Sunday, July 30, 2006

a Naked Loom

This, my friends, is what a Naked Loom looks like

And this is what 10 yds of freshly finished (the equivalent of blocking in weaving is called finishing, same process, soak, then squeeze excess water out, then lay flat to dry)

This is only my 5th major piece off a loom since I started weaving a couple of years ago. So it is all still a learning process.

Weaving notes [or things I learned not to do from this piece]: (skip this part if you care to).

  1. Yarns used: Jaggerspun Maine Line 2/8 in gold and in brown - a fingering weight 2 ply wool
  2. an extra bulky weight Dorothee Biss single ply handdyed wool
  3. a solid strand of a Mokuba 3mm ribbon with a metallic and
  4. a sheer 5mm Mokuba ribbon
  5. a variegated boucle wool picked up from Carol Leigh at Hillcreek Fibre Arts in Columbia MO. Worsted weight.

the effect is wonderful, but I have to say that my next piece is going to be all wool, all the same weight. NO mohair (learned That lesson last project), no ribbon, no mixing bulky soft spun with tightly twisted 2 ply fingering. Wool stretches and has memory, wool blooms in the finishing process. Ribbon doesn't stretch (plays havoc with the warp when you've got both in there) and of course it doesnt change in the finishing process.

but seriously, the biggest issue I had with this piece is that I was absolutely determined to get as much width out of this piece as I could, as the finished yardage is going to be cut up to make 2 Chanel style jackets. My reed is 35". My opening in the castle housing the heddles max's out just under 31". Note to self: never warp wider than the width of the heddles. Suffice it to say that the angle the warp needed to turn to make it to the reed, coming out of the heddles severely impacted my weaving.

The next biggest issue was weaving with 4 different shuttles. every single pass of the shuttle I had to change shuttles. Allowed for no rhthym. The effect again is marvelous, but not again, not soon anyway.

More later on where this project is going, and the construction process


So, what to use a Naked Loom for? Why not as the stand for the latest version of the Lady E. Beading the lattice fringe again. Tedious if I say so myself.

my question is: how did macrame get to be so popular in the 70's? Next question is: is there anyone else out there who thinks as little of the Noro yarns as I do? my last Lady E was in Silk Garden, and I have to admit that I love what happens to the colors in the entrelac...but I am seriously not a fan of the long variegated dying in regular knitting. And yes, Esaku Noro (sorry if I misspelled his name) is a genius in color combinations. But, where is it written that badly spun, badly cleaned yarn is Artsy? I know that Noro is highly prized yarn, and expensive as all get out, but really, do we think they could improve the quality at all? I just gave the last 4 sk I had of Noro Shinano to Lorinda in the purple swap, and I have to admit that although it is a nice gift, I'm feeling somewhat guilty about it, 'cause I've had it with Noro. Is anyone else out there with me on this? (and Lorinda, if you don't like it, I'll make a swap with you at Stitches and replace that with some Debbie Bliss purple sport weight yarn)

Almost Done!


swap news: I just received my package from Jennifer for the Travelling Woman book swap through KTC. There are the two Alice in Wonderland books, a bottlecap necklace featuring Alice, and some really pretty red Regia sock yarn. I've tried to capture the color, but it is really just a shade deeper than it appears on my monitor.

Thank you Jennifer.


Marina said...

It looks magnificent, Marji, but can I have a closer look. please?

Weaving, is a bit like spinning to me. They're things I would like to do but not sure if I'll keep at it till I have enough for a "big" garment! I'm just not an accessory type of person.

Have to agree with what you said about Noro but occassionally, it still seduces me and ends up in the stash ;-)

Jae said...

I agree about the Noro. My pet peeve is that you have a 80-90 percent chance of buying a skein with knots. When I want worsted weight self-striping yarn, I tend to look to Diaketo.

Jennifer said...

Yay! I'm glad the swap package arrived on time. The Regia reminded me of the red that the Queen wants all the roses painted. :-)

Beautiful weaving!

sillyewe said...

Awww, thank you! SoDaWL is actually from Norsk of my absolute favorite books. It is such a non-conventional design, but I have enjoyed every moment of it so far. Your weaving looks great! Very fascinating. So does your Lady E. Mmmmmm, purple. I am annoyed with vegetable matter in the Noro, too, but, I do love the colors and still have some Silk Garden in stash.

Brigitte said...

Your weaving is incredible, what absolutely beautiful results! It must have been a tremendous amount of work.

I'm half with you on Noro...I can handle Kureyon, and that's about it. But the thick/thin bits drive me batty, my pet-peeve with it! I'm not likely to make any large garment with it. It does felt beautifully though, which "mutes" the colours a bit.

Donni said...

Hmmm, Noro - just LOVE the colours but hate the feel of it. Scratchy and yuk. The weaving looks fantastic - puts my little knitters loom to shame!

vanessa said...

love the weaving! is that a norwood loom? i have one also, they are beautiful :-)

Elizabeth said...

I am currently knitting Debbie Bliss' Knit Cable Jacket with Silk Garden. I don't mind the feel of it but then I live in New England and need the bulk of it. Regarding the colors I hate trying to match them(for the front pieces at least). Just when I think I have the colors matched, it turns out that the skein must have be wound with the colors going in the opposite directions! With the exception of entrelac, sometimes I think the colors look better in the skein rather than knit up Love your Lady Eleanor! (Love your stash pictures too-the colors are great! How do you store your yarn?)

AR said...

Wow, neat weaving! Your Lady E looks excellent, even if it is in that yarn!! I used it once in a felted bag pattern, so I don't really have that much of an opinion. It did have bits of grass or twigs or something in it!? Weird!

Carrie K said...

I would like to say I am shocked - SHOCKED! at the naked loom picture. I don't come here for pornography you know.

Well, yes I do. Yarn porn! The fabric looks beautiful. A Chanel jacket? Sounds intriguing.

Lady E looks lovely draped across it. The fringe might be tedious but it's pretty.

Nice traveling woman package you received!

I've never tried Noro yarn but I've heard that complaint about it.

rebecca said...

Beautiful work! Nice to meet you, and thank you for your encouraging comments over at my blog. I will take you up on your offer.

RheLynn said...

Your weaving is SO beautiful - it almost brings tears to my eyes :o)