Thursday, June 29, 2006

Making a dent

(for sale at our Etsy shop now)

oh geeze, you'll never guess what I've been at all day today and part of yesterday!

My friend Sharron and I got into her stash (fabric) at her house, and finally started culling some of it - I came home with no less than 50 pieces of her fabric...and I've been measuring, catalogueing, picturing, and entering on a new Etsy shop today
for sale
vintage pieces of fabric and some vintage patterns of mine
( I know that Etsy is primarily for handmade items, but I contacted the owner of Etsy and he said "go for it" on listing our vintage fabrics and patterns)

it is time consuming, but already, while I've been entering items, two pieces of fabric have sold, and we are both looking at it as recouping some of the incredible investment we have in fabric, so that we will probably Re-invest it in diff stuff.
I figure I'm going to be at it for at least a month.

go take a look

the 3 friends referred to in the store name are myself,(of course), Sharron, and Helen. Between us, we could stock a fabric store.

In addition, in the last few days, I came across this

That looks like too much fun.
so of course....I signed on.
Sigh, I'm such a joiner these days.


Marina said...

I don't think I'll invite you to Singapore, if I ever decide to visit family. They have a whole mall with just nothing but fabric shops! And it is not just some little strip mall.

Becky said...

That is such a cool sew along! I wish I had time, but it would be silly to try until September. Keep us posted on what goes on with it, okay?

Carrie K said...

No! Must not look. Dang! Looked. I really like that black & white fabric. Geez, Marji, I have a ton of fabric myself, not to mention my mother's stash. Although, since a great deal of hers dates from the 70's, I wouldn't use. Unnatural fiber has come a long way.

Sew retro sounds like so much fun!