Monday, August 14, 2006

Back from Stitches Midwest

Too much Fun!
we had so much fun, I can't even tell you.
and now blogger won't upload pics, and I just have to share pics.
Marji, Jae, and Kim
so for the photo album go here
First of all, being there with Kim and Jae just enhanced the experience to a degree I can't measure. We laughed, talked, talked, laughed, swatched, and shopped. What we did not do: knit. There wasn't a spare minute it seems to just sit and knit. Next year I will be happy to skip some of the scheduled activities to have time to sit and knit with friends.

One of the things we talked about: refining our knitting so that we work on what is most important to us, letting some of the rest of it go.
What went? My Tempting II. Elizabeth, you will be happy to see this. There was so much wrong with it, from the wonky stitches in the Calmer, which is simply not my fav yarn, to the (IMO) badly written pattern, to the badly executed shaping I attempted to add... it just had to go. I felt lighter. Jae documented the late night frogging for posterity, but blogger won't upload pics. oh well. you know what an unravelling looks like, right?
late night temptation
temptation resisted
You may also notice that my sidebar is lacking a couple of projects that were "on hold" or sleeping. They've gone to frogland too. Better decision making on my part.

We laughed

We shopped:
my fav vendors that I can think of off the top of my head:
the Skaska booth and the Windy Valley Musk Ox booth right next to it. Dianne at Windy Valley personally selects the colors for their yarns, and they are fabulous. and Rovings. [see end of post for my personal plug for their yarns]. I agree with Jon, who wrote that he'd rather see more boutique vendors and stuff you can't get elsewhere, and fewer LYS's that just cart their inventory to the Market. Also not to be missed was the Tess Yarns booth.
I did a fair amount of library enhancement, picking up some OOP Vogue books and older issues of a couple of mag's that I wanted, as well as some patterns. and I got to see, in person, Norsk Strikkedesign, which zooms to the top of my must-have for the library.
library enhancement
We took classes.
Steeks. I cut my first. Didn't really need a class to do this, but I took it, didn't need 3 hours of instruction to cut the swatch that I knit before class and machine stitched up, but it took the mystery and fear out of it. Scissors, no problem. Marina, you can't scare me with those 10 inch blades!
Lily Chin's Darting the Issue. What a fabulous class. Lily is a hoot as well as a knowledgeable and clear instructor. She also balanced well the needs of the class as a whole and the one or two students who didn't maybe have the skill set to be there yet. That is most difficult as an instructor - teaching those who really don't have the prerequisite skills. Anyway, I learned how to apply a lot of what I know about fitting and shaping (from sewing) to knitting. I will use this skill set. Me with Lily Chin!Here I am with Lily at the end of class.

Bohus Stickning interesting history lesson and enough experience swatching this technique to know that I never need to knit it. Enough said. [See Kim playing Vanna showing off the classes swatches here]

Beth Brown Reinsel's Knitting Gansey class, this is the class I particularly went to Stitches to take. But, it was Sunday all day. By the time I got to Sunday, I was so overwhelmingly tired and those synapses that are supposed to connect between the brain and the hands just quit working. To top it off, I sat right in front of Franklin and Jon, [Franklin, of course, is one of the knit-blog worlds icons],who I'm sure think I'm one of the lacking-skill-set knitters who just couldn't cut it/ shouldn't be there in that class. Truly, I just kept making stupid silly dumb mistakes. Like mentally adding the purled seam stitches to the knitting, in addition to the chart, when they were already on the chart. Beth is lovely and warm and gracious as well as knowledgeable and able to convey the concepts and skills very clearly, and I would recommend her class and her book to anyone. I will knit one of the ganseys, this fall or winter, we'll have to see.

more to come. I can't write this all in one day.
but, as promised, the unsolicited ad:

my plug for this yarn, I just love it!

Owner: Francine and Michelle Ruiteremail:
World Wide Web:
Rovings is a small specialty mill. We process, dye and spin our wool yarns. We are breed specific using only Polwarth and Polwarth/LeicesterX wools. We are the sole N. American importers for this wool from Australia. Our yarns are dyed and spun in multiple colours giving a very rich colour palette. We have a the moment 5 yarn weights, cobweb, singles at 300 m/25 grams, laceweight, 2 ply at 150m/25grams, Fingering or finer 2 ply at 300m/100grams, Sportweight 2ply at 225m/100grams and a soft chunky at 165m/100grams. Other size yarns available in Polwarth or Polwarth/LeicesterX only upon request.


Marina said...

I saw that! Are you going to knit two Elizabeths or just change of yarn?

What? What are you going to do with your Bohus book? I like the Dale book.

Sounds like you guys had a great time. I need to lose some weight or else I'm not going to stand next to Kim ;-)

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

Marji- Too bad I missed you at SMW- but it sounds like you had a great, and certainly educational trip.
Maybe next time- how cool would that be to meet some fellow knitbloggers?

KSD said...

Welcome back! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful adventures; I am jealous!

AR said...

Yay! Sounds like a great time. Looks like it, too. Nice pics.

Elizabeth said...

One of these years I'll make it to Stitches.

I am glad you frogged your Tempting. Better to just chalk that one up as a learning experience than to soldier on with a garment you don't like.

Franklin says you are very nice. Actually, he gave you two "verys".

Carrie K said...

Oh, you did good at Stitches. The classes sound great. See? Elizabeth said Franklin said you were very, very nice. Just nothing about your knitting skillz ;)