Thursday, July 13, 2006

A brave boy

This is Joey, two weeks ago after his surgery to remove the tumor. Joeys chemo blanket

the remaining yarn (telephone and ball of calmer are in there for scale). I'm using the bits left to knit a square or two, whatever I can get out of it, to send to the Warming Grace project.


lorinda said...

Yep, I'm crying. What a cutie pie. Tell him I'm praying for him.

beadlizard said...

What a lovely smile! He'll be able to show off the scar to his buddies soon. Dealing with tumors is rather dreadful, but there is an incredible sense of relief once the things are removed. I wish him strength and patience.

I think your colors, proportions, and stitch choice for the blanket are perfect. What a comfort it must be to Joey. --Sylvia

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

All the best to Joey- he looks well on his way to recovery.
Super cool blanket too!

Carrie K said...

Go, Joey! Awesome scar.

That blanket looks great. Now keep him safe in it.

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

Joey is so handsome and remarkably happy considering what he's been going through lately. What a trooper! I love that about kids, they're much tougher than us adults.

The blanket looks great. Very non-rainbow, boy, masculinish blanket. You did a lovely job. He is lucky to have such a generous aunt.

KSD said...

What a face! And it'll be all about the scar before long --- they love to show off their scars!

Anonymous said...

I should be working ... but just spent the morning reading your blog and thought I'd post. Outside, the parrots are munching on my bamboo. I should scare them away, but there's something cool enough about it that I figure I'll sacrifice some new growth. The blanket for Joey is great--what an ordeal for him, but I'm relieved to see that he looks happy and smilish.

Jamaican jerk rub, eh? An ambitious rub, to be sure. I've done the jerk before (and love it), but my only problem has been the cooking process. Even here, an area replete with Jamaicans, it is hard (read:impossible) to find green allspice wood to smoke it over. And thus, a "true" Jamaican jerk remains beyond my grasp.

I feel somewhat like I just intruded on a conversation, or perhaps a tea party in a Jane Austen novel. I am the brute with the mutton-chop sideburns and fox carcass. Anyway, have a good summer and keep knitting. Later, sis.

Rose said...

Great blanket and cool scar. Get well soon Joey!!!

Anonymous said...

What an incredibly awesome blanket. Every stitch of love shows. It could not be more perfect.

Joey is a handsome boy who radiates such spirit in his smile. I wish only good things for him in the future and much success with his treatment.