Thursday, May 18, 2006

From the TBR pile

As with my knitting, my to-be-read stack seems to exceed my time allotted for the to-be doing of it!

and so, In the spirit of joining almost everything that comes along (not really, it just feels that way sometimes- I did manage to resist the Lace-along)
I've signed on to Amanda's Reading Challenge.
I can't say I'll read a book a week or anything like that, my schedule doesn't seem to work that way. So I'll just post a list of books that I'd like to get through this summer, and then see how far into it I get. May keep me on track reading what I'd really like to read instead of picking up the latest from the paperback rack at the grocery.
These are all books on my bookshelf already, so no trips to the bookstore required.
Umberto Eco The Island of the Day Before
Wallace Stegner Angle of Repose
Wallace Stegner Crossing to Safety
Bronte Wuthering Heights (for Knit the Classics - I may not be getting the projects done but I am getting the reading in)
Elis Weisel Night Just borrowed from Jq

and to accompany the Tudor Roses Knitting I'd like to re-read:
Susan Kay Legacy
Eliz Jenkins Liz and Leicester
David Starkey Elizabeth
Rosalind Miles I, Elizabeth

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