Monday, June 26, 2006

recognizing pattern repeats

I'm feeling a bit like an idiot.
I knit the back of the baby cardi, then the right front. In order to match the left front to the right front all one has to do is find the correct place in the self patterning yarn and start there, right? Easy, right?
hmmm, well, it seems not.
take a l0ok at the pattern repeat here on the front. It doesn't start again at every blue checked section - the pattern repeat here is a full 4", up to the second blue check section.

so I have a drop match it seems.
Because I'm anal enough to want it right, immediately after I snapped the pics, I unravelled the left front to the correct blue check section.
Cardi front, Take 2
Now at this point, I'm recognizing that I am def going to need another skein of this yarn. One sk is enough to do the cardi and hat in the newborn size. Well, I don't know of anyone who has babies that are actually newborn size anymore. BGS and Sophie were both born over 9 lbs. So I thought I would skip the hat and knit a 9 mo size, which in my experience means it'll actually fit a baby around the age of 4.5 mos. That size called for 2 sk for hat and cardi - it is now clear tho that I'll need some of that second sk just to finish the cardi. Must call Black Purl this week and hope she has more in stock.

In other news, I've not been here. (did you notice?) and up until I left I was swamped with sewing work.
There is truth to the adage that you shouldn't make your passion your work. Then your passion ceases to be pleasurable, and becomes...well, Work.
Today I've got hours upon hours of client work to finish up, then tomorrow I'm planning to help a friend finish up some bridemaids dresses for a wedding in her family - then I don't plan on looking at a sewing machine, hopefully for at least a month. Ya, right! I've got curtains to finish for Mark's apartment, stuff for our home, and too many clothing projects to finish. oh well.

Hi to all whom I've not visited or commented to or emailed in the last couple of weeks.


Katrina said...

I noticed your absence and you were missed.

I think it's very brave of you to do a cardigan in that yarn that you would have to match up the stripes. Bravo to you! And here's offering some encouragement for you to get it just right.

Jae said...

I was about to send out a search party!

I've done a few commissioned knits in the past. You're right. Hobby/Passion for pay is not all it's cracked up to be. I'd rather knit because I want to not because I need to.

Carrie K said...

It will look perfect when you're done. The striping colors look great, I love tht brown contrast.

Hours & hours? Hope it goes quickly! Deadline needlework w/someone's else's tastes can be a PITA.