Sunday, May 14, 2006

It's What I DO

I'm beginning to think that this is what I should be sporting, instead of this:

Stash enhancement photos follow
The Dale Tiur and the Gems Pearl were purchased to make Eliz I since what I owned in my stash and had swatched weren't working out. The Gems is still too light, but the Tiur is IT! Love the colorway too - a v deep red, almost magenta. I'll get pics of my swatches when I finish unpacking and figure out where they went.

The green peeking in the corner was purchased to knit into a bag to felt (ok, I know, I don't felt...but there are exceptions to every rule, and I had all the rest of that Classic Elite Le Gran mohair that had been ripped out of the silk garden heavy sweater.) It has already been knit - at above 30000 ft I might add: This was my airport and flight knitting. Whole thing was cast on, knit and bound off while in transit on this last trip. Used all the Le Gran too - have just a little bit (showing there at the top) - hope it's enough to knit the embellishment flowers. Now I just have to find a washer to felt in, or figure out how to use a front loader to felt.

I also purchased this sale yarn - the wildflower DK has been discontinued, and as I've seen it knit by several from my Wed Night knitting group into baby/kids knits, I thought I'd better have some...and the classic elite was just too pretty to leave there....

do we wonder why my stash looks like it does?

oh, and I managed to purchase some yarn on the way out of Wilmington - on the way to the airport. What? you want to see that too? later alligator


BeccaU said...

The bag looks great! Nice stash enhancement too! :)

Marina said...

I AM proud of my stash but that doesn't mean I should add to it! Psst, don't anyone that I purchased enough for four sweaters yesterday and that doesn't include Flora.

Now, do you feel better?

Jae said...

I think I'm going to faint from all the visual fiber stimulation coming from your post! I haven't indulged like that in a while. Hmm, me thinks it might be where did I put my credit card?

Oh, and I that bag. Came across a whole set of those patterns a few weeks ago. I just wasn't sure if real life would look as good as the pic. You know how some felted patterns can be. Now, I can use you as the guinea pig. hee hee

Becky said...

You go, Girl! A little stash enhancement for Mother's Day? Oh, yeah!

Carrie K said...

No wonder you ran across the Rowan Wool Cotton. You were doing a world wide stash enhancement tour. No? lol.