Thursday, August 31, 2006

bottoms, fall silhouettes and what I think about them

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Yawn, ho hum, this is "Whats New"?

Click on this photo to see my comments on why these made the WTNT list

Love the cardi, but these pant legs are skinny skinny

Leggings? Leggings?

these my friends are woven fabric pants. How on earth did she get those legs over her feet. This is a silhouette that will look ok (not good mind you) on about 1% of the population.

You know what scares me most about leggings coming back? I wore them in the 80's, with long sweaters similar to this (isn't this sweater awesome?), and I know how comfy they are to put on, and wear around. I also know how bad (read awful, cringingly awful) they look on anyone with a few extra pounds, and I saw far too many overweight women at Stitches wearing them. I don't want to find myself putting them on because they are so wonderfully homey comfy, like jammies, and find myself looking cringingly awful, and going out of the house looking like that!

at the opposite end of the spectrum we have

This is a nice , less extreme version of the wide leg. Although I personally would raise this waistline a bit, I think that quite a few women could wear this silhouette and wear it well. Notice the lack of a fly front. Ladies with a little bit of belly, note that fly fronts do very little for your silhouette. We all wear them, but we would all do well to add several slacks that have side or back zips.

Contrary to Trinny and Susannah, I think this higher waist is far better on many women than the waistline that puts a strong horizontal line across a much wider section of the hips. I for one am ecstatic to see these!

Want to see my version of a great skirt wardrobe for fall? Click here


AR said...

The clothes might be horrid, but dang, I wish I had a belly like that again!

Michellers said...

Oooh, I love it when you critic fashion, Marji! One of these days--when I'm thinner again--I'm going to fly you out to LA for that shopping trip that didn't happen. Wouldn't that be fun?

KSD said...

Leggings. . . Oy. I know --- I "had" to buy Daughter half a dozen pair for starting school.

Nothing is truly new. I was wearing leggings and long sweaters when pregnant with Son. Been there.

Carrie K said...

I was just thinking the other day that those dreadful leggings, long T-shirts and Candies seem to have finally gone away and now this? Travesty.

I hate that low waistline and I really hate the pelvic bone grazing one. It's so...tacky.

Jae said...

I about fell over when a flyer for Ann Taylor the Loft arrived. It's center (and largest) photo ad was a bulky cable sweater over leggings. My first thought was great sweater and oh, no! not leggings!!

rebecca said...

Whata useful and knowledgeable post!
When my daughter worked at Abercrombie and Fitch, she bought one of their destroyed denim mini-skirts, as in the photo you included in the WNTW segment (at least they put it over tights!). It was about $89 before the employee discount. Her dad looked at it and offered a pair of his jeans, honestly destoyed in hard work on the tractor, and we made her one with a higher waistline and a bit longer -- for free. I am surprised that anyone is still offering this skirt -- I would have thought the shock value was used up a couple of years ago, and there is nothing else to recommend it.
But your recommended skirts are very nice.

Marina said...

Am I the only one who quite enjoyed wearing leggings and oversized tops? Heck, I still have most of my leggings ;-) Too bad I didn't keep my figure!

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

Marji- I felt the same "oh, no, not leggings". But they wear them under a skirt, I can just about tolerate that.
I think we should always wear what suits us, and that we feel comfortable in. Skinny Jeans would make me look like a balloon on a stick- not cool!

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

Marji, I think you're observations are accurate. However, I love leggings. Loved 'em in the 80's and love 'em now.

In response to your comments on this pic: (Love the cardi, but these pant legs are skinny skinny). I bought the pants the other day - I think they look great and now I want that sweater - where'd you find it?

I do understand the problem with leggings though on some people. I live in wisconsin - the cows would look better than some people wearing them. I think what you've been getting across in your emails are - wear what suits you, not just because they're the trends, but because you can look good in them.

Sahara said...

When I was younger, my mom didn't understand why I wore vintage clothes, although she secretly liked the fact that I wore 40's style suits to school ("she looks so neat").

She disliked the legggings and sweater look when I was in my twenties ("too provocative").

Most of the women I hear with a complaint are usually older. Young women want to look attractive to young men.

So what if it will fit only one percent of the population; it's not like we can't find anything fashionable for ourselves. It simply takes more effort.

If anything, this motivates me to bump up my excersize and eat better, than to live in "comfortable clothes" that allow me to continue my bad habits. My clothing will be just as comfortable, if I'm in good shape.