Saturday, June 10, 2006

Rule of Ten

When I was in Jr High School everyone was all atwitter, because the Powers that Be had decided that we, as a nation, were going to convert from our totally illogical system of measures to the Metric System, where everything is based on units of 10. To my adolescent brain it just didn't seem that everyone should be all that upset. Units of 10 make sense, and it seemed to me that it would have been much harder to convert From a metric system to ours - which makes No sense whatsoever. Funny, but to my middle aged brain metric still makes infinitely more sense, and I just don't think that it would be that challenging a conversion for our people to make. I remember hearing, and still hear today when teaching sewing to some adults "but I don't Think in centimeters (Meters), I Think in inches (feet, yards)" Well dodo brain, Learn to think, look at the two units of measure side by side and learn to do the mental conversion until you learn to think in the unit itself (much like learning a language, first you think in your native language then convert, until you learn to think in the new language). I prefer using metric measurements for sewing - even adults have problems with fractions - and the metric are more precise.
Anyway, somewhere along the line everything about the US converting to Metric System got quiet and it never happened.
What this has to do with my new Rule of Ten I'm not sure, but I was thinking about it.

My new Rule of Ten
first, a little preamble. I've tried knitting on one thing at a time - it works to get something done fast but doesn't work in the long run for me. Accept it. I've tried reducing my WIP's to 3 or 4...that just resulted in me sidelining some things and categorizing them differently, as in "I'm not working on them NOW, so they don't Count, as a WIP" Ya, right! mental gymnastics.
And I keep casting on new ones rather than going and picking up the ones that don't hold my interest at the moment.
I know, knitting is about the process...and lord knows, I am a process knitter from the get-go, having more often than not set aside projects once they are knit and never seaming and blocking them. But I have gotten better about the finishing, and I've gotten lots better about the fitting and the choosing of projects that I will actually want to use/wear once they are done. So, there is now an element of getting a Finished Object to my knitting.

So, what you will ask, is my Rule of Ten? In order to get to the FO with all the endless projects I have on needles, I have set myself a 10 row rule with each of the active projects on the needles. It's working too. It's enough to see actual progress on each project every week. It's keeping me on track with some of the projects that are in imminent danger of being set aside and forgotten in favor of the new kid on the block, and it's keeping me from picking up a new project and giving it all my attention.
So last night when I got home from working my thought process (and my evening) went something like this:
"ok, I'll sit while there is still daylight and get 10 LONG rows done on the black alpaca/silk Drops cardi, then I can finish up the 10 row segment I started this AM on the new Calla project I cast on Thurs, then I'll knit at least 10 rows on the baby cardi, (mindless stockinette), while watching a movie on TV.

Project: Calla, yarn Plymouth Royal Bamboo, needles size 5
Drops Cardi progress pic
Sockotta Baby Cardi Back. the pattern states that the self patterning yarn will be not quite right on the back due to the width, but that the fronts and the sleeves will look just like they're supposed to. Knowing what I know now, I would put a center back seam in this and have the sock yarn pattern correctly, but I'm not going to worry about it on this one.


KSD said...

Whew; for an instant there, I thought you were going to limit yourself to 10 WIPs at a time. . . This is much more reasonable! Beautiful work, as always.

I'm still trying to work "boobage" into a conversation. Or a lecture.

Carrie K said...

So is that 10 rows a day on each project or a rotation of 10 rows on all projects, one after the other?

Guess what??? My yarn came! I'm off to a fair but I'll be casting on Eliz tonight. (and posting on the KAL)

Those WIP's look great.

Katrina said...

I'm knitting the Drops Cardigan myself, or shall I say, it's in my WIP pile right now tossed aside in favor of whatever project has turned my head at the moment. All those stitches in one row! But the payoff will come with less seaming in the end. Yours is looking great!

I like your system of tens. I hope it will work for you.

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

We Canadians did adopt the metric system- from Imperial- and I had already learned one and had to switch. BTW- it is more logical, but I think people resist change in general. So 2.5cm = 1". Instead of miles we have kilometers, one kilo = 2.2 lbs., it's not hard.
And as far as your WIP's, hey, whatever works for you.

Penny said...

Us Brits have used mostly metric for most of my life. However, most quilting/patchwork books and supplies come from the USA, so when I started doing it last year, I had to revert back to imperial. I can't buy material in imperial measurements, that is only in metric - how many centimeters of fabric do I need if I want a quilt based on 9" squares?

At least we have bigger fat quarters! They're based on meters.

Kathy said...

I am definitely a multiple WIP-er. And I am bad about letting one or many things languish while I knit happily along on mostly one of them. I think I'm going to try this rule of 10 thing... makes a lot of sense to me!