Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Race

the 2006 Chicago - Mackinac Race is underway

the boat

this pic was taken by my husband from Navy Pier in Chicago as we left the dock for the start, on the last Mac Race I did, 2002. This is what it looked like out there at the start that year. Go look, those are some great pics. I can't even tell you what it looked like at the end of the race. That was the year of the big blow, and countless boats sustained serious damage - from blown out sails to broken masts, poles, and in one case, capsize and rescue. We broke a few pc's of hardware and blew out a couple of sails, but nothing compared to some of the damage.

track race here (if you want to track Relentless, they are competing in section 4)



AR said...

That's my lake!! Neat blog, Marji!! Go, Guys, Go!!

Jae said...

Whhhheeeewwwwwwww!! That's my best attempt at putting extra wind into their sails. ;)

patsijean said...

I have tried to track Relentless but cannot find her listed as a section 4 vessel. Did she participate? Being from the Lake Huron side of Michigan ( now lived in Tennessee, and miss the water), I am familiar with the Mackinac races and am interested in the progress of your vessel in this historic race. What a tribute to our Great Lakes.

Marji said...

note, there are only transponders on 4 of the boats in section 4 - so the tracking just gives an idea where the fleet is. find results here
I'm afraid Relentless isn't doing so well. I know some of the guys on Bounder, and they are awesome sailors - from the Detroit area. Looks like they've taken first in class. From their call in time at the 45th parallel, there seems to be no way another boat in their class can catch them.

Carrie K said...

Oh, awesome! Beautiful. Gorgeous.

And oh yeah, Sail Fast!

And uh oh. Last minute upset! (Or do you say that in a boat race?)