Monday, April 03, 2006

SP 7 revealed

Well, that was fun! I had almost finished writing a wonderful thank-you post to my SP7 Spoiler Julie yesterday when a big storm came through and the power went down. It didn't come back on until sometime in the wee hours this morning. Naturally, I lost the post.

Thank YOU Julie

First, she Made me this needles holder, which I've already put to good use, although I can't say all those cables that need relaxing do much to enhance the picture of the holder. She used a nautically themed fabric, which I just love. right now I've got it pinned to my 'wall' in my sewing room, which wall is made of fabric stretched on pvc pipe frames - isn't that attractive? hmm, should really move it up and go take another pic, but right now I want to get this posted while we still have power - another storm is coming in.
Some really pretty deep violet (the camera distorted the color) baby cashmere yarn, that is destined to become gloves I think. In an earlier package Julie sent me dp's short enough that I can work on gloves. ;)
a pattern that I've wanted forever. I do believe that next Olympics this scarf will be knit and will be around my neck, in Vancouver. very first EZ book - can you believe? Thank you so very much. You've been a sweet and wonderful pal.

I love what Julie wrote in her blog about how knitting can bridge other circumstances to bring together and form bonds between people who might not otherwise ever come together. Although we are at different stages of our lives, and different stages of our knitting, we do share a love and passion for so many of the same things. Thank you so much.

re all that stash;
holy moly batknitters, there is a lot of yarn out there. so much that it all became a bit overwhelming. Thank God we only do that once a year. I promise on my honor right now that next year I will be able to flash a smaller stash.

there are some that I just feel need an honorable mention here, if you didn't get to see them over the weekend.

  1. There is Christine, who's amassed more stash in one year knitting than I thought was possible. Truly impressive!
  2. Elizabeth, but, anyone who names their blog SABLE really needs to have the goods to back it up
  3. Marina, who is one of the most prolific knitters I have the pleasure to know, has an impressive and gorgeous stash.
  4. Alice, whose stash I encountered Saturday for the first time, is so beautifully displayed as well as extensive, you've got to go take a look.
  5. Jessica, who has a style that I truly admire and, if I could recommend emulating anyone, it would be her. The amount of stash that I and other knitters like me who've amassed great quantities over a lifetime of knitting and collecting will tell you, it can be overwhelming. There is something really valid to that concept of Simple Living.

On to whose Stash I elected to stash enhance? I decided that I should choose from those who asked to be included, as I recognize that there are many out there who don't want to enhance their stash. But, I couldn't decide on just one. So, I picked two - for the reason that somehow their stories and styles resonated with me. I've emailed each of them. To everyone else who posted and asked, I wish I could enhance all your stashes. I really enjoyed some of the truly creative ways of displaying stash for the flash.

  • Wendy, who is treading a bit of a road that I've been down. And is passionate about knitting
  • and Darthknittress whose name I couldn't find anywhere. A student putting herself through school, who is also passionate about knitting, and needs yarn to knit.


Avivah said...

I wish I had a stash to speak of. All of this stash-flashing is making me salivate...figuratively, at least.

So, I take it you saw what I missed! How could I miss a clue like that. Ha! :D

Jennifer said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by the blog. The knitting vacation swap is a yahoo group. Since you expressed interest, I'll let you add now if you want. Email me at craftylilly AT hotmail DOT com with your snail mail addy if you're interested, and I'll invite you to join the yahoo group.

Jae said...

What a great SP you had! I love the needle case she made.

Carrie K said...

All this stash flashing is making me want to be a cat burglar. Hi kitty! Have a snack. I'll just take those itty bitty skeins of yarn over there......

cpurl17 said...

I had so much fun on FYS day!!

As for my Stash, I signed up for the Stashalong and then remembered the TKGA Knit & Crochet show will be here in 17 days. Can I possibly attend a yarn market and NOT buy yarn!!??

And your SP is great--can you keep her? I love the circular needle holder!

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

Totally impressed with the stash - well, more so with the ability to find all your stash and picture it. Mine is stashed throughout the house from the kitchen to the bathrooms (to be honest, its only knitting books in the bathroom).

BTW, loving the blog!