's at 101

This, I just realized, is my 101 st post.

I had intended to do a 3 R's post -
starting with Re-use

Pics from the catalogue of a very hoity toity store.

Have you seen the accessories they are showing for Spring and Summer?
Have you seen the Prices?

I'm thinking I should take myself to the local beading store that opened up here last Fall, where they have all sorts of fabulous jewelry findings, and cut apart some of my own personal stuff (some of which qualifies for vintage at this point) and make it into something a little more up-to-date.

My stuff - I just opened this box that has been under the bed since I moved here 2 1/2 years ago, and found a treasure trove of beads! Individual detail pics can be found here if you want to see more.
[Julie my friend whom I haven't talked to in way tooo long...this new free time you have may be your opportunity to take that class you were talking about last July and make yourself something fabulous (fabbo?!)]

Reduce - stash reduction is coming along nicely. I've just finished knitting up another sk of the Noro on the second Lady E.

Recycle - paperback reading to pass on. None of it will tax your mind. If you want any or all drop me a comment and an email (my email address is on the sidebar under my profile) with your snail mail addy. And in honor of my passing the 100th posting mark, I'll send them to you gratis.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Stitches Midwest

Stitches Midwest registration, classes and events list is up.

Tea Time?

ok, I've well and truly lost it.
But, as long as I'm at it, I'm taking you along on the ride.
Tea Cozy's
I've the strangest urge to knit one, or three.
help me pick

from Gliss Knits the Aran cozy

from Megan Mills the Brioche cozy

From the Knitting Fairy

the turtle

or the strawberry?

from Rita Taylor

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Casting On, Binding Off

(Gyrid) Life of Pi project is Finished. I love this top. Love the fabric created by stranding two Rowanspun 4 ply yarns together.
This is the combination of yarn that I will use to knit up Eris, the cardi. Not necessarily this color combo - I've got this yarn in 9 colors, but this yarn knit doubled is wonderful. If I weren't stashing along I just might visit Yarnela and Cucumber Patch to see what is left and what the colors are. Sadly, Rowan discontinued this yarn a year ago or more.
Pattern - Elsebeth Lavold Gryid

Yarn - one strand each Rowanspun 4ply Midnight Blue and Holly Green

Needles size 6 US addi turbo. Gauge 22 st to 4"

Drops cardi is On. Working on black is a daylight proposition.

Orangina is coming along - slowly. I've not spent much time working on it lately. I love it in this nylon Katia Seville though. Who would've thought that a summer top in nylon ribbon would be ok? Better than ok?

Monday, April 03, 2006

SP 7 revealed

Well, that was fun! I had almost finished writing a wonderful thank-you post to my SP7 Spoiler Julie yesterday when a big storm came through and the power went down. It didn't come back on until sometime in the wee hours this morning. Naturally, I lost the post.

Thank YOU Julie

First, she Made me this needles holder, which I've already put to good use, although I can't say all those cables that need relaxing do much to enhance the picture of the holder. She used a nautically themed fabric, which I just love. right now I've got it pinned to my 'wall' in my sewing room, which wall is made of fabric stretched on pvc pipe frames - isn't that attractive? hmm, should really move it up and go take another pic, but right now I want to get this posted while we still have power - another storm is coming in.
Some really pretty deep violet (the camera distorted the color) baby cashmere yarn, that is destined to become gloves I think. In an earlier package Julie sent me dp's short enough that I can work on gloves. ;)
a pattern that I've wanted forever. I do believe that next Olympics this scarf will be knit and will be around my neck, in Vancouver. very first EZ book - can you believe? Thank you so very much. You've been a sweet and wonderful pal.

I love what Julie wrote in her blog about how knitting can bridge other circumstances to bring together and form bonds between people who might not otherwise ever come together. Although we are at different stages of our lives, and different stages of our knitting, we do share a love and passion for so many of the same things. Thank you so much.

re all that stash;
holy moly batknitters, there is a lot of yarn out there. so much that it all became a bit overwhelming. Thank God we only do that once a year. I promise on my honor right now that next year I will be able to flash a smaller stash.

there are some that I just feel need an honorable mention here, if you didn't get to see them over the weekend.

  1. There is Christine, who's amassed more stash in one year knitting than I thought was possible. Truly impressive!
  2. Elizabeth, but, anyone who names their blog SABLE really needs to have the goods to back it up
  3. Marina, who is one of the most prolific knitters I have the pleasure to know, has an impressive and gorgeous stash.
  4. Alice, whose stash I encountered Saturday for the first time, is so beautifully displayed as well as extensive, you've got to go take a look.
  5. Jessica, who has a style that I truly admire and, if I could recommend emulating anyone, it would be her. The amount of stash that I and other knitters like me who've amassed great quantities over a lifetime of knitting and collecting will tell you, it can be overwhelming. There is something really valid to that concept of Simple Living.

On to whose Stash I elected to stash enhance? I decided that I should choose from those who asked to be included, as I recognize that there are many out there who don't want to enhance their stash. But, I couldn't decide on just one. So, I picked two - for the reason that somehow their stories and styles resonated with me. I've emailed each of them. To everyone else who posted and asked, I wish I could enhance all your stashes. I really enjoyed some of the truly creative ways of displaying stash for the flash.

  • Wendy, who is treading a bit of a road that I've been down. And is passionate about knitting
  • and Darthknittress whose name I couldn't find anywhere. A student putting herself through school, who is also passionate about knitting, and needs yarn to knit.