Thursday, July 13, 2006

knitterly content

First, big thank you to Jae (Some Knitting Required), for a totally unexpected and wonderful gift in the mail. The colorway is Lake Charlevoix, a place dear to my heart, a lake I've raced sailboats on for many years and a gorgeous place to vacation, a better place to live close to. Not to mention a beautiful inspiration for a great colorway for Yarn ;) I'm not currently a sock knitter (uh oh, was that 'currently' maybe a portent of things to come?)...but I know exactly what I plan to do with this yarn. details soon.
Progress and issues:

Progress on Tempting II, another unscheduled knit for this summer that found its way into my knitting basket. Thank you Marina for the really cool sailing windsurfer stitch marker. I find myself smiling and thinking of you each time I pass the marker from left to right. Yarn is Rowan calmer, and I have to tell you, this will be the only garment I ever knit with it.
Joeys chemo blanket is done and in the mail.
Yarn: 12 skeins Manos del Uruguay 100% cotton. Probably the softest cotton I've ever knit with. (this yarn has knots in it - too many for the price you pay for it)
Stitch: Basketweave 2 from the 365 Stitches a Year perpetual calendar, Sept 3 stitch pattern.
Needles: started on Crystal Palace bamboo 7's, switched to addi turbo 7's after getting frustrated. there is a barely discernable diff in gauge hence difference in size after the switch.
Cast on 195 stitches, knit one skein per stripe.
started June 30th, finished July 12
definitely a boy blanket, definitely not looking like a rainbow or baby blanket.

Now for the question of the day.
Below is my progress shot on the Drops Cardi I've been working on for awhile. I haven't touched it since June 29. Just picked it up this AM and realized, I goofed on the underarm shaping. Directions are to bind off x stitches, then decrease 2 stitches front and 2 stitches back, every other row 4 times, then decrease 1 st eor 4 more times. (I may have the # of times wrong here, it may be 5 but that isn't really the point)
What I did was decrease 1 st front and 1 st back the 4 times, instead of decreasing 2. So, does anyone out there think that I can get away with doing my double decreases now? Probably not, but I hate the thought of ripping back both fronts and the back because I couldn't follow directions. I know, I know, just tell me to rip it, get the shaping right, and get on with it.

and finally, thank you to everyone for all the happy birthday wishes. thanks Krissy and Michellers and Marina and Mare and Dad and Joan and Denise and Donni and mom and Jacquie and Lorinda and all who're calling and sending emails. It is just awesome to have so many happy birthday sentiments coming this way.
And Happy Birthday ROX if you are reading this.


lorinda said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope your package comes today. Joey's blanket is awesome. It just looks healing. You are a wonderful auntie. Wish I knew more about shaping errors. I went to my LYS to ask for help when I messed up my armholes. How did the dress turn out?

Nanci said...

Happy Birthday, Marji!


Donni said...

Hippo Birdee, 2 ewes....

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

Happy birthday??! How did I miss this. Well, I hope you had a lovely day and enjoyed your dinner to the new french restaurant that dh was taking you to. Did you finish the dress and wear it? We want pics. Don't be shy.

Why didn't you like the Calmer? The similarities continue between you and I, I'm trying to add eding to my Rowan Calmer Shrug that was knit in that exact shade.

Jae said...

I wasn't a big fan of Calmer when I knit the Shedir cap ( Just something about it.

Glad the package arrived safely. Isn't the color gorgeous? It was one of the first colorways I picked up from them. Since you aren't currently a sock knitter, I didn't send the Oxford. ;) I thought the Gem Opal would give you more options.

Becky said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. The Samantha hat is here:
It is knit on size 6 needles. :)