Friday, August 18, 2006

and she grows

Eliz I 8.17.06

motif detail

so, I'm sitting and knitting away on Liz, listening to audible book Elizabeth and Mary, Cousins, Rivals and Queens by Jane Dunn, and paying attention to the chart,...but my mind keeps wandering, the way a wandering knitters eye does, who lusts after the new and untried. (shhh Marina, Brigitte and Lorraine, as you can see, I'm getting there, mentally anyway)

The shaping on this one is so distinctly not feminine...but I love the interplay of the colors and the motif. What can I do so that the shoulders more closely follow the female form, rather than the back field of the St Louis Rams?

Both from NorskeSricke Design. See Sharons blog to see her progress on Season of Darkness winter of Light progress. Gorgeous. Is it any wonder that the book has gone right to the very top of my wish list?
DN170nr7This pullover is from the Best of Tiur book by Dale of Norway - and I have all that Tiur I picked up to make Eliz out of, that is begging to be knit this year into something spectacular. This may be it.

Cardigan below is not Dale, but is from Ny Sida 1

this one is one I stumbled across awhile ago and put into my 'someday' folder. it's available on the net from Ny sida 1. I see this over jeans with a soft stretchy turtleneck under it. Their entire website is in German, but I emailed and rec'd a nice reply, in English. God Bless the rest of the world who are willing to learn English. I feel so 'ugly American' when I can't even manage the most rudimentary conversation in any language except English. (note to self: find and schedule that language class you've been threatening to take for years - do it now)

Jane Seymour from Tudor Roses - this one I actually have all the yarn for. I'm on a roll with Liz, and really don't want to lose that momentum. But when I'm done, as long as the Tudor Roses KAL is active, I'm going to go for it.

So, back to More on Stitches Midwest:

There were 2 dinners with "fashion" shows as well as the Opening Day presentation luncheon with modelling of the Victorian Lace items. Amazingly, the food at the luncheon was good. The Lace was amazing.
But folks, 2 evening dinners with runway shows after are at least one too many. (not only that, but Alexis felt the need to take up 20 minutes each evening to introduce his sister who was there. What was that all about?) I digress. You may have guessed otherwise, but next year, I would skip the vendor show and dinner, and attend the Student Fashion show. Why? Vendor 'fashion' show left a lot to be desired in terms of fashion. In fact, there was no fashion. And there were precious few knits that I would be interested in knitting or even knowing about. We were seated at a table with a bunch of folks from XRX, plus the owner of Lornas Laces and her husband. I distinctly heard Beth (I think that's her name) from Lornas Laces gasp "you've got to be kidding" when one number came out onto the runway. I swear that the vendors are all trying to convince the attending public that all those eyelash and fuzzy furry yarns they still have in stock are desirable. There was some truly ugly stuff.
The next night though, Saturday, was the student fashion show. Anyone at all could enter anything they'd knit. I got to model one of Kim's creations, a black cropped cardi designed by Beth at Black Purl and knit by Kim. It went with my dress, and Kim was wearing a gorgeous Aran knit cardi she'd also made. What I found interesting though, were what people were willing to show off, and some of the stories that went with them. I kid you not, there were women who modelled scarves. But there was also the woman who modelled her Dale of Norway Olympic pullover that she knit as part of Stephanies knitting Olympics! my hat off to her. It was beautiful. One of my favorites were the mother and two daughters team who wore their Hanne Falkenberg Mermaids. They each bought a kit last year at Stitches, and wore them together in the show this year. Mom was in her 80's if she was a day, and each of the daughters were of retirement age. The cardigans were stunning. And there were the Ample Knitters who got up and modelled their cardi's. I have to think it took some chutzpah to walk the runway as they were very ample knitters. Kudos to them! [I must add here, I was asked by a woman here in St Louis a year ago if I would like to join their ample knitters group...Lovely ladies, but I have to say, I was a bit taken aback. I hadn't thought of myself as qualifying for "ample" status.]

I also hate to give Rick the Dragon any more space here, especially since, as Carrie pointed out, Franklin did such a succint and pointed eval last year. But, this year he did go over the top. This years remarks didn't involve comments about a male model, but rather the little girl, couldn't have been more than 8 - 9 years old. He announced that he wasnt' letting her go home with her father, that he was going to take her home, because he needed a new roommate. XRX needs to get a clue and take the microphone out of his hand.


Jae said...

Marji, I need to send you my notes from Sally Mellville's class on how to refashion a drop shoulder sweater. I'll do that this weekend. I love the cardi from Dale. I can see why that caught your eye.

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

I, too, am loving the Dale Cardi. BTW, isn't that the sweater from Norsk that Jae wants to make the pattern into lace?

Liz is seriously gorgeous. The other day when you posted that you had cast on for Eliz in the Rovings yarn, I think I was ripping out my liz in silky wool at the same time. I haven't decided what to use for Liz yet, but the Rovings is looking like one of my favorites. It's soft yarn, and the first one I've seen that the darts really show nicely on. Are you finding it easy to keep guage? I think I have to check out the other colors in the Rovings that might work. That really was my favorite booth.

Marina said...

You're full of surprises! I say, as long as you're on a roll, keep on at it!

Warn me when you start a Dale, I'll be cheering you on & I may even knit one with you. So far, Kashmir (#6030), Damask (#6023), numbers 2, 4, 7, 9 & 12 from that book haven't convinced me to abandon my Starmore's ;-)

AR said...

Ooh! Those sweaters are gorgeous. Can't wait to see that pretty white Liz, when she's done. How much wear do you think this sweater will get? Just curious. I know, if it were me, I'm probably stain that white the first time I put it on.

Liz said...

Great choices... I too love that pullover from the Norsk book, but the shoulders have to be re-thought... don't have any suggestions on that one, but wanted to add my chime in to say that that Dale pullover is gorgeous, I have that one marked too, tho after looking at the Ny sida cardigan, that's a hard choose between.

sillyewe said...

Oh, wow, Liz looks great. You are really moving on it. And it sounds like an interesting time at Stitches. I may have to go some day..ah...some day. sigh This is the first I have heard about Rick. Not that I am up on much these days, but he sounds like a complete idiot. What does he do there? The Dale *is* very pretty. I see why you like it. Can we look for it in the near future??? :0)

Carrie K said...

RD comes off like a complete dork.

OMG, you're so far on Liz! Must. Catch. Up. I've been eyeing that Norsk pattern too, it's glorious. And the sleeves are awful.

Brigitte said...

R the D has had some choice words about Canadians...he's not high on my list, or Lorraine's either, who was present when he made the comments.

I HAVE THAT KIT! The one from Norskstrikkedesign. Shhh...don't tell Alice, but it's one of my all time favourite books. Wow, you really are making great progress on Eliz I.

Becky said...

I love the inset on Elizabeth. That will be a gorgeous sweater. Keep going!

Jennifer said...

It's looking gorgeous!

Elizabeth said...

The Ny sida cardigan already has a fitted cap sleeve, so I'd say bump that one up the list. It's hard to tell about the color pattern of the Norske Strikkedesign one, how easy it would be to modify to either a cap or raglan sleeve and still work with patterning.

As someone who was on the Amples List and is one, I would never consider inviting you to an Amples group. Gee whiz. first AARP, then the Amples. Marji's world is getting a shake up these days, n'est ce pas?

Seahorse said...

Eliz I is looking super!

I love that Norskstrikkedesign book too! I currently have it on loan from the library but I'm going to treat myself to my own copy for my birthday! So many things in there that I want to make!

Carrie K said...

That the world speaks English (I realize, not ALL the world) is directly attributable to the indomitable Britons. The Saxons over ran them. The Normans. Everyone in the world headed into their little corner for centuries and considering the percentage of English speakers.then.......and yet? Here a vast part of the world speaks English. It's amazing, really.