Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Thank you Lorinda

Finally, I'm posting the pics and the thank you to Lorinda for the Project Colorswap Package.
I've had mondo problems uploading pics from the camera to blogger. Uploading images that I've saved from the web, no problem, but images from the camera - big problem.
You all asked how my score for techno-geek could be so low? Case in point.
(for the same reason I don't have a banner across my heading, and I don't have a button for the Etsy shop yet...)
Anyway, many thanks to Lorinda for a super Purple package. Notice the skein of yarn in there that is NOT purple? well, it's the compliment to purple ;)
and it's what Lorinda included for my b'day, separately. and I can't wait to show you what I'm going to do with it. Now to go try to retrieve the pic from the net - I promise it is too much fun!

there are cards, notebooks, candies, some awesome caramel filled choc which needed to recuperate in the refrig. and the most interesting tin of culinary lavender. Has anyone ever used culinary lavender? Michellers? Mom? anyone have any ideas on how to use it? I've got to do some reading. Will check Epicurious.

The interesting looking purple ribbon yarn is Tartelette by Knit one Crochet too. 75 yds per sk. I'm thinking it'll get worked into one of my fancy scarves for the holidays.

Now, to try to find and enter the pic of the project for the Lolly Yellow - without losing this post again (for the third time). oh bother! I cannot get blogger to even upload the pic from flickr - so.....if you want to see what my fabulous project is going to be from the lolly yellow you must click on this link. Now the challenge will be finding that pattern again, on the web, since I thought I bookmarked it, but obviously NOT! argh.

And I'll leave you with a link to what has become one of my Must Stop By blogs every day. Too much fun.


Marina said...

You are so-o spoilt! And rightly so.

That's a good use for sock yarn ;-) Hope you find the pattern. It's adorable!

lorinda said...

I love the cozy! Too cute. And I'm glad you liked your package. It was fun to put together. Here's a link for culinary lavender: http://whatscookingamerica.net/Lavender.htm

and your cozy pattern is here:


knittinbrit_in_wi said...

Love the package! I love the purple and yellow together. The tea cozy will be a lot of fun to make.

Chocolate and lavendar go beautifully together. Maybe you could find a recipe for a lavendar chocolate cake. So, does Lemon.

Here's a couple recipes that I found:

Lavendar-Lemon Cake with Honey Glaze

Devil's Food Cake with Chocolate-Orange Buttercream

This is the one that sounded the best to me.
Lavender and Thyme Roasted Poussins

Anonymous said...

Your KTC traveling women swap package is on it's way! I'm hoping that you'll have it by the weekend.

Your KTC swap pal!