Sunday, April 30, 2006


I am overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of people in the knit-blog community.

I have some thanks to make:
First to Leah, who is part of the Mara Knitalong on Yahoo. Leah sent me a copy of the Workbook magazine containing the Alice Starmore pattern for the Mara vest that she picked up on ebay, when she happened to win more than one copy. This is an out of print, hard to come by pattern, and when the knitalong was started quite some time ago there were no patterns to be found at any price, much less a reasonable one. She asked for nothing in return, just sent me the Workbook. Thank you so much!

And to the anonymous lady in the St Louis Knitting Guild, who was cleaning out copies of her old magazines and sent some with another woman who knits in the SnB group I knit with most Wednesday nights. I scored an older KR with an interview w/ Alice Starmore, the pattern for Maidenhair, and the pattern for an older Beth Brown-Reinsel cabled sweater I've loved for a long time.

To Anne who sent me an envelope full of vintage needlework magazines and patterns from an older aunt of hers. There is a fabulous pattern in there for some Latvian mittens. I have some embroidery parts to pass along, I'm thinking Kim or Stephanie may want them?

To Marina who totally surprised me with an unexpected package that is too fabulous for words. In addition to the best chocolates (you're right Marina, they are wonderful), and stitch markers like I've never seen before (ok, I'm sheltered), there was a book of needlework, the first pattern which is Marina's namesake cardigan. The cardi is a version that I like better than the current incarnation as shown on Virtual Yarns, this is a shorter cardi, with a V-neck, and It may just be the cardi that compels me into the world of fairisle. Marina, did I see you write that you've only been knitting fairisle for a little over a Year? You are so accomplished it's hard to imagine that you haven't been knitting fairisle for decades. The book also has needlepoint patterns from Kafe Fassett and Gloriana

And finally, thank you to Kerry, who sent me a set of ebony (short, YES!) dpns for glove knitting. This was the prize that she sent for one of the winners of the Best Secret Pal nominees - she was sweet to do it, and she was so thoughtful that she came here to see what specific thing I might like before choosing the prize. My spoilee Carmen nominated me, which was way over the top - I can't wrap much of anything for beans, (all of the packages she got looked like they were UPS shipments, not fun stuff) but it's so nice that she did. Kerry, thank you so much. They will be put to good use.

Timely Knitting!
So, last October or so, I finished knitting this sleeveless shell, just in time for cold weather.
Yarn: Jaeger Siena cotton
Needles: US 3

So what do I finally finish NOW? Why this mohair and silk garden sweater and skirt combo - just in time for 80 degrees.

Time for me to think this thing through.

So, I am knitting right now on summer projects - Orangina, a cotton/viscose top you haven't even seen yet from stash yarn, the red cotton cardi from Karabella, and possibly the linen print cardi, pattern from Drops Aurora. But at the end of the month - that's it....I'm starting my wool sweaters for the Tudor Roses KAL, and I'm going to work again on my UFO's from last winter season. So that I may actually wear something...In Season...what a concept.

I leave you with some prom pics - my dsd is in the black - dress was finished Saturday AM. Nothing like cutting it to the wire.


KSD said...

Wonderful gifts for a wonderful person! Prom Night was lovely here, though my son refuses to have his photos posted. Your daughter is just lovely; hope she had a terrific time.

Mary, Mary... said...

Love the colors on the Noro sweater and the mohair trim. Hope prom was fun for all!

Kerry said...

You are so very welcome! I hope you enjoy using them. I love the sweater & skirt! Absolutely gorgeous work!

Carrie K said...

The sleeveless shell is stunning! The Tudor Roses project might be in season when it's done, but not during the knitting of it.

Jae said...

I had to laugh about the timeliness of your projects. I am incredibly guilty of the same thing!