Friday, June 30, 2006

Cables, oh how I love thee

Vogue and the fashion world have gone Cable
See the whole story here

Trovato I had one like this in the 80's, and I still have numerous 80's pattern leaflets with exactly this sweater.

Alexander McQueen click on the link to see just how huge these cables really are. I'm thinking maybe a 20 stitch CF


Sophia Kokosalaki I love love love this

Michael Kors

Charlotte Ronson
Annie Modesitt corset would do quite nicely for this don't you think? Actually, when do corsets go back to being Underwear instead of Outerwear?
Veronique Branquaiho

Incredibly reminiscent of the Michael Kors pattern printed in one of last years Vogue Knitting, except really Luella, can we lose the little puffy sleeves?

over a Burberry silk tafetta mini? I don't think so. But I definitely want the hat for city wear. What are they thinking over at Balenciaga?


Marina said...

I would take the Balenciaga but there's no way I would stuff this body into a mini!

Nope, not tempted to knit cables!

Carrie K said...

I love that hat. I wonder if it actually managed to shade the eyes?

Not soon enough. (When underwear stops being outerwear.)

I love, love those oversized cable sweaters. I think I might make the shawl collared sweater on an old Jo Sharp book out of my frogged cable sweater. (Because I know you want to know this.)

Did I offer to send you the Dudley history book on loan? You and Stephanie.