Monday, August 21, 2006

My button and Heading

A week before my blogiversarry and guess what I finally have?!
Many thanks to Jae, who not only has photo-editing software, but knows how to use it. ;)
She played with several of my sailing photos and yarn photos to come up with the button and header you see. What you can't know from just looking at the button: The photo was taken while dh and I were sailing on Lake Charlevoix in northern Michigan a summer ago, and the yarn is the Lake Charlevoix colorway of Gems Opal that Jae gifted me with a month or so back. So, if you put buttons on your blog on your sidebar please go ahead and take this one (save to your own server yada...).

Progress on Liz

I've run through my first of 4 sk of yarn, and I'm afraid I'm going to have to order another from those wonderful folks at Rovings.
I'm thinking the sleeves are each going to take as much as the back and the front, given that the schematic looks like there is about the same amount of area. and there is a yoke still to knit. Now, if I don't order more yarn, I will def run out. If I do order more, I'll end up not needing it. I'd better order it though.
So, this is what a week of fairly knitting with intent yields me. I only knit once on another project last week, and that, believe it or not, was the Debbie Bliss ruffle cardi that I brought out of hibernation. Will wonders never cease? Notice if you will, the hibernation category of projects in process (on the sidebar) is completely gone.


Marina said...

Lucky you! The banner & button are lovely. That Jae has many talents.

Aww, live dangerously ;-) You know "they" say that both sleeves usually make up just a third of the garment!

By the way, she's gorgeous!

Carrie K said...

The banner & button are beautiful!

Wow, you're really trucking on Liz! Is she taking more yarn that stated in the pattern?

Mia said...

Hi Marji! Well done understanding Swedish ;-)
You were right, I get to go to workshops with all of these people. The Elsebeth Lavold one is for free, even! How cool is that?

You're ahead of me now with Elizabeth, it looks great!

Elizabeth said...

It's looking great!

Funny that old law about yarn. Don't order it, you need it; order it, and you won't.

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

Hi Marji- I was reading your previous post, our one year blog anniversary's are close- congratulations- hasn't it been fun?
Your Liz is spectacular- p.s. I would order the yarn.

Jennifer said...

I love your banner!

Definitely order the yarn. It's always better to have more than you need.

AR said...

Great idea for your banner!! Too much is always better than not enough. Plus, you'll really need it to stay warm at the Soo. It's cold up there!

lynne said...

Marji...where do I find the pattern for that awesome cream-colored sweater?

DeeAnn said...

I love the banner and the button, how wonderful! Jae is indeed a talented lady :)

Dipsy D. said...

I can't believe how pretty Liz already looks, you're doing an amzing job with this project and mind you, I can't wait to see it once it's all blocked and finished!
I so love your new header, it's fantastic and makes me dream of summer, sun, ocean... Just perfect!

lorinda said...

Love the button and love Liz!