Thursday, August 31, 2006

bottoms, fall silhouettes and what I think about them

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Yawn, ho hum, this is "Whats New"?

Click on this photo to see my comments on why these made the WTNT list

Love the cardi, but these pant legs are skinny skinny

Leggings? Leggings?

these my friends are woven fabric pants. How on earth did she get those legs over her feet. This is a silhouette that will look ok (not good mind you) on about 1% of the population.

You know what scares me most about leggings coming back? I wore them in the 80's, with long sweaters similar to this (isn't this sweater awesome?), and I know how comfy they are to put on, and wear around. I also know how bad (read awful, cringingly awful) they look on anyone with a few extra pounds, and I saw far too many overweight women at Stitches wearing them. I don't want to find myself putting them on because they are so wonderfully homey comfy, like jammies, and find myself looking cringingly awful, and going out of the house looking like that!

at the opposite end of the spectrum we have

This is a nice , less extreme version of the wide leg. Although I personally would raise this waistline a bit, I think that quite a few women could wear this silhouette and wear it well. Notice the lack of a fly front. Ladies with a little bit of belly, note that fly fronts do very little for your silhouette. We all wear them, but we would all do well to add several slacks that have side or back zips.

Contrary to Trinny and Susannah, I think this higher waist is far better on many women than the waistline that puts a strong horizontal line across a much wider section of the hips. I for one am ecstatic to see these!

Want to see my version of a great skirt wardrobe for fall? Click here

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

rambling on

ok, I admit that creating a quiz that is primarily quantitative isn't really a lovely thing to do when creating it for a bunch of creative types.
It's my quota meeting, numbers oriented sales background coming through. and it's just for fun and in a way more revealing than many memes.
Anyway, a leg up for those who haven't taken it, and have an interest in finding answers - that would be for those type A's out there - I know you. Aside from some guessing which is endemic to this quiz, many of the answers can be deduced from perusing set1, set2, and set3 on flickr. However, guessing is cool too. I must admit I was surprised by some of the answers when I started to count! (Nanci, the excessive use of !! is just for you)

Last night my husband called me outside to experience the "cool" breeze. "cool" being a relative term. It was in the 80's and not 90's. It is with this "cool" weather coming in that my mind is turning to creating something of a fall wardrobe, and I've begun working on a plan and begun creating, on the computer, a "storyboard" ala Rebecca. And it is Fun. Note that a year ago last Spring I pitched most of my summer clothes, and similarly, in the early spring of this year, I ditched most of my winter wardrobe. So I have nada, nothing, (well, I have one pair of black wool slacks, so I'm exagerating a little) to pull out of the closet for when weather gets cool. This was an effort to compel myself to come up with new.
I find that while creating this storyboard, I'm coming up with a rather sarcastic voice on some of the silhouettes and some of what is being touted in the industry as 'fresh and new'. I hope to have the whole storyboard / plan / and blog entry regarding such done by the end of the week.

Meanwhile, I'm loving Project Runway this season. IMO, this is One of the Best blogs out there in blogland reviewing the runway. thanks to Christin, who had a knitblog but doesn't anymore, for the link. I also strongly recommend listening to Tim's take every week on the podcast. He really tells it like he sees it, and I so agree with him, last week Uli got Robbed.

Another of my fav sites is still Dress-a-Day. Go take a look at the dress on the August 25 entry, the copper silk with black dots. I could so see going to lunch in that dress. Or going boutique shopping. Don't you just love it?

And, I'm beginning to think I'm the only stitcher in blogland that is Not enamoured of this design:

I wore peasant dresses, in the early 70's. Don't feel any compulsion at all to go there again.

Monday, August 28, 2006

progress and partytime

Progress on Liz, another skein down.
Liz 8.27.06

Last Thursday and Friday I spent at Sharron's. We laid out the handwoven fabric, cut, serged, then mounted onto and cut the charmeuse, for 2 Chanel Style jackets.
cutting the handwoven
cut cut cut,

mounting the fabric to the charmeuse

Now for the fun stuff:

It's my blogging anniversary, and I promised a party and some gifties to my friends out there in blog land.

so, take the quiz above and if anyone manages to get 10 out of 10, she will win a custom made needle case - of her own choosing, from what is going into the Etsy shop. If more than one of you get 10 out of 10 (and this is going to require some guesswork on everyone's part) , then I'll do the random draw out of a hat thing. If you are like some of my friends who read here but don't knit (Michellers, Nanci, Roxane) if you win I'll send along a Borders or Barnes and Noble GC) (I'll tabulate the quiz results next Sunday and post who wins prizes)

note as an aside, I finally have a number of them (the needle cases) done and am taking them up to a LYS where the lovely owner has expressed some interest in seeing them (she saw one prototype) , then the rest will go into the Etsy shop. Pics to come, although if you want to see one and haven't, I've already made and sent out one to Melanie and one to Laine as part of exchanges.

  • If you've hosted a KAL or exchange, and I have your snail mail addy I'll send you something soon. If I don't have your addy, you need to send it to me. In the last year I've participated (not always successfully) in Knit the Classics, Colchique along, Stashalong, USMP along, Sexy Knitters along, Sew REtro along, Project colorswap, ISE scarf exchange, SP7, Vacation Swap, and am now hosting the Tudor Roses KAL. There are probably a few I forgot too.
  • If you are part of Sew Retro and want one of my pincushions, Email me at mlweaving at earthlink dot net and I'll send one to the first 2 people I get emails from (be sure to include your address)

  • If you are part of Knit the Classics, If you have means to play cassette tapes, and If you would like the full taped set of The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood, unabridged, play time approx 18 hours, email me with your address. This set has been listened to once. It is fabulous, It was nominated although not selected for the September read, and I would be keeping it to listen to again if I had means anymore to listen to tapes. I'll send it to the first member of KTC that asks for it.
  • if you were part of ISE, are part of the next ISE or just would like to knit a scarf, email me and I'll give away one scarf kit to make one of these, your choice of color on what I have - I have some colors that aren't pictured here.

Thanks to all who check in here, and to those who leave me comments thank-you. I've enjoyed this past year getting to know so many creative wonderful people, and look forward to another, maybe more productive year knitting more challenging projects although maybe fewer overall projects.

And, finally, as a postscript: Some of you know what my dh's favorite line is when he walks into the room and I'm knitting. Post it in the comments, and you'll get entered to win a suprise prize. Newsflash: my youngest son has started in on a variation of that same line.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

best and least fav yarns

a meme of sorts, borrowed and then amended, from Jennifer

my 10 favorite yarns: (sometimes whatever I happen to be knitting with at the time)
  1. the Polwarth wool and silk blend I'm knitting Liz with right now. LOVE this stuff. from Rovings
  2. Classic Elite Inca Alpaca
  3. Blue Sky alpaca silk
  4. mercerized cotton - right now I'm knitting with the old Classic Elite Newport cotton, lovely stuff (discontinued). I also really like the 4 ply cottons that have so many plies - I know, I'm crazy, but I do like the cottons. love Karabella Zodiac too - color selection is gorgeous.
  5. Plymouth Royal Bamboo - lovely sheen and drape - a bear to knit with though as there is NO margin for mistakes.
  6. Karabella Aurora 8
  7. Manos del Uruguay stria cotton - like buttah
  8. the old Rowanspun 4 ply - discontinued
  9. E Lavold silky wool
  10. Jo Sharp silkroad aran

note: I've never knit with Jamiesons or J&S or some of the more traditional aran and gansey yarns. Or its been so long that I don't remember knitting with them

least favorite yarns

  1. Rowan Calmer
  2. Classic Elite le Gran mohair
  3. Noro Shinano (do not love most Noro yarns just because of the spin and twist
  4. most single ply bulky yarns. I just prefer yarns with plies and better definition

it'll be interesting to see how this list changes in the next year, as I work my way through some of my stash of yarns I've not worked with before.

what do you like/dislike? take this to your blog if you like

Monday, August 21, 2006

My button and Heading

A week before my blogiversarry and guess what I finally have?!
Many thanks to Jae, who not only has photo-editing software, but knows how to use it. ;)
She played with several of my sailing photos and yarn photos to come up with the button and header you see. What you can't know from just looking at the button: The photo was taken while dh and I were sailing on Lake Charlevoix in northern Michigan a summer ago, and the yarn is the Lake Charlevoix colorway of Gems Opal that Jae gifted me with a month or so back. So, if you put buttons on your blog on your sidebar please go ahead and take this one (save to your own server yada...).

Progress on Liz

I've run through my first of 4 sk of yarn, and I'm afraid I'm going to have to order another from those wonderful folks at Rovings.
I'm thinking the sleeves are each going to take as much as the back and the front, given that the schematic looks like there is about the same amount of area. and there is a yoke still to knit. Now, if I don't order more yarn, I will def run out. If I do order more, I'll end up not needing it. I'd better order it though.
So, this is what a week of fairly knitting with intent yields me. I only knit once on another project last week, and that, believe it or not, was the Debbie Bliss ruffle cardi that I brought out of hibernation. Will wonders never cease? Notice if you will, the hibernation category of projects in process (on the sidebar) is completely gone.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

on KAL's and Swaps

I've been blogging about my knitting and projecting for nearly a year. Bloggiversary is August 28, and I think I may throw myself a little party and give gifty favors to blog-friends. (that's an aside)
Anyway, I originally started blogging about my projects to try to get a handle on all the UFO's I had around, and provide some accountability for all the yarn and fabric I owned.
Unintended consequences.
There is so much creative energy and motivating influence around blogland that I quickly overindulged myself in projects. And while I cleaned up the UFO's that had been part of my previous knitting life (prior to blogging about it and becoming obsessed), I created a whole new body of work. I joined KAL's. I found Jannette and Cucumberpatch and then the LYS's here, and my stash increased geometrically. I bought bags of yarn. I joined more KAL's. I started knitting things I would not have chosen (orangina comes to mind). I knit the majority of several projects that then got frogged because I didn't like them (Union Square Market pullover, Tempting II)
USMP 1.9.06
I knit a whole sweater (which still needs seaming) from a pattern written in French, with the help of the Colchique Along. Colchique 3.22.06
I knit a whole Lady E and Finished it in the space of 14 days as part of Stephanies Knitting Olympics, and felt a part of the knitting community of the world.
I knit a lace scarf for someone in Australia as part of the International Scarf Exchange (the new ISE is up for this year if anyone is interested in joining) and rec'd an I-cord scarf from someone else in Australia. I swapped color based packages, Secret Pal packages, Bookswap packages, and Vacation based themed packages with others out in blogland, most of whom I really never kept up with, nor did they keep up with me. (notable exceptions are Kim and Jae, both of whom I've ended up with as colorSwap partners, but we were already friends, and the Knit the classics swaps).
However, as a result of some of the KAL's and Swaps, I met many of you whom I do keep up with - this is a wonderful thing. The rest of you I've met because I've followed your comments back to your blog from the people that whose blogs I read and comment on. And some of you found me. Thanks!
It's been an interesting year in blogland. I didn't at all really accomplish my goal of decreasing my # of projects and create a sense of accountability. I did succeed in making friends with a whole lot of really creative wonderful people.
Going forward, I'm taking a break from Swaps. I've met enough people out there that if anyone wants to swap some stuff, we'll just do it, without the structure of the anonymous thing. Notable exception will still be the Knit the Classics swaps, but those are limited to people I already blog with).
I'm also going to concentrate more on the knitting I really want to be doing, and not get lured into knitting something because everyone else is doing it on a KAL. (I really want to be knitting from Tudor Roses!)
This isn't to say I won't do anymore KAL's. I probably will. But I will do them only if it is a knit I really wanted to do anyway.

What's interesting to me is that several of you who read this blog have had a conversation with me indicating you too are wearying of some of the swaps, of some of the KAL's and are in much the same place.
In my next year of blogging I will continue to look to many of you for inspiration and extra motivation. I feel that so many of you who include me in this, the blog community, are so talented and giving adn fabulous and inspiring. I just want to continue to grow as a knitter.
And I will continue to write more sewing tutorials, and stay involved in Sew Retro.

you know who I miss: La Dolce Divas.
they were fun and funny arbiters of fashion, manners and etiquette.

I didn't start out to write this post, but this is what it ended up being. hmmm. Where are you in your blog-life?

Friday, August 18, 2006

and she grows

Eliz I 8.17.06

motif detail

so, I'm sitting and knitting away on Liz, listening to audible book Elizabeth and Mary, Cousins, Rivals and Queens by Jane Dunn, and paying attention to the chart,...but my mind keeps wandering, the way a wandering knitters eye does, who lusts after the new and untried. (shhh Marina, Brigitte and Lorraine, as you can see, I'm getting there, mentally anyway)

The shaping on this one is so distinctly not feminine...but I love the interplay of the colors and the motif. What can I do so that the shoulders more closely follow the female form, rather than the back field of the St Louis Rams?

Both from NorskeSricke Design. See Sharons blog to see her progress on Season of Darkness winter of Light progress. Gorgeous. Is it any wonder that the book has gone right to the very top of my wish list?
DN170nr7This pullover is from the Best of Tiur book by Dale of Norway - and I have all that Tiur I picked up to make Eliz out of, that is begging to be knit this year into something spectacular. This may be it.

Cardigan below is not Dale, but is from Ny Sida 1

this one is one I stumbled across awhile ago and put into my 'someday' folder. it's available on the net from Ny sida 1. I see this over jeans with a soft stretchy turtleneck under it. Their entire website is in German, but I emailed and rec'd a nice reply, in English. God Bless the rest of the world who are willing to learn English. I feel so 'ugly American' when I can't even manage the most rudimentary conversation in any language except English. (note to self: find and schedule that language class you've been threatening to take for years - do it now)

Jane Seymour from Tudor Roses - this one I actually have all the yarn for. I'm on a roll with Liz, and really don't want to lose that momentum. But when I'm done, as long as the Tudor Roses KAL is active, I'm going to go for it.

So, back to More on Stitches Midwest:

There were 2 dinners with "fashion" shows as well as the Opening Day presentation luncheon with modelling of the Victorian Lace items. Amazingly, the food at the luncheon was good. The Lace was amazing.
But folks, 2 evening dinners with runway shows after are at least one too many. (not only that, but Alexis felt the need to take up 20 minutes each evening to introduce his sister who was there. What was that all about?) I digress. You may have guessed otherwise, but next year, I would skip the vendor show and dinner, and attend the Student Fashion show. Why? Vendor 'fashion' show left a lot to be desired in terms of fashion. In fact, there was no fashion. And there were precious few knits that I would be interested in knitting or even knowing about. We were seated at a table with a bunch of folks from XRX, plus the owner of Lornas Laces and her husband. I distinctly heard Beth (I think that's her name) from Lornas Laces gasp "you've got to be kidding" when one number came out onto the runway. I swear that the vendors are all trying to convince the attending public that all those eyelash and fuzzy furry yarns they still have in stock are desirable. There was some truly ugly stuff.
The next night though, Saturday, was the student fashion show. Anyone at all could enter anything they'd knit. I got to model one of Kim's creations, a black cropped cardi designed by Beth at Black Purl and knit by Kim. It went with my dress, and Kim was wearing a gorgeous Aran knit cardi she'd also made. What I found interesting though, were what people were willing to show off, and some of the stories that went with them. I kid you not, there were women who modelled scarves. But there was also the woman who modelled her Dale of Norway Olympic pullover that she knit as part of Stephanies knitting Olympics! my hat off to her. It was beautiful. One of my favorites were the mother and two daughters team who wore their Hanne Falkenberg Mermaids. They each bought a kit last year at Stitches, and wore them together in the show this year. Mom was in her 80's if she was a day, and each of the daughters were of retirement age. The cardigans were stunning. And there were the Ample Knitters who got up and modelled their cardi's. I have to think it took some chutzpah to walk the runway as they were very ample knitters. Kudos to them! [I must add here, I was asked by a woman here in St Louis a year ago if I would like to join their ample knitters group...Lovely ladies, but I have to say, I was a bit taken aback. I hadn't thought of myself as qualifying for "ample" status.]

I also hate to give Rick the Dragon any more space here, especially since, as Carrie pointed out, Franklin did such a succint and pointed eval last year. But, this year he did go over the top. This years remarks didn't involve comments about a male model, but rather the little girl, couldn't have been more than 8 - 9 years old. He announced that he wasnt' letting her go home with her father, that he was going to take her home, because he needed a new roommate. XRX needs to get a clue and take the microphone out of his hand.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

more on Stitches

So, if I were going to blog "in order" about the whole STitches experience, I would have to start with the Thurs AM presentation on Victorian Lace. The knit stoles and scarves were lovely. Jane Sowerby was there, and to hear what went into her research and how she developed the patterns from Victorian Ladies (beginning around 1840) Receipt books was fascinating. and If Rick-the-Dragon had just let her talk instead of trying to read a prepared speech that he'd obviously never looked at before taking the microphone it would have been perfect. Unfortunately, that was my introduction to Rick, and frankly, all I wanted him to do was shut up.

Victorian Lace Today
Jane is an accomplished woman. She did all her own research, having books and journals dug out from the archives in libraries. And what you may not get from the info in the book is that Jane spun most of the yarns that she knit the samples in as she was developing the patterns. The literature mostly calls for Rowan kidsilk haze, but the actual photos are of Jane's handspun yarns. Next glitch in the lace presentation for this event: the book isn't published yet! and while they gave everyone a brochure with photos and two patterns in it, they added the caveat that the pattern in the brochure is not a proofed pattern so don't try to knit it - in other words it contains errors. Wouldn't you Think they would proof a pattern for such a roll-out presentation? geeze!

However, I'm not very good at doing things in I'll really start with: What I came home to

A clean house. You would think this is a good thing right? I mean, 10 days before, I left an immaculately clean house, so it was nice to come home to a clean house. But, it is also immensely guilt inspiring. I mean, my dh works a lot. I have the luxury of being a woman of leisure. DSD #2, the youngest, lives with us full time and came home from Costa Rica while I was gone, so she was here too, and DSD #1, the eldest left for college the day I left, so we just traded one kid for another. Back to the clean house. Why should this inspire guilt? Because, as I've mentioned, I have the luxury of being 'retired', so I should be able to maintain this level of a clean house, no? However, all I've done since I got home is Knit. knit knit knit. (well, and grocery shop and make dinners)....but the house is rapidly sliding down that slippery slope to sloppiness, and it is all my slop. ugh. Better clean it all up today, finish unpacking, visit the dry cleaners and the laundry room, ... and do it all before going to my knitting group tonight. ;)
Oh, the other thing I came home to: an AARP registration packet and membership card, addressed to Moi. WTF? excuse me for that, but I'm having great difficulties thinking AARP already.

Meanwhile, Liz is progressing.
oh, and the Tempting II that is no more, I have enough Calmer, (in a color that I love, so I'll give it another go), to knit Bonnie Maries CeCe. Think I'll go order the pattern now and cart it with me to knitting tonight. I just can't be carting my white Liz all over the place.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Introducing Elizabeth I, Tudor Roses

Liz 8.15.06

Cast on yesterday with the Polwarth wool and silk blend yarn purchased at Stitches Midwest.
I'm loving it.
The entire yarn haul from Stitches:
the entire yarn haul

I'm thinking I exercised some degree of restraint.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Back from Stitches Midwest

Too much Fun!
we had so much fun, I can't even tell you.
and now blogger won't upload pics, and I just have to share pics.
Marji, Jae, and Kim
so for the photo album go here
First of all, being there with Kim and Jae just enhanced the experience to a degree I can't measure. We laughed, talked, talked, laughed, swatched, and shopped. What we did not do: knit. There wasn't a spare minute it seems to just sit and knit. Next year I will be happy to skip some of the scheduled activities to have time to sit and knit with friends.

One of the things we talked about: refining our knitting so that we work on what is most important to us, letting some of the rest of it go.
What went? My Tempting II. Elizabeth, you will be happy to see this. There was so much wrong with it, from the wonky stitches in the Calmer, which is simply not my fav yarn, to the (IMO) badly written pattern, to the badly executed shaping I attempted to add... it just had to go. I felt lighter. Jae documented the late night frogging for posterity, but blogger won't upload pics. oh well. you know what an unravelling looks like, right?
late night temptation
temptation resisted
You may also notice that my sidebar is lacking a couple of projects that were "on hold" or sleeping. They've gone to frogland too. Better decision making on my part.

We laughed

We shopped:
my fav vendors that I can think of off the top of my head:
the Skaska booth and the Windy Valley Musk Ox booth right next to it. Dianne at Windy Valley personally selects the colors for their yarns, and they are fabulous. and Rovings. [see end of post for my personal plug for their yarns]. I agree with Jon, who wrote that he'd rather see more boutique vendors and stuff you can't get elsewhere, and fewer LYS's that just cart their inventory to the Market. Also not to be missed was the Tess Yarns booth.
I did a fair amount of library enhancement, picking up some OOP Vogue books and older issues of a couple of mag's that I wanted, as well as some patterns. and I got to see, in person, Norsk Strikkedesign, which zooms to the top of my must-have for the library.
library enhancement
We took classes.
Steeks. I cut my first. Didn't really need a class to do this, but I took it, didn't need 3 hours of instruction to cut the swatch that I knit before class and machine stitched up, but it took the mystery and fear out of it. Scissors, no problem. Marina, you can't scare me with those 10 inch blades!
Lily Chin's Darting the Issue. What a fabulous class. Lily is a hoot as well as a knowledgeable and clear instructor. She also balanced well the needs of the class as a whole and the one or two students who didn't maybe have the skill set to be there yet. That is most difficult as an instructor - teaching those who really don't have the prerequisite skills. Anyway, I learned how to apply a lot of what I know about fitting and shaping (from sewing) to knitting. I will use this skill set. Me with Lily Chin!Here I am with Lily at the end of class.

Bohus Stickning interesting history lesson and enough experience swatching this technique to know that I never need to knit it. Enough said. [See Kim playing Vanna showing off the classes swatches here]

Beth Brown Reinsel's Knitting Gansey class, this is the class I particularly went to Stitches to take. But, it was Sunday all day. By the time I got to Sunday, I was so overwhelmingly tired and those synapses that are supposed to connect between the brain and the hands just quit working. To top it off, I sat right in front of Franklin and Jon, [Franklin, of course, is one of the knit-blog worlds icons],who I'm sure think I'm one of the lacking-skill-set knitters who just couldn't cut it/ shouldn't be there in that class. Truly, I just kept making stupid silly dumb mistakes. Like mentally adding the purled seam stitches to the knitting, in addition to the chart, when they were already on the chart. Beth is lovely and warm and gracious as well as knowledgeable and able to convey the concepts and skills very clearly, and I would recommend her class and her book to anyone. I will knit one of the ganseys, this fall or winter, we'll have to see.

more to come. I can't write this all in one day.
but, as promised, the unsolicited ad:

my plug for this yarn, I just love it!

Owner: Francine and Michelle Ruiteremail:
World Wide Web:
Rovings is a small specialty mill. We process, dye and spin our wool yarns. We are breed specific using only Polwarth and Polwarth/LeicesterX wools. We are the sole N. American importers for this wool from Australia. Our yarns are dyed and spun in multiple colours giving a very rich colour palette. We have a the moment 5 yarn weights, cobweb, singles at 300 m/25 grams, laceweight, 2 ply at 150m/25grams, Fingering or finer 2 ply at 300m/100grams, Sportweight 2ply at 225m/100grams and a soft chunky at 165m/100grams. Other size yarns available in Polwarth or Polwarth/LeicesterX only upon request.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

meeting Elizabeth

I met Elizabeth yesterday. What a nice and gracious lady she is. Pics of us together at Lakeside Fibers are on her blog. I've got pics onto my computer but will have to wait for a better connection to get them to blogger.
Anyway, we had a lovely lunch, and sat and talked, and she let me drag out all these projects I had with me, and gave me some valuable advice re the knitting needle cases, and the black alpaca/silk cardi that I messed up the armscye shaping on about 10 rows back. We talked about design, about pricing your own work, and she showed me the project she is working on now, as a submission for knitty. Watch her blog and check out the next issue of knitty. Surprises are in store, And, I really think the design she's working on is perfect for the yarn and for the submission requirement/issue . I also am enamored of the cardi that she put into the latest issue of the Garter Belt.
I was also like a kid in a candy store in such a wonderful yarn shop. I was good though, only came away with the newest issue of Vogue Knitting (not as wonderful in real life as I thought on the previews) and the latest issue Rowan Magazine (which I found I liked well enough to buy, which I cannot say about the last issue), as well as some pony pearl dpn's in size 7 for one of my classes this weekend. I realized Tues that I didn't have size 7 dpn's.

Reading/Listening to:
I finished listening to Bel Canto Monday while knitting up all my samples. :) Swatches are all done for Stitches. I started listening to Bel Canto while still at home last week, and realized that the book I was listening to and the book that I am actually reading (still the Lyre of Orpheus), both have storylines that revolve around opera. Found myself wanting some opera, so on the drive up Sunday I listened to La Traviata, complete, uninterrupted. Today I've been listening to some Andrea Bocelli. That man has a voice that would melt butter. Now I'm going back to listening to the rest of Elizabeth and Mary, the biography by Jane Dunn.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I'm outa here

a day late, and will probably come back several dollars short.
ds#1 decided he wanted an extra day to do whatever it is grown kids do when their mothers are coming, (clean) , so I didn't head north yesterday, I'm leaving now.

Meeting the talented Elizabeth Tuesday for lunch in Madison WI, and meeting up with Jae and Kim Thursday AM at stitches Midwest. How weird is it that no one in my family thinks its weird that I'm going to meet internet friends for 4 days of excitement? (maybe 'cause I've done it before? - hiya Krissy, MIchellers, Kim, Nanci, et al)

Be back the 15th with pics and excitement and motivation galore.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Musings and a Clarification

so After the July recap, the August agenda:
  • finish Tempting out of this Rowan Calmer –I am not feeling the Calmer love, but the top is almost finished
  • Finish Calla - plymouth Royal Bamboo
    Finish the self patterning fair isle sock yarn baby cardi that was a gift from Kim
  • Finish the red cable cardi – old old classic elite cotton yarn, pattern by Karabella
  • Finish black alpaca silk cardi - Drops pattern
  • Really get started on Eliz I - Tudor Roses
  • Take my classes at Stitches Midwest

    LOL, must clarify I guess. Dh is worried because he’s afraid I’m ready to start pushing the issue of Grandchildren. ('cmon, I just turned youngest natural child is going to be 22 and my youngest stepdaughter is 17....we just got through a year with 3 in didn't honestly think I meant I wanted more kids did you?) But, I’ve been whining about the fact that by the time we do have G-children I don’t want to be off sailing on the other side of the world. Frankly, dh would be happy to be on the other side of the world and see grandkids once a year, like his grandparents saw him. I forsee that this may be an Issue.

    Blog surfing: found this on the Dress A Day blog July 28th entry. Her blog is too much fun, and if you are a PR fan or just love dresses, you really should check her out. Meanwhile, this is undoubtedly the most ingenious, if not the most wearable dress I've ever seen. Christin, did you get to see this in person?

click on the standing pic of the dress to read the article about the designer and her shop in Seattle.

Wardrobe refashioning, building: Rebecca (Fibermom) has posted yarn and fabric pics, very well coordinated I might add, along with the outline for SWAP. Another give and receive exchange you are thinking? Non, mes amies, SWAP is an anacronym for Sewing With A Plan. I'm liking it. Last year I did a really really thorough closet cleaning. BAsically cleaned myself right out. I have 1, read that as One, pair of pants left to take me into fall that I did not dispose of, two jackets that I will wear, and several sweaters, tops. Zip, zero, zilch on the skirt and dress end of things, nothing. This was to force myself to replace and make new. I have fabric - whoa do I have fabric. Look in the coming weeks for my own version of a Plan. A sales manager I had once used to sing the refrain "Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan". Man how we hated that refrain. But in this case, I'm thinking it's a great idea.