Thursday, May 04, 2006

quick notes

In my usual habit of joining what looks remotely interesting to me, I have been tempted, v tempted, to join this. However, I have an agenda this month/this summer/this year.

and that is: to finish up what is on the needles this month so that I can start my Tudor Roses projects.
This summer: to be a good hostess for the Tudor Roses knitalong and actually make progress on my chosen TR projects,
and this year:, to work up all that is on the goal list here so that at the end of the year, I can buy myself the Christmas present of the yarn for the Katherine Howard. I've still got some knitting to do! (I'm making progress though!)
But I'm thinking that Jae might be heading over that way.

oh, and I believe it is time to wish a very happy last day to be 39 before turning 40 to Donni.
Donni, in a bid to raise some $ for cancer research, is shaving her head and donating her hair next week. Stop on over by her blog and click on the link to pledge something to help make a difference.


Marina said...

My track record for completing KALs in a timely manner is a bit suspect, so please remind me to spend some time with my Henry VIII.

Carrie K said...

That should keep you busy!

My track record for KAL done in a timely fashion is abysmal but I'd be glad to chivvy everyone else along. And then I would have to too.

Off to Donni's blog.

Donni said...

Thanks for the plug for the Shave for a Cure - um, no thanks for mentioning my age....heh heh - I will have my revenge in a few months though won't I.....

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

I was tempted with the Lace KAL too, but managed for once to actually have some logic and know where my priorities lay - with Tudor Rose KAL. I decided to make Elizabeth I and think that a deep red would be beautiful. Red feels so Elizabethan.

Jae said...

Oh I so very, very, very want to join! I'm trying to remain reasonable about all the stuff I have going on that would make that the the last straw. But I so very, very, very want to join. : )

JoanM said...

Marji, you are going to be very busy. Which of the Starmore knits are you going to do?