Friday, September 01, 2006

knitting content, for a change

I've gotten so caught up in fashion and silhouettes this week, that I almost forgot to update my Knitting Blog with the end of August Knitting.

a 5x15" strip for the WTW blanket over at Knit the Classics that Amanda will be putting together again. and (this was done at Stitches but I never got a pic of it) another 5x5 sq for Warming Grace. If you want to knit fair isle with cotton, this Manos Stria is wonderful cotton to use.
Lizzie Update - Front and Back complete
you can see the difference in the spacing on the darts between the front and the back. The front I probably moved too close together, but when I hold it up they are ok, and infinitely more attractive than the wider spacing of the back darts.
So, in September, my Plan (ah yes, I have to have one of those) is to maroon myself on Sleeve Island. I have sleeves to knit for
  1. Liz
  2. the (Neglected) red cotton cardi
  3. the Sockotta baby cardi
  4. the black alpaca silk Drops cardi

Meanwhile, I really really want to cast on for one if not both of the Starmore Arans I want to knit this fall - one for dh and one for ds#1, and I'd better cast on for 2 double knit hats. Yes, ds#2 has started singing a similar refrain as dh - only it goes like this "am I ever going to get my hat?"

Once I get the two hats done, and have built myself a raft to get off sleeve island, Then I can move on.

if I start to swim off, feel free to remind me....sleeve island is the order of the day. Now I really must get off the computer so that I can get something done.


Marina said...

Well, I'm joining you on sleeve island. I have six of them to do which will take me at six weeks. Don't let me start on the Leo Tunic until I at least complete four!

Carrie K said...

Sleeve Island, Sleeve Island! I need to get there by the end of Sept. Leave provisions.

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

Yes Marji- We've all been to sleeve island- stuck in the lagoon!
Some stay longer than others. But it can be surprisingly crowded!

Jae said...

No sleeves for me, so I'll parole the harbor to keep the prisoners, I mean, the dutiful knitters from escaping.

Liz is looking great! Can't wait to see it all put together.

Jennifer said...

Make sure you pack some wine for trip to sleeve island! Or chocolate if you prefer, or both. :-)

Bonne Marie said...

Get thee and thy gear to the Island, stat!

I can't wait to see the finished LIZ!

teabird17 said...

What a beautiful blanket strip!

rebecca said...

That Lizzie is lovely.

DeeAnn said...

Gorgeousness! I can't wait to try fair isle sleeves personally but then again, I'm weird that way ;)

So I couldn't find it, which two AS arans are you contemplating??

Juls said...

love the darts. I toyed with them once when I knit the Little Black Top from SnB and found them attractive. Of course, I scrapped the project since I hated knitting with black yarn and never got to enjoy the darts!