Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wednesday moanin

This is what is in the 'take out' container - the class I took was Toe Up Socks Kit is by Marika Saarnitt

a Sock!

as is easily seen, the only part of the sock that I knit was knit in class - then I went back to sleeve island. I'm not looking for an oar yet.
interruptions come in the form of other activities.

you don't even want to see my sewing room. I went down there to choose the fabrics for my fall storyboards for wardrobe planning, and got so disgusted with myself for the number of unfinished projects lying around, that I didn't even do the storyboard. Got a pant pattern partially altered, put it away and took out the turqoise silk matka tweed jacket that I started last Spring then set aside. I'm going to work on that outfit, and complete it before anything else.
project status 9.13.06


and while I'm at being disgusted with myself, now is a good time to vow to get back to the gym. next update when something is Done around here!

ETA: does anyone wonder if DvF didn't go to Pucci for fabric?


AR said...

Cute pattern. Gym, what's that? hehe

Jennifer said...

That's going to be a super cute outfit!

Jae said...

Thanks for all the advice yesterday. I'm heading over to JoAnn's this weekend.

When you told me you were knitting a sock, I didn't realize that you were knitting a fair isle sock. Gee, when you decide to learn something - no half way for you. Good luck!!

rebecca said...

I'm impressed by your sewing room. I always scour the pictures in an effort to learn your secrets,since I am still haven't mustered the courage to cut out my jacket. What, for example, are the white shapes on the fabric in the bottom picture?

tatjana said...

I wonder which of us has more WIPs lying around? lol, if it helps at all, you've made me at least feel much better about mine ;) But I know you'll get yours done long before I do...

Bonne Marie said...

That Suit is DIVINE! I love the fitted jacket with the flirt skirt - oooLaLa! ;p

Dipsy D. said...

Wow, this is going to be SO gorgeous, I totally love the design of it, and the fabric rocks! Looking forward to seeing more of it!

Carrie K said...

That jacket looks gorgeous. And I totally want to see your sewing room.

Oh yes, it's the gym for me too. Walking in Montreal and DC kicked my butt. If not out of vanity, out of survival. I'm planning on more traveling.