Thursday, August 03, 2006

Musings and a Clarification

so After the July recap, the August agenda:
  • finish Tempting out of this Rowan Calmer –I am not feeling the Calmer love, but the top is almost finished
  • Finish Calla - plymouth Royal Bamboo
    Finish the self patterning fair isle sock yarn baby cardi that was a gift from Kim
  • Finish the red cable cardi – old old classic elite cotton yarn, pattern by Karabella
  • Finish black alpaca silk cardi - Drops pattern
  • Really get started on Eliz I - Tudor Roses
  • Take my classes at Stitches Midwest

    LOL, must clarify I guess. Dh is worried because he’s afraid I’m ready to start pushing the issue of Grandchildren. ('cmon, I just turned youngest natural child is going to be 22 and my youngest stepdaughter is 17....we just got through a year with 3 in didn't honestly think I meant I wanted more kids did you?) But, I’ve been whining about the fact that by the time we do have G-children I don’t want to be off sailing on the other side of the world. Frankly, dh would be happy to be on the other side of the world and see grandkids once a year, like his grandparents saw him. I forsee that this may be an Issue.

    Blog surfing: found this on the Dress A Day blog July 28th entry. Her blog is too much fun, and if you are a PR fan or just love dresses, you really should check her out. Meanwhile, this is undoubtedly the most ingenious, if not the most wearable dress I've ever seen. Christin, did you get to see this in person?

click on the standing pic of the dress to read the article about the designer and her shop in Seattle.

Wardrobe refashioning, building: Rebecca (Fibermom) has posted yarn and fabric pics, very well coordinated I might add, along with the outline for SWAP. Another give and receive exchange you are thinking? Non, mes amies, SWAP is an anacronym for Sewing With A Plan. I'm liking it. Last year I did a really really thorough closet cleaning. BAsically cleaned myself right out. I have 1, read that as One, pair of pants left to take me into fall that I did not dispose of, two jackets that I will wear, and several sweaters, tops. Zip, zero, zilch on the skirt and dress end of things, nothing. This was to force myself to replace and make new. I have fabric - whoa do I have fabric. Look in the coming weeks for my own version of a Plan. A sales manager I had once used to sing the refrain "Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan". Man how we hated that refrain. But in this case, I'm thinking it's a great idea.


AR said...

Wow that dress is beautiful! How neat.

Jennifer said...

Wait until your DH has a grandchild. My dad didn't think it'd matter to see them all the time. Now, he'd live in my house on the weekend if I'd let him. :-)

Carrie K said...

From what I hear, grandkids are the real reason to have kids.

Plan your work and work your plan???? Ye gads. That sounds so peppy & productive.

Carrie K said...

Oh, and nice dress! I love seeing what designers dream up.

Bonne Marie said...

Wow - I was sailing right along through your list and fell right over when I read STITCHES! OMG - it's on us! I took classes last year and they were wonderful...

Stay cool, m'lady - I hope the heat breaks soon.

rebecca said...

Lady E is gorgeous -- the colors are stunning. We can encourage one another through our SWAPs. Your WIPs list is exciting. I can't figure out what PR is, as in "If you are a PR fan..." I really like Dress a Day. And I never answered your book question. Not that my answer is interesting -- I'm just a fast reader. About three books a week; some take longer than others, but it averages out that way. I realize that this is a list of disconnected remarks, but it's been a long day.

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

Yes, this is our friend, Marji, the organizational queen.

Great Plan! Inspriring infact, as I quickly ditcted the idea of starting a project I wanted to and started a game plan for finishing the other half of wips before stitches. Although I must have a great project to work on while there, so we'll see what happens.

I didn't see Swatches on your August list. Again, you could be being an overachiever or you simply forgot them like the rest of us.

Grandparents job are great - spoil them, be their heroes and when you're too tired hand them back. Souds like the real reaons for having kids.

From what I know of you, I would say that whatever you choose to do in your life, you succeed. And not only hit the ball, but make it fun and you learn, and people are drawn to you for your success.

Brigitte said...

Yeah, I never felt the Calmer love either... I'm looking forward to seeing Eliz I... I have her yarn stashed and ready to go, I'm looking forward to starting her and it'll be nice to see someone else working on her as well. What are you working her in?

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

Marji- Don't mention Stiches- I am trying to talk myself out of going.

Terri said...

I am drooling over your loom. I'm taking my first weaving class at the end of September. We'll be making a Tartan. Have fun next week at Stitches Midwest and hope you like Beth Brown-Reinsel's class. Now back to drooling over your loom.

Dipsy D. said...

Gosh, this dress rocks big time! I don't have an idea whatsoever how or where or when one could wear it, but it looks absolutely fantastic nonetheless!