Tuesday, August 22, 2006

best and least fav yarns

a meme of sorts, borrowed and then amended, from Jennifer

my 10 favorite yarns: (sometimes whatever I happen to be knitting with at the time)
  1. the Polwarth wool and silk blend I'm knitting Liz with right now. LOVE this stuff. from Rovings
  2. Classic Elite Inca Alpaca
  3. Blue Sky alpaca silk
  4. mercerized cotton - right now I'm knitting with the old Classic Elite Newport cotton, lovely stuff (discontinued). I also really like the 4 ply cottons that have so many plies - I know, I'm crazy, but I do like the cottons. love Karabella Zodiac too - color selection is gorgeous.
  5. Plymouth Royal Bamboo - lovely sheen and drape - a bear to knit with though as there is NO margin for mistakes.
  6. Karabella Aurora 8
  7. Manos del Uruguay stria cotton - like buttah
  8. the old Rowanspun 4 ply - discontinued
  9. E Lavold silky wool
  10. Jo Sharp silkroad aran

note: I've never knit with Jamiesons or J&S or some of the more traditional aran and gansey yarns. Or its been so long that I don't remember knitting with them

least favorite yarns

  1. Rowan Calmer
  2. Classic Elite le Gran mohair
  3. Noro Shinano (do not love most Noro yarns just because of the spin and twist
  4. most single ply bulky yarns. I just prefer yarns with plies and better definition

it'll be interesting to see how this list changes in the next year, as I work my way through some of my stash of yarns I've not worked with before.

what do you like/dislike? take this to your blog if you like


Anne said...

Oooh - fun - must remember to have a go at this sometime...

Marina said...

I will never get used to single ply yarn of any weight except maybe lace or fingering!

I will never get used to (brushed) mohair either. I don't care that the "halo" (fuzzy bits) is supposed to cover the "holes".

Mary, Mary... said...

I'm a mohair addict--as long as I don't have to frog it. Usually I knit it up with something else--cotton, for example, which works well in Texas(vs. wool). I find myself drawn to wool/silk/alpaca blends when on small needles. Liz is looking great--really, really good!

Carrie K said...

I frogged a turtleneck of La Gran mohair and made a shawl out of it. I love the shawl. Hated the turtleneck.

You know what amazes me? I can think of 10 yarns off the top of my head. I might do this tomorrow.

Liz said...

Great list. Can I ask what you use for your fair isle projects if not Jamieson's or a wool like that?

rebecca said...

I think I'm too boring for this question. I use the same yarns over and over, and the same types of yarns, and probably haven't used ten different yarns in the past decade. Sigh.

Jennifer said...

I've heard Silky wool is incredible. It's on sale at WEBS, not to enable you or anything. ;-)