Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Promises promises

I did promise to get back in here, yesterday and even the day before...well, better late ladada.

so, for what Sharron and I have been working on in the dungeon:
I wasn't going to show you until at least one was finis, however, maybe I should and get some input. So this is your chance to give some input on what you look for, what you would like to see, in...
Needle cases.
We are making knitting needle cases, primarily out of fabric already here in stash - luxe stuff that was maybe meant for one thing that it never became, or stuff that we're just ready to turn around and recoup some $ from (to reinvest in fibery stuff don't you know?) The needle cases will be for sale in the Etsy shop, for which Lorinda has graciously made us a button, and I will link to here once there is enough in the Etsy shop to make it worth visiting.
anyway, for the goods:
we are using moire or bengalene for the interiors, for the exteriors some are silks, some high end home dec, some brocades, some tafettas. I want to offer the option of a personalized Monogram or name on the inside. Both pics here are the interior and exterior of the first one I made - very blantantly using the layout of a Lantern Moon needle case as a guide. Well, obviously I can't use that layout to sell - copyright and all that.

I have another tentative layout in mind, but want your input:

  1. Do you want pockets for straights, circs, dp's? - how important is it to you to have all 3 in the same case?
  2. Do you want to store all your needles in one case or do you just want a case for travelling?
  3. Is a zippered pocket essential?

Anyway, Lainie, this one is yours - that something pink that has been in my head these many months.

And below is what is on the slate for today. I altered the patterns and made the muslin for fitting on Sunday. Yesterday Sharron fit the muslin to me (slight changes to the lower back where I sort of curve and the dress didn't). Today I will cut and stitch the dress and slip. The pink floral is the lightest of cotton lawns, sheer and perfect for a summer dress. The slip for under is the solid pink silk crepe de chine. I plan to wear it Thursday evening when Jeff takes me out to dinner at the new French restaurant in town.


Knit and Purl Grrl said...

Oh, oh, OH!!! I love it! Can't wait! I don't have a needle case yet. I may need to order one of these for my secret pal, too....

Jae said...

Great use of left over fabric! Personally, I have 4 cases for home storage. Each is for a specific type of needle - straight, circs, dpns. For traveling I have a small project bag that only holds 1 or 2 projects. Then I use a small case for my dpns to prevent them from being broken. If I'm using straights or circs they roam freely in the bag. I do think a zipper comes in handy for small scissors, markers and the like.

KSD said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous!

As for me, I'd prefer a case to travel with. Since I don't knit with double-points, and not with circulars all that much, the all-three question is a moot one for me. And a zippered pocket? Nice, but not essential. Maybe just a velcro closure, if any at all?

Good luck!

Donni said...

Hmmmm, I'm like Jae - I have different bags for different needles....but for travelling it might be good to be able to store 1 or 2 of each variety (I can never decide on which project I want to take and take everything)...zipper would be nice to hold bits and bobs too!

tatjana said...

I really like that dress pattern! I'm so impressed that you even make a muslin to fit it properly. Thanks so much for your offer of help with fitting my dress :) I do know how to fit things properly, but am just too impatient lol! When I finally drag out the sewing machine I want to have a garment (or two!) done by the end of the afternoon so I can get everything out of my way again. But we'll see :)

Carrie K said...

That dress and slip are going to be gorgeous.

Nice needlecase! I mostly shove mine into my purse or an old sherbert glass, or hang them on my bookcase but if I did tote a case? I'd want some kind of enclosed pocket for stitchmarkers.

Anonymous said...

Hello from your KTC swap pal! I love the needle cases. I like the layout you've chosen.

I'm busy putting together your package. Hopefully, I'll get it mailed out to you by the end of the month.

lorinda said...

I like your needle cases! I think I'd want a separate one for each kind at home (I don't use straight needles much), and a travel case that allows me to carry a couple of each. I think I'd like an enclosed section for stitch markers, but I usually carry a little zippy bag, so it's not a deal breaker. What I also need is a place that I can write (or has written) the sizes of the needles so I don't have to keep the plastic or cardboard covers they come in.

off to Etsy to look