Saturday, June 17, 2006

Yarn review, Royal Bamboo by Plymouth

Yarn: Royal Bamboo by Plymouth.
specs: 100% Bamboo
50 g = 93 yds
5 st = 1"
calls for a US 8 needle....
I swatched this yarn in the store on an 8, dropped down to a 7, dropped to a 6...
and am finally knitting the Calla pattern on 5's and it is loooking good.
On an 8, I looked like I didn't know how to knit, the stitches were so uneven and loose and all over the place. I don't think it was me, it was an incorrect call on the ball band on the part of the manuf. ( I say this because typically I get gauge with the called for needle.)

I love the sheen of this yarn. I bought it in a bright coral color, and in this very pale yellow. (got the yellow on sale, not so lucky with the coral). Whereas most bamboos, like Classic Elite BamBoo or SWT Bamboo are delustered, this yarn looks like a highly mercerized cotton. Lovely lustre, high sheen.
Stitch definition is great.
Drape is fluid, fabric is dense as only bamboo seems to be able to be.
The spin and ply on this yarn reminds me of the European , multi-ply cottons, as in Zodiac by Karabella or Samoa by Zitron.

knitting with it:
it will have a tendency to split - no straying attention to the latest new gekko commercial while knitting with this stuff.
And it is as unforgiving as any yarn I've ever knit with.
Witness the unravelled mess below. I made a mistake on one of the yarn-over ribs, tried to drop a stitch back to that point and fix it - made a bigger mess than before, ended up with the mess you see on the floor.
Still, it is a lovely yarn and I'm happy to own it and knit with it.
But beware, it is not for those who count on the pattern to hide a mistake or two. those mistakes will glare at you like a zit on prom night.


Carrie K said...

But it's pretty. The cable really pops with that yarn too, doesn't it? I suppose that's why any mistakes would show up. Great pattern for summer.

sherry said...

wow, that is a pretty top. I saw some of that bamboo yarn at a shop I don't go to often, and was wondering about it.. May have to pick up some to make this.

Marina said...

That's a gorgeous top but my kids will think I've finally "lost it" if I wore something like that. Anyway, I don't have boobs like yours ;-)

Shannon said...

I bought some of this yarn last week and was wondering what to do with it. Thanks for the review!

tatjana said...

your Calla looks lovely! very elegant. in answer to your question on my blog about the DROPS 88-4, i don't have pics because i'm not done the cables yet. i'm using some yarn i found in Ecuador, wool/alpaca i think. i haven't been able to work on it for a couple months now because it's too humid here :P