Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wed update

there has been movement on the sidebar.
Colchique has moved from the 'on the needles' to the 'ready for seaming' category.
Lady E in Shinano has another skein knit up towards completion. Only 2.5 skeins to knit, then fringe to tie on and bead
Baby Cardi in Sockotta - back is finished
Drops Cardi in alpaca silk is 8 loooong rows from the underarm split.

Although I did cast on for the Eliz I in that luscious deep red Dale Tiur, I just can't let myself work on it til some of these vintagey projects were knit off needles. I feel incredibly happy to have knit the Colchique, in Inca Alpaca, off the needles. I love that knit, but stalled when I made a fatal error in the front and had to rip back the whole godron section (1/2 the front)
I think I'll have a finishing Frenzy in August or September and assemble the wool sweaters before fall. Meanwhile, they're all happy in their zippered bag.


Carrie K said...

Ready for seaming! Niiice. Especially after having to frog a huge portion of it.

A Finishing Frenzy sounds very Fall.

Lorri said...

Thanks for the comment! I'm glad there is someone else around with as many WIP as me. How is your rule of 10 working? I find that I've put a bunch of WIP's aside for later winter knitting at the moment.

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

What # book does the Drops Cardi come from?