Tuesday, September 12, 2006

B'day Greetings to my bro

Lorraine has declared that Knitting Season has begun. When I get off sleeve island, and then finishing row, I'll see if there is any of the 'season' left.
First and foremost, proof that there has indeed again been progress on sleeve island. Slow, interrupted progress, but progress nonetheless.

So, this past weekend we went to Columbia MO so that dh could ride in the MS150 bicycle tour. (He did his first ever Century - 100 mile ride, on Saturday). This is normally something I would have ridden in too, except that I've been having issues this year - right now it's asthma, but its been one thing after another since spring, so I didn't plan to ride. I planned to work on the sleeves for Liz. hmph! best laid plans and all that.
I looked up Hillcreek Fiber Studio Saturday morning, not looking forward to spending a day in a Ramada Inn that was slated to close forever on Sunday afternoon, therefore it was in pretty decrepid condition. Turns out the store was literally within walking distance of the Ramada. So, I wandered over and was served blessed coffee by Joan, who was in the shop early to teach crochet to Vicky. Bex, (the daughter of Carol Leigh who is the founder of Hillcreek Fiber studios) who is the manager of the knit store got in a little later, to teach a class, that I decided on a whim to take. Marina, you're gonna not believe this - actually, many of you are not gonna believe this, but Marina may shoot me. I took a class.
Using this as a kit. Didn't get very far on it either. But now that I've got it, it's gotta find it's way to completion this month too. Dang! Care to take a guess? not particularly hard.
They were lovely, let me hang out most of the day, and they have an incredible library of books as well as some beautiful yarns that you just don't see everywhere. The Oak Grove boucles are fabulous. I used some in the Chanel jacket woven fabric that just came off my loom. It's pricey stuff, so you would really want to use it judiciously, but it is gorgeous.

I scored two out of print pocket books. I've checked these out of the library here several times. There is some good stuff in these.

This book is my indulgence from Last week. Good thing too, since I've been lusting after it for awhile, and bought the last copy Nancy had. I found out from Bex that it is now OOP. The mittens in it really are magnificent. Who wants mittens for Christmas?
another indulgence?
shoes. I just bought these this AM - saw the real thing yesterday at the Cole Haan store here in St Louis, but they didn't have any sizes left - so I ordered online. I love heels, I wear heels. Makes me taller.

Answers to last post questions:
  • the cardi is a Karabella pattern and was actually on my list of things to knit this year. I cast that one on while we were on our cruise in the Carribean last New Years. knit the body and put it away. Time to finish it.
  • Lorraine, I'm all over it. Shall we say, dinner cocktails at 6:00, dinner at 7:30? Actually, the pic in my profile was taken while I was cooking, (along with Michellers) for a bunch of GF's at Kims place out in Tahoe last July. There were about 20 of us I think.
  • Thanks for the well wishes for Joey. but I'm not doing any more "he is doing well" updates. Even as I wrote that he was being admitted to the hospital with a high fever. I believe he was released last night, that was the plan last I talked to my sis, but prayers are appreciated.
  • Tatjana, the Jamaican Jerk rub I make is a derivation of a recipe by Jay McCarthy, who really knows what he is talking about, but you can find a zillion recipes by googling both jamaican jerk seasoning, and jamaican jerk rub
  • And thanks for the compliments on the herb pots, but they are really the doing of my very green thumbed hubby. my thumb is brown. He grows them, I cook with them. Keeps things in balance around here.

And finally! tada, I've finished reading Lyre of Orpheus by Robertson Davies. He is a Canadian writer who is joining my growing list of favorite Canadians. He writes with intelligence and humor. I really do recommend it. Especially if you can stay awake to read more than a few sentences at a time. Now I'm delving back into Time Travellers Wife (thank you Michelle). On the listening side of things, I'm 27 hours (out of 30) into Helen of Troy by Margaret George. Its good. Long, but good. If I were reading it though, I'm not sure that I wouldn't have put it down already. Surely she didn't need 1000 pages to tell the story of Helen, Menaleaus and Paris.

Finally, Happy Birthday Jon, my baby bro who is 35? today

ETA: It's Fashion Week in NY this week, for Spring '07 collections. I'm in heaven.... Have you looked at the
  • Oscar de la Renta
  • collection?
  • Diane von Furstenberg?
  • Carolina Herrara? floral prints everywhere. Color. Some of the silhouettes are a bit on the very youthful side, at least from my point of view - but hey, my POV is aging, so what can I say?


    Jennifer said...

    Happy birthday to your brother, and those are some fab shoes. :-)

    AR said...

    Prayers are being sent.

    Hillcreek Fiber Studio sounds like a nice place to go. I love the yarn "take out". That's what it looks like to me. Cute shoes. I've been seeing some really ugly ones, lately, but those are cute.
    And--Happy B-day to your bro. I'm a September baby, too!

    Donni said...

    Marji! More books? I think you need them like I do!......but I love the mitten book - tres cool.

    Project runway (2) is finishing next week - I thought it was done and googled it so I know what is going to happen but I love watching it!


    Nanci said...

    All the best people were born today in the early 1970s :-)

    Becky said...

    I hope you get off sleeve island soon. You are a brave woman to make so many large projects.

    Marina said...

    Missy, get your but* back on sleeve island! Come on, you can do the second Elizabeth sleeve before going AWOL. You know you'll feel better if you do!

    Hmm, looks like sock yarn next to the take out container? And "fake" Fair Isle in the container! You know, the type where you use a solid with a handpainted yarn. If I were doing mittens, gloves or some other small item, I would use that method ;-)

    Brigitte said...

    Marina cracks me up! I'm on sleeve island with Ophelia, so I'm fully understanding your wanting to deviate just a little bit.

    I *love* those shoes...

    Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

    Hi Marji- Tons of stuff going on in your life... I can't keep up with you guys.
    I'm a birkenstock/blundstone girl myself- but I really admire the high heels- how do they compare to sperry topsiders on the boat?

    tatjana said...

    Thanks for the recipe, I'll try it out this weekend if I have time to get downtown and hunt for peppers. Most Germans are spice-o-phobic, so there's no way I'm finding Scotch Bonnets in any regular store LOL. I've wanted to say something before, but so you know my prayers are with Joey...I find it hard to mention it because just the thought of him makes my eyes well up. Lots of happy glowing thoughts for all of you going through this with him, you're so brave!

    Carrie K said...

    Happy Birthday, Jon! My baby bro is older than your baby bro. [weeps softly]. In fact, I think my baby bro is older than I am.

    I love Robertson Davies! My sis in law lent me some of his books.

    Magnificent Mittens are OOP? Darn.

    Christin said...

    I *love* the shoes Marji. I really think Cole Haan shoes are often overlooked, which I don't really understand. The styles are hot, and the heels are extremely comfortable when compared to others of the same height.