Friday, September 01, 2006

bottoms, take 2, the short of it

Gauchos are back! I've always liked them. I will include some in this years plan. IMO the longer version works best for me, but the shorter works too

The Cropped Pant
So, I'm a tough cookie to satisfy. I complain that there isnt' much new, but when there is something new, I wonder what they were thinking. go figure.

Of the cropped pants showing up everywhere in the stores, these two get my vote as most wearable silhouette (not by me mind you, but I won't cringe when I see it walking down the street towards me. The below the knee, slightly straighter / fuller leg works.

These three just look like they took a pair of straight legs or flares and Cut them off. Is there anything in the proportion of the first pic that works? The matching tights help, but still, ugh. My objection to the second? Think about it. This is on a model (size 2, virtually no hips), and it looks like she's hippy. What will that do to Ms normal Woman who does indeed have hips? But this last one, IMO takes the prize for worst of the lot, proportion-wise. WWTT?

Cropped Denim

DKNY - ok look but oh so last year, and it was cutting edge the year before that
Middle, almost a gaucho, ok I guess.

But this last one. Marc Ware is the designer whose name is on them, and Marc, I gotta tell you, if you set out to make a dowdy looking pant - you succeeded with flying colors! Christin, I'll give it to you, this absolutely takes the cake on how bad a high waist can look. WTH? too high waisted, too long, and Dowdy!.

to add to yesterdays bottom story;

This is about as narrow as I can and will go. For me! In fact these are pretty classy pants. (They're Armani, what would I expect other than impeccable?).
But as regards yesterdays narrow pant silhouettes? I drew all those X's through those pics when I was working on my own story board. I'm hippy. My thighs are wider yet than my hips. Narrow legs are not a good silhouette for me. I don't think Extreme narrow legs are good on much of anyone, but for those whose shoulders balance out the hips, Narrow works. I get it.

those fabulous mid-thigh cabled sweaters coming out - they require leggings. I lived in leggings in the 80's. They will look fabulous on the young and the slim and fit. But as I wrote to Marina this morning, I saw enough stretch pants stretched over wide cellulite ridden bottoms and thighs at Stitches to give me long pause before I consider showing that side of me to the world.
If I get back down under 160 (shush, I weigh a lot, I know) I will probably consider getting a pair, and wearing some of those awesome long cabled sweaters again. Until then, I will try on, in the presence of my good friend Sharron who will tell me honestly whether or not the look is pure beached whale or not, I will try on some of the longer tunic length sweaters over Narrow skirts, or longer narrower gauchos. If they don't work, so be it.


Jennifer said...

I'm dreading the gaucho, cropped pant return. I'm dreading the leggings too. I inherited slightly bowed legs from my dad, and cropped pants and leggings just accentuate it. Ugh.

AR said...

I love gauchos. Leggins aren't happening here, unless it's under a long dress on a really cold day! When I saw Marc Ware's design, I thought, my mom likes those. She's 74. How about shoes?

tatjana said...

I kinda like the leggings because I wear them under things in winter sometimes and are a lot more comfy than nylons. But I never wear anything short, so I bet no one would notice anyway ;)

kt said...

Hey! Thanks for the Frog-Along comment-glad you set us a good example with your early unraveling.

In the third group of photos on this post (sixth photo with model in plaid jacket and frilly cuffs), seems to me she's just gotten into Mommy's shoes. Oy! Such a look!

rebecca said...

I'll tell you frankly, almost no one looks good from the back in those knitted gauchos you see all over. Even the very thin, the very young, or the lushly fit. It just doesn't seem to be a flattering shape. I guess the problem is the lack of a good back view in the fitting room.

DeeAnn said...

Wow, you are such the fashionista!

Christin said...

Love the gauchos, I find them really flattering with a nice tall boot. I am with Rebecca on the jersey gauchos that were popular last spring. Not flattering on anyone! They are actually one of my DH's fashion pet peeves (he has a lot of them.)

I like the leggings under a mini or dress - nothing short enough to show cellulite. Even then, I think it is a really "young" look.

BTW, I'm looking for a knitting pattern for a long, thick cabled cardi with a belted waist if you've seen anything like that.