Sunday, June 04, 2006

a bit of this and that

Progress on the baby blanket.

a couple of weeks ago I finally started knitting up the yarn (Laurel in Judy Garland colorway) from Aviva that she sent me in the Mystery Swap, along with the two skeins of Provence by classic Elite. I started on a modular knitting pattern by Iris Schrier, intending to knit strips and then sew them together. It was a disaster. I'm sure the needles were too small for the project, but it was hard, tight, boardy, not at all soft. But more than that, I didn't like the jogs between squares, and it is all short row knitting, which means you can't set it down until an entire square is finished, and the squares were still taking 45 mins per. All in all, a very unsatisfactory knit. So, I frogged it, and this last week cast on in the old faithful feather and fan pattern.
Needles size 9 (using my old Brittany Black Walnut straight needles.)
Stripe pattern - there is a method to my madness but due to the variation of the stripes and the variegated yarn it's really hard to discern a pattern.
It is soft, softer than I thought cotton could be, and bright and lovely.

Beware the pets you allow your children!

Meet Bob. Click on Bob's pic to be taken to the flickr page with several other Bob views.

Due to severe animal allergies in my family we couldn't have any pets that had dander or hair. So, when my son Mark was in 6th grade, he got an iguana. Innocuous little thing - strictly vegetarian so no crickets or mice to worry about. (Daniel got a corn snake, which obliged us by dying relatively early in its life. Not so, Bob.) Bob started out life named Spartan, but somewhere along the way both kids started calling him Bob, and he was Spartan no more. Doesn't really matter as an iguana has no recognition of its name anyway. See Mark now, 11 years later, the day after his college graduation holding Bob in my front yard. Mark has moved into an apartment in his new town in northern IL where he starts his new job next week. He told the landlord on the apt application that he had a "small lizard". Ya, well, I suppose in relation to an alligator or a crocidile, Bob is "small".

The thing parents don't realize when they buy little lizards is that lizards live 20+ years if properly taken care of, that as they get older, especially if they are male, they get aggressive and ornery, and they are not nearly as easily left with pet sitters as say, a dog or cat. Mark is the only Human that can handle Bob safely. Frankly, I think Mark is the only human that wants to handle Bob.

More to come: including, why I should be kicked out of the Stashalong and incredible gift package from Kim (knittinBrit) who was my May Colorswap partner.

there is a pic of another FO here, and if you are Not Katrina you may go look at it, but since I know that she hasn't received it, Katrina, you may not go look.


Becky said...

Oh My! Bob is a handsome lizard. We had pythons at our house.

The FO is gorgeous! I hope you will share the pattern link later. Really nice gift.

The blanket is turning out beautifully. And what a treat to knit it with walnut Brittany's.

Marina said...

You've been busy! Katrina's present is too cute and the blanket is lovely.

I'm glad I'm not the mother of the owner of Bob! but I still have quite a few more years of saying "no".

Carrie K said...

Oh my. I'm glad Bob is in your family and not mine, and that goes for Becky's pythons too.

I like Katrina's present!

Will we be able to tell the pattern when the scarf is a bit longer?

Nit One Perl Two said...

I am so happy I found your site. It appears we have more in common than knitting! I'll let you know when I complete the "world renound" triple lindee patern!

Jae said...

Might I provide a silver lining. It could be an alligator instead of an iguana. Or a python snake. Or some other reptile that isn't afraid to try humans for dinner. :)

I love the colors of the feather & fan. Absolutely beautiful!!

Donni said...

I have to say I am quite tranfixed by Bob's portait - he looks amazing - but not in a way that I would want to get up close to - but his marking are lovely. I think the old feather and fan pattern is a definite winner. LOVE the mad colours too.

Stephanie said...

Wow - Bob is impressive! We have a bearded dragon that is really tame. They are the only lizard that really seems to like humans - or at least not be bothered by them. Even though we rarely handle him/her/it the dragon is just as calm as could be.