Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mothers Day

My MomHappy Mothers Day to my Mom. She's had quite the life. She bore 2 children in the 50's, two in the 60's and one in the 70's.

My mom graduated from H.S. in June (or maybe May?), Married my dad in August, had me the following July. This is what girls did in the 50's. The next two decades saw many changes in society, and in my moms life and our family life as well. By the time my mom had my youngest brother in the early 70's she was on the verge of becoming part of the working force, trying to live to that Virginia Slims ad ideal.
She is still working, is happily married again, travels, gardens, is taking up sewing again (that is her making a Chanel style jacket here this spring) attends Opera and concerts and movies and is involved in her church group, and cooks. My mom is a cancer survivor.
She is grandma to 5 grandsons, and word has it that there is a granddaughter on the way ;). She is step-grandma to many.
My wish for my mom this mothers day is to continue to live her life to the fullest, maybe retire soon (huh mom?) and be able to travel more. My wish is that she is able to spoil this new grandbaby girl coming soon. My wish is that she is around and lively still to see all her grandchildren graduate.

I also wish a happy Mothers Day to my dear sister Denise, who is mom to one special boy, and full-time stepmom to 4 more kids. Her life presents many challenges, which she meets with grace and more understanding than I think I could, or would. Love you Denise.

and a Happy Mothers Day to my sisters in law:
Erika, who is mom to two wonderful boys, one just born this past year. Erika, I owe you apols I think. My baby bro, your husband, was unduly influenced by my first marriage, and after his own childhood experiences, swore off marriage. It is only due to your extraordinary self and a testament to you, that he got over that.
and to my newest sis-in-law Wendy, who is not only mom to her 4 children but is giving my brother the opportunity to become a father, not only to her 4 kids, but to the one which she will bear him this coming June. I had the opportunity to spend a night at Dave and Wendy's last November. What a special woman my brother found to marry.

and Happy Mothers Day to Joan, my dad's wife. Although I never considered Joan a step-mom (she married my dad after I was an adult and already married), she was every bit an extraordinary grandma to my kids.

and to all the moms out there, happy mothers day.
(I need to single out new mom Michellers - I am so v happy for you and Rob.)


fitknit said...

Thanks for sharing the special stories of all the mothers in your life, Marji.
I hope you have had a wonderful day too!

Katrina said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too!

Anonymous said...

Hi sis, Happy Mother's Day! As you know I do cherish how you have always been there for me. I do so enjoy reading your blog, it is a regular click on my favorites when i am on the web, but I don't respond much I know. yes Wendy is really ready to have this child, we are still negotiating whether two weeks early or after I'm done for the year- Of course she will win and then I will be done and a sub will take over my class. she did have another ultrasound tho so late really gets hard to tell but the Doc gave her a 87% girl now but we have stopped buying pink just in case. It is so exciting. Well keep up the great blogging and again happy mothers day. Dave

Donni said...

It was nice to hear all about your Mum Marji - she looks like a cool Mum!

Marina said...

Hope you had a great Mother's Day. Talent sure runs in your family.

michellers said...

Awww, thanks for the singling out, Marji! We had a lovely first Mother's day--Rob made it possible for me to take 2 naps! Heaven.

Thank you for sharing your mother's story as well as other family members. Lovely, just lovely. Gives me hope that I can do this too...


Anonymous said...

OH, Marji, you made me cry :). I love you, too. Fabulous how you put it all down so well. We think the special son may have broke his arm playing in tournament. Yay! Have a fruitful trip next week - we are off to relax in someone else's house. Love the photos! Denise.