Monday, July 03, 2006

Hazy and HOT in St Louis

or,What I Did (and did NOT do) on my Summer Vacation
edit: on todays agenda:
10:00 - dentist
10:30 - finish making Jerk rub
12:15 - pedicure
4:45 - root canal
Drats, crap and double crap - just what I wanted to be doing this evening, getting a root canal.

Those who've been reading here awhile know that I'm supposed to be out on the Atlantic sailing a boat from Norfolk VA to Maine. Obviously, I'm not.
Events conspired against us: and maybe it's a good thing, because this AM I'm heading to the dentist. For the first time in my life I have a toothache - bad and bad again.
so what have we been doing here in the G/VZ household?
I finished up all client work and obligation sewing before June 30. Yeah! I'm free for a month to work on whatever my heart desires.

Saturday AM: to the Hill - the Italian neighborhood in St Louis housing the Italian markets and the best coffee shop in town: Shaws.
I needed to stock up on Olive Oil and parmesan again.

Its the time of year to make Pesto, and my Jamaican Jerk Rub.
Parmesan + Pine nuts + garlic + Olive oil
plus some mint

and some basil

Equals Pesto

pints and half pints and 6 oz jars and a quart jar full

tomorrow - providing I'm not recovering from a root canal, I'll post about the Jerk Rub - too good to not post about, too time consuming to make more than once a year.

Meanwhile, on the knitting and sewing front:

I got Mark's curtain valances done for his atrium room. Cut and on the sewing table are the valances for his living room. I'd like to get those done today for him to take home with him tomorrow.

Meanwhile, all knitting on Calla, the cotton red cardi, Eliz I, and the baby cardi is on hold, while I knit Joey a chemo blanket. Joey's prognosis is really good - but the treatment is still pure hell. My sis called and asked if I could please get it done ASAP, and to not let it look anything like a rainbow blanket. So, one Manos Del Uruguay cotton blanket in basketweave stitch coming right up. In Stripes. Each stripe is one full sk of yarn, and since blogger just quit on loading pictures again (argh), I will just have to tell you, it is choc brown/sky blue/choc brown/burnt orange/taupe/burnt orange/marigold yellow/olive green/marigold. And because I think it won't be big enough I'm going to have to be at Threadquarters at 10:00 AM on Wed to buy another 2 sk of choc brown and one of sky blue (the last one I think/hope) to add another 10" to it. I'm knitting it on Clover bamboo 7's and I have to say, I really really like my addis. Not a fan of this bamboo needle, but I'm not changing now. The cotton is as soft as butter, and the blanket is lovely. I'm trying for a little more than a stripe a day, and so far I'm on target. He should have his blanket in time for his 3rd chemo treatment.


Elizabeth said...

It sounds like a lot of things aren't going as planned!

I'm glad to hear Joey's prognosis is good, but, so sorry for all that a young 'un has to go through that.

Bamboo + cotton=slow knitting.

Carrie K said...

Poor Joey. Sounds like his blanket will be done lickety split.

Root canal? That does not sound like a holiday type endeavor. May it go quickly & painlessly.

Pesto. Yum. This year the basil didn't do as well, but you saw mom's oregano.

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

mmmm... I can smell the pesto from here. Now I feel the need to run to the store and buy some fresh pasta and pesto.

As for the Root Canal, I'm sorry to hear you're spending your evening spending time with a Dentist. Don't forget to ask for Gas - my dentist gives it to me even when I get my teeth cleaned (I hate going to the dentist and this makes it easier to handle). It may have something to do with the fact that my dentist is my husband and he doesn't want me to start crying in fear in the chair (sadly, I have done this before).

The Jerk Rub sounds interesting. i'll look forward to the recipe.

Jae said...

That pesto looks soooo good! I wouldn't have thought of adding mint.

I'm glad that Joey's outlook is a good one. Here's hoping that this course of chemo is the only course chemo.

KSD said...

You are such a good person. Hang on.