Monday, August 28, 2006

progress and partytime

Progress on Liz, another skein down.
Liz 8.27.06

Last Thursday and Friday I spent at Sharron's. We laid out the handwoven fabric, cut, serged, then mounted onto and cut the charmeuse, for 2 Chanel Style jackets.
cutting the handwoven
cut cut cut,

mounting the fabric to the charmeuse

Now for the fun stuff:

It's my blogging anniversary, and I promised a party and some gifties to my friends out there in blog land.

so, take the quiz above and if anyone manages to get 10 out of 10, she will win a custom made needle case - of her own choosing, from what is going into the Etsy shop. If more than one of you get 10 out of 10 (and this is going to require some guesswork on everyone's part) , then I'll do the random draw out of a hat thing. If you are like some of my friends who read here but don't knit (Michellers, Nanci, Roxane) if you win I'll send along a Borders or Barnes and Noble GC) (I'll tabulate the quiz results next Sunday and post who wins prizes)

note as an aside, I finally have a number of them (the needle cases) done and am taking them up to a LYS where the lovely owner has expressed some interest in seeing them (she saw one prototype) , then the rest will go into the Etsy shop. Pics to come, although if you want to see one and haven't, I've already made and sent out one to Melanie and one to Laine as part of exchanges.

  • If you've hosted a KAL or exchange, and I have your snail mail addy I'll send you something soon. If I don't have your addy, you need to send it to me. In the last year I've participated (not always successfully) in Knit the Classics, Colchique along, Stashalong, USMP along, Sexy Knitters along, Sew REtro along, Project colorswap, ISE scarf exchange, SP7, Vacation Swap, and am now hosting the Tudor Roses KAL. There are probably a few I forgot too.
  • If you are part of Sew Retro and want one of my pincushions, Email me at mlweaving at earthlink dot net and I'll send one to the first 2 people I get emails from (be sure to include your address)

  • If you are part of Knit the Classics, If you have means to play cassette tapes, and If you would like the full taped set of The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood, unabridged, play time approx 18 hours, email me with your address. This set has been listened to once. It is fabulous, It was nominated although not selected for the September read, and I would be keeping it to listen to again if I had means anymore to listen to tapes. I'll send it to the first member of KTC that asks for it.
  • if you were part of ISE, are part of the next ISE or just would like to knit a scarf, email me and I'll give away one scarf kit to make one of these, your choice of color on what I have - I have some colors that aren't pictured here.

Thanks to all who check in here, and to those who leave me comments thank-you. I've enjoyed this past year getting to know so many creative wonderful people, and look forward to another, maybe more productive year knitting more challenging projects although maybe fewer overall projects.

And, finally, as a postscript: Some of you know what my dh's favorite line is when he walks into the room and I'm knitting. Post it in the comments, and you'll get entered to win a suprise prize. Newsflash: my youngest son has started in on a variation of that same line.


Brigitte said...

Hi Marji... Well, I'm a recent reader, so I won't be able to respond on most - however, I believe your DH's comment is "That's not my hat!"...


(Liz looks great, by the way.)

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

Now, I do know the comment you're husband makes is ..."Is that my hat?" or something along those lines. BTW, did you knit his hat yet?

Elizabeth said...

Ignore my higher score. I retried with my other email address. There were a few questions I had narrowed down to two choices and guessed wrong from the two.

Word to the wise: REMEMBER the correct number from the first question. It will help you with a few that follow.

Marina said...

Sorry, Marji, I really tried but the kids walked in halfway!

The jackets are going to look fantastic!

And congrats on your first year!

Katrina said...

I didn't do very well on your quiz, but it was fun anyway.

Regarding your comments on my blog about the drops cardigan, I'd love to do a mini KAL for it just to keep me accountable. My head is turned so easily by new projects...

Jae said...

Umm, he says "is that my hat?" or "why isn't that my hat?" ;)

Happy Blogiversary!!

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

Hi Marji- Big congratulations on your blogiversary- hasn't it been fun?
Liz looks amazing- and I really like the fabric you chose for the jacket- my, my, so talented!

tatjana said...

Hi Marji! Happy Blogiversary! Your Liz is looking über fabulous I must say, and I look forward to more of your blogging :)

Jennifer said...

Happy Blogiversary!

I hosted the vacation swap but am unsure if you have my address...

I'm off to take the quiz!

AR said...

Liz is gorgeous! I was failing your quiz, when I had to leave the computer suddenly! I didn't even get to leave a comment last night. Happy Blogiversary to you!!

rebecca said...

I can tell by the way you cut that you are a far better seamstress than I. I will study the photos in hopes of learning.
I really enjoyed The Blind Assassin. I'm looking forward to The Time Traveller's Wife, too -- we have for some time been reading things I've read before, but this one is new to me.

teabird17 said...

Whomever wins your needle case is in for a treat - mine is utterly beautiful, and almost too luxurious for the needles I use to knit mediocre things...

I would think dh would say "is that my hat?"

Congratulations on the blogiversary!

DeeAnn said...

Happy belated blogversary!

I so can't wait to see those jackets, your weaving is truly gorgeous.