Monday, September 18, 2006

It's September, It's Monday, it feels more like the beginning of the year than January doesn't it?

OK, I know that most of you who read my blog aren't nearly as obsessed as I am with the reality show that pits 13 designers against each other in a season, and through a series of elimination challenges come down to the top 4 who get to show a collection in the Tents at Bryant Park in NY during Fashion Week. For anyone involved in the fashion business, or who wants to be, this is a BIG deal. Not like eating spiders or worms on some other reality shows. Anyway, I know that my obsession is shared by many who follow Project Runway, but not necessarily followed by many who are my blogging friends, so I will let off the PR chat for awhile. I got carried away. I know.
Meanwhile, progress on sleeve island. I am going to be able to cast on the second sleeve today on Liz. Remember that I said if I don't order another skein of that Rovings yarn, I would for sure run out and be in a pickle, but that if I did order it, there was a good chance I wouldn't need it? Well, it's going to be close. I ordered the yarn, it came, $8 shipping - ouch! I don't blame the people at Rovings, it's coming from a place in Northern Canada and I'm sure she's not making $ on the shipping....but if I use any of it, it's going to be just a very little. So, what will I do with an extra 300+/- yards of Polwarth wool/silk that knits on a 3mm needle? It's an expensive extra skein, so I really will need to do something with it (says she of the ginormous stash downstairs).

Reading: Since the Summer Reading challenge ended I've been booking on the reading. Go Figure. I finally finished Lyre of Orpheus - finally! and since then I've read
Sacred Time by Ursula Hegi. I'll start out by saying I've loved the novels that I've read previously by Hegi. Her portrayals of life in WWII Germany are compelling. But this is an entirely different story, and I'm not sure that it worked so well. Another reviewer that I just glanced at titled their review "fear, recrimination, remorse intertwine"....and I'll add, in the supreme example of a dysfunctional family. Fast read, but I can't wholeheartedly recommend it.
The Time Travellers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger - lots of discussion on this one over at Knit the Classics. I did like it better reading it the second time. It's called really being able to suspend your disbelief. I'm still a little troubled though by the whole predestination thing between Clare and Henry, and the fact that she is still sitting waiting for him when she is in her 80's.
and am currently reading
Fingersmith by Sarah Waters - if you like Victorian Era novels with dark twists and turns, you'll love this. I got up in the middle of the night last night to read through to the end of the first section.
I finished listening to
Helen of Troy - by Margaret George. at 1/2 the length it would have been great. at 30 hours of play time, it became almost a chore to get to the end of it. Still, a great look at Helen and Paris and Menalaeus.
Currently listening to
The Book of Fate - link on the sidebar. I just started this - so jury is still out. I'm ready for something contemporary though.

New discoveries:
Robyn has a design from Norske Strikkedesign on the needles, and it is stunning. Everytime I see someone knitting something from this book I just want it more. Robyn posted on the Beadwork KAL so I went over to look at her blog. I don't have the pattern at this point for Beadwork, and I have Soooo many other projects in the queue and on the needles that it is not feasible at this time, but I'm a lurker over there anyway.

I'm so excited! A sewing blog that is really and truly about sewing. I've put their link on my sidebar so it'll always be there now, but you can find them at The Sewing Divas. Tatjana and Rebecca, I know you'll want to take a peek for sure.
I know this is primarily a Knit Blog - or has been. Truth is, I haven't found that much out there in terms of a sewing blogging community. Evidently though, there is another PR, not Project Runway (oh yeah, I'm not talking about that right now) but Pattern Review. I've googled things before and been taken to a PR single review of a pattern, but I had no idea that it was a cohesive huge site, with members and info and all sorts of stuff. However, it seems there has been a brouhaha over there lately, so I'll just stick to my blogging and reading blogs. Anyway, I am so excited to find a group blog and several of the members have individual blogs where they chronicle their sewing. And these women know what they are doing. What a pleasure to read and bop around in.

So, I'm debating about blogging my sewing. About a year ago I took inventory of all my Unfinished Kintting projects - some of them were decades old. I came clean, so to speak, by blogging about it, and got current with my knitting. I have only one project that is still sitting on the fence, that cotton top that buttons up the back - white cotton cable that I have to decide whether to finish or not. It has such an 80's feel - I guess that I will finish it for next summer - 80's are coming back in a big way...hmmmmm

Anyway, Tatjana said in a comment that by showing my Unfinished project down on my sewing table last post, I made her feel better about what she's got going, but she thought I might be finished before her. Maybe on that one project, but not bloody likely on the whole.
I've been kicking around in my head for awhile pulling out all the in-progress sewing, cataloguing, determining relevancy, and deciding what to finish, what to toss, and basically coming clean there. The problem is, it is such an overwhelming task, compared to my knitting from last year. Last years umpteen projects in knitting were nothing compared to what is lurking in bins and drawers and bags in the sewing room. Thing is, as Brigitte stated this week, blogging about a project sure does provide impetus to do something with it. Not to mention all you lovely folks who keep us on our toes.
This is what I finished yesterday, while in the midst of finally working on cleaning up my sewing room again.
skirt finished 9.17.06
Since I resigned from doing some design work for a client for litugical dancewear, I've been sort of paralyzed by the mess my sewing room had become. I guess I need organization to work.
Anyway, the jury is still out in my mind about the posting of the sewing project debacle.
What do you think? Are you interested?


AR said...

Cute skirt! I say blog about whatever you want, it's your blog. I'll still read it!
That top looks like one I had in 86 or something. I like it. I might as well learn a little something about fashion. I think my Little Diva is going to be a fashion-something when she grows up. She loves fashion!!

Marina said...

While it's your blog and you should do what you want, if sewing takes over, in your shoes, I would begin a sewing blog!

The skirt is lovely!

lorinda said...

I think your sewing blog would be great. Or you be the next contestant on PR. You'd kick their diva-ish tushes.

Elizabeth said...

I love to see what you're sewing! and weaving! and knitting! Show it all!

One thing about that 80s top, those armholes will give the world a good view of your bosom. I remember one of my friends in a hand-knit oversize 80s summer top, leaning forward, and I could see right through, across her breasts, and out the other side.

Becky said...

I love the variety on you blog. I'm even thinking about doing some sewing myself after seeing your creations. The skirt is great.

Many of us have diverse interests; we'll find something we like in what you share. :)

Paula said...

The 80's was such a great decade for fashion! That sweater will look great! Nice yarn.
Your skirt looks really great!

Jennifer said...

Blog about whatever you want! I'm interested. I'm actually finding that my blog reading is becoming more about liking the people who are writing than seeing all their knitting. I'm interested in whatever you're working on!

patsijean said...

PRev (Pattern Review) as opposed to PRun. PRev is an excellent board for pattern, book, machine, notion, website reviews and their Tips and Techniques section is huge. I get the PRev Newsletter every evening after 11:00 (yes, I often stay up to go through the day's list of reviews).
The Brewhaha has something to do with posting advertising and politics. I am not involved, nor should I be. Go ahead and visit Pattern Review; you will find it a wealth of information.

Jae said...

As you know, I knit. That's all I do. But I appreciate your fashion sense and your sewing projects. Even though I haven't used the info to start sewing, I have often left your blog smarter about my knitting. Adding sewing to your blog posts would, in my humble opinion, be allowing yourself to meet a new group of people with similar interests while letting those of us who already know you, get to know you better.

Carrie K said...

Yes, I'd love to see your sewing project "debacle(s)." Maybe I'll finish some of my sewing UFO's.

Sewing, knitting, beading, weaving, spinning, dyeing, I like to read about them all and see what everyone is doing.

Too much Project Runway? No way. I'm obsessed now. I think I should Netflix the last couple of seasons.

Donni said...

Hey! It's your blog and you can sew if you want to.....I was just thinking this morning of my blog - and how spinning and weaving seem to have disappeared for the moment....but you know - you do what you do and I love watching all your adventures.

I too, am a Project Runway goon - BUT can you believe I forgot to watch the final (season 2)! I AM ROPEABLE. So in a couple of weeks when/if PRun3 starts I will be raving about it too - then you can stalk me with insider info.

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

Marji- I agree with Jae- blog about your interests, and people will find you. That's not to say that knitters won't be interested, because you are passionate about whatever project you're doing, and that's why we like you so much!

tatjana said...

Personally, I love blogs that multi-craft. I try to my self, and often learn alot from others who do things I haven't tried yet. And anyway, I find knowing how to sew has made me a much better knitter than I would be otherwise. Making up patterns is like second nature, because I already know how garments are put together. Also, the only thing wrong with you blogging about PRun is I don't get it here :P So if you don't tell me what's going on, who will? lol ;)

rebecca said...

I'm with the majority on the multi-crafting. I know from experience that I can't be counted on to keep up with multiple blogs, so I hope you won't divide the sewing from the knitting. Great skirt! I found your flickr tutorials very helpful, BTW. I may finish that jacket of mine this weekend.
I still don't know what Project Runway is, though I am piecing together the clues from your blog.
And maybe you could rework the 80s top to make it more current?