Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Needle cases up, and who won party presents

Deux-Amies Accessories
I did it! I finished 6 needle cases and actually got them online. They are not in an Etsy shop yet.
But they did rate their own blog, so that I could separate the pictures and keep them straight. Click on the title Deux-amies and it'll take you to the new blog. As soon as I can manage it, (or Bribe Jae) I'll have a button for it, and if you would like to like it to your blog, then, bless you and thank you!

First, Marina, as winner of the blog-iversary quiz, must go choose which one she wants, or if there are none there she likes, I've given her info on what is still on sewing table. I'm telling you, just getting the first batch up was a chore. I'm picturing smooth sailing from here on out. I expect to be adding more tomorrow.

Melanie of Tea Leaves, who also happens to be a hostess at the Knit the Classics blog is getting the Blind Assasin Tapes

Jennifer who is participating in the scarf exchange, who also happened to hostess the Vacation Swap, and who loves purple, is getting a purple scarf kit - Jennifer, I need to write the directions out, so give me til Friday to get that one in the mail.

Arletta, who lives right up in my old neck of the woods, who expressed an interest, is also getting a scarf kit - Arletta, I'll email you to find out what color you want.

not a one of the Sew Retro folks asked for a pincushion. I did offer.

And, as soon as dsd is home, I'll put the names of those who commented on what my hubby says all the time when I'm knitting - which is always a variation on the theme: "That doesn't look like my hat", their names shall go into the hat for the surprise prize. (and wouldn't you just faint if it were the bleepin yarn to knit him his hat?) I should just knit the thing already! geeze.

Thanks to all who participated.
and I have to come up with something for my Brother! my brother Dave took the quiz. What's amazing is, he knew what entrelac was (or he guessed right!)
Earlier this summer my youngest bro, Jon, popped in, and then left me a wonderful comment, telling me he felt like he'd just invaded a private teaparty or something. It's amazing to me when my family pops in, although I know my mom and my sister do occasionally.

Speaking of my sister, I will leave you with a picture of Joey curled up in his blanket. I just got an email, and he is doing ok. They're going to start giving him some weeks off on the chemo - which will give his little body a break. He's doing well though.


Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

Marji- Joey looks really happy with the blanket, and I'm glad he's doing well.
So, ah, how come everybody gets something? Does this mean I have to intercept Marina's mail to get my hands on a cool needle case? I'll do what I have to do!
(Hey Marina- please forgive my weakness for beautiful things!)

Jennifer said...

Yay! I'm so excited about the purple scarf kit. Congratulations to everyone else who's winning something from you too.

How comfy does Joey look wrapped up in that blanket. I'm glad he will be able to get a little rest from his treatment.

Elizabeth said...

Joey does seem to love his blanket! I'm glad he's doing well.

I really like the rings on the needlecase! Great choice.

AR said...

I'm glad Joey is doing well. What a cutie.
Yay! I get a scarf kit. Thanks!

Funny comment you left at my blog. I couldn't make it up any of those hills, not even when I was a kid!

Marina said...

Too many choices! The kids voted for "wild things" and I'm busy counting the number of pockets for circular needles. Thanks Marji, I'm so excited to be getting something for my circular needles.

What an amazing child Joey is!

Jae said...

You know it wouldn't take much of bribe. ;) Send me a pic you'd like for the button and I'll whip one up.

Glad to hear that Joey is doing well!

Paula said...

Your nephew is sooo cute and looks happy in his blanket!
Great looking needle cases!
I am keeping busy sewing costumes for the school.

DeeAnn said...

Awww Joey's looking adorably snug as a bug in his lovely blanket. It's so nice to hear he's doing well - he's quite the hero that little guy!

And if I ever have enough needles to organize I know who to call :) You do some really gorgeous work Marji.