Wednesday, August 16, 2006

more on Stitches

So, if I were going to blog "in order" about the whole STitches experience, I would have to start with the Thurs AM presentation on Victorian Lace. The knit stoles and scarves were lovely. Jane Sowerby was there, and to hear what went into her research and how she developed the patterns from Victorian Ladies (beginning around 1840) Receipt books was fascinating. and If Rick-the-Dragon had just let her talk instead of trying to read a prepared speech that he'd obviously never looked at before taking the microphone it would have been perfect. Unfortunately, that was my introduction to Rick, and frankly, all I wanted him to do was shut up.

Victorian Lace Today
Jane is an accomplished woman. She did all her own research, having books and journals dug out from the archives in libraries. And what you may not get from the info in the book is that Jane spun most of the yarns that she knit the samples in as she was developing the patterns. The literature mostly calls for Rowan kidsilk haze, but the actual photos are of Jane's handspun yarns. Next glitch in the lace presentation for this event: the book isn't published yet! and while they gave everyone a brochure with photos and two patterns in it, they added the caveat that the pattern in the brochure is not a proofed pattern so don't try to knit it - in other words it contains errors. Wouldn't you Think they would proof a pattern for such a roll-out presentation? geeze!

However, I'm not very good at doing things in I'll really start with: What I came home to

A clean house. You would think this is a good thing right? I mean, 10 days before, I left an immaculately clean house, so it was nice to come home to a clean house. But, it is also immensely guilt inspiring. I mean, my dh works a lot. I have the luxury of being a woman of leisure. DSD #2, the youngest, lives with us full time and came home from Costa Rica while I was gone, so she was here too, and DSD #1, the eldest left for college the day I left, so we just traded one kid for another. Back to the clean house. Why should this inspire guilt? Because, as I've mentioned, I have the luxury of being 'retired', so I should be able to maintain this level of a clean house, no? However, all I've done since I got home is Knit. knit knit knit. (well, and grocery shop and make dinners)....but the house is rapidly sliding down that slippery slope to sloppiness, and it is all my slop. ugh. Better clean it all up today, finish unpacking, visit the dry cleaners and the laundry room, ... and do it all before going to my knitting group tonight. ;)
Oh, the other thing I came home to: an AARP registration packet and membership card, addressed to Moi. WTF? excuse me for that, but I'm having great difficulties thinking AARP already.

Meanwhile, Liz is progressing.
oh, and the Tempting II that is no more, I have enough Calmer, (in a color that I love, so I'll give it another go), to knit Bonnie Maries CeCe. Think I'll go order the pattern now and cart it with me to knitting tonight. I just can't be carting my white Liz all over the place.


Carrie K said...

Thank you for the b'day wishes! BFF stands for Best Friend Forever.

I see Richard Mondragon on Shay Pendray's Needlearts but Franklin has a hysterical record of last year's show of him.

You'd think they'd hand out a couple of the patterns that were proofed! They didn't just decide to do the Victorian Lace show, did they? Not that I know the work that goes into it.

Enjoy your clean house. Geez. Sans guilt for messing it up.

Marina said...

Now, tell us what you really think of Mondragon ;-) One of the reasons I don't subscribe to Knitter's is because of him!

Anyway, Chris is passing her Victorian Lace hand out onto me as I thought it looked interesting. Maybe I should just buy Gathering of lace?

Did you have to remind me about the laundry?

Jennifer said...

I can't even speak of a clean house. I've got a house guest coming in on Monday, and a parent luncheon for DS's preschool on Wednesday. My house is a disaster... Maybe you can send some clean house mojo my way? Please?

Brigitte said...

Heh, you should ask Lorraine what she thinks of Mondragon!

I think coming home to a clean house would be marvelous... I keep hoping the cats will hop to it, but it hasn't happened yet.

Jae said...

The Cece looks like lace so I may be biased. ;) I love the look of it. Does the gauge work up a little tighter than the Tempting? I do think that is what is needed to tame the wonky stitches of Calmer.

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

Hi Marji- Looks like you had a great time- and I'll definitely check out the book when it comes out.
BTW- I don't read Knitter's either.

Elizabeth said...

Coming home to a clean house would make me nervous. Unless I'm the one who cleaned it, because I would always wonder what was pitched in my absence.

Elizabeth said...

BTW, AARP no longer stands for Amer. Assoc. of Retired Persons (or whatever). Now it doesn't stand for anything. Just AARP. They don't want to be an old-people's organization! But you're still too young. Even though you had that milestone birthday. Still too young.