Monday, May 22, 2006

overwhelmed with an abundance

Bold little birdie, let me get this close this AM

I'm nuts, absolutely nuts.
I have, on the needles, all the projects on the sidebar plus a baby gift (which I completely ripped out version one of this AM 'cause I hated the way it was coming out, and have cast on and knit some of version 2 - same yarn, diff pattern),

(bleh - hate the way this looks, hated knitting these short rows...ripppit)

plus the project for my vacation swap partner, (for obvious reasons there are no pics here of either)
projects too numerous to detail in the sewing room (pics to follow), and, because of the DATE on the calendar, really feel that, as a good hostess for the Tudor Roses KAL, I must cast on today for Eliz I.

I'm thinking I will cast on, to be able to say I did, then return to finishing Orangina, (progress pics to follow), and finish up the Drops Cardi out of the black alpaca/silk which I am just loving.

Is there any wonder why I don't love my sewing room? the space is great - the ambiance of the concrete walls and floor leaves much to be desired. And I would LOVE a wall that I could just screw something into.


Carrie K said...

You definitely have space! I've been wanting drawers like those! But my sewing room is a mishmash of furniture.

No yarn came yet, so no casting on for Eliz I for me. Yet, We don't have a time limit, do we? I'm still knitting the *#^*& shell. (I suppose it would go faster if I quit "fixing" it).

Donni said...

That is one great room - look at all the gear in there....I love the shot of the birdie too.

Marina said...

That's heaven compared to what I have. But then again, since it is spread in numerous rooms, the husband doesn't know how much there is ;-)

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

Personally, I'm impressed with the sewing room.

What yarn are you using for the baby project? You may want to take a look at the Mason-Dixon website and search for no-sew mitered sqaures. They have some good suggestions and how-to's.

Michellers said...

Marji, for a quick fix, I would highly recommend putting a cork floor down in your project room--there are lots of colors to choose from, it's beautiful, sound-damping, and easy to install (it just floats over your existing flooring, no gluing). There are many many suppliers online, here is just one option:

I put a cork floor in baby's room--when I was 6 months pregnant!

Anonymous said...

Richard would LOVE to install a wall that you could screw things into! Just say the word. I know how frustrating that it can be to work in certain conditions, especially for creative things.
Love, Mom

Stephanie said...

Wow! That's an awesome set up you have there. You're the only other blogger I "know" with a room of her own. :)