Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Project Colorswap pkg

1. I'm days late in posting about this bright, happy package from Becca, and I apologize. It was such a bright spot in a not very bright day, and such fun wrappings. I kid you not! Knitting Girl candies - can you believe it? this tin, which is too cute, is destined to contain stitch markers.

2. I must clarify, that last post about the green tea latte - I didn't Write that...I copied it from an email I got. I thought it was a scream and wanted to pass it along, although I don't ever think you'll find me writing anything on my blog using the F word.

Now for the rest of the package:

a great package from Becca. That yellow page that looks like a starburst is a notebook full of graph paper - how cool is that? It is def going to Stitches Midwest with me, and will get carted along in my knitting bag for idea jotting down. Also included are some great needle protectors shaped like socks, a photo album, the cutest little pedicure set which my pedicurist will have a great time with. The toe separator thing is shaped like a caterpillar. AND, I managed two skeins of stash enhancing yarn without breaking stashalong - score!. The yellow silky wool is destined for a project that I've been kicking around in my mind for awhile now. Details later.

Becca, thank you so much for the thought you put into this, and the incredibly cheerful lovely package that arrived on my doorstep last week.


Lynne said...

Such a fun package! I'm very glad you had such a great swap partner!

Marina said...

Lucky, lucky you! :: sigh :: one day, maybe I'll see and feel the Lavold yarns in "real" life.

Carrie K said...

How cute! I'm making that twinset out of her Silky Wool. And Wool Tweed. Tweedy Wool? Wooly Tweed? Whatever.

Those knitting girl candies are cute! We must Have Arrived, if they're marketing to us.

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

Love the goodies from Project Colorswap. You'll love the Silky Wool - I used it for Liv from her Viking Knits book. It was beautiful to knit with. I've been tempted to pick up some more after seeing the beautiful modern blanket in Mason-Dixon Knitting.

I'm on the hunt for the Knitting Girl candies - what a great "swapee" (or is it swapper?) you had.

Dipsy said...

Wow, what a lovely package you received, I can well imagine that it brightened up your day considerably! The Silky Wool looks so gorgeous, I'm looking forward to seeing what you're gonna make with it!

BeccaU said...

I'm so glad that you enjoyed the package - It was a lot of fun to put together! The knitting girl mints are actually quite good! I had to get a tin for myself, don't you know! I look forward to seeing what you do with the yarns - they are both on my list of "possibilities" for future projects!