Tuesday, October 10, 2006

a couple of FO's and a gift

While I was gone I did manage to finish a couple of items, although virtually no knitting was done.
finished Lara and skirt
Finished seaming and weaving in the ends on the Debbie Bliss Lara cardi that I knit using a discontinued Adrienne Vittadini boucle and Jaeger Matchmaker Aran for the cuffs and front band/collar. It still needs blocking, which will straighten out that updraw at the hem of the front band. I think I will probably add just a little shoulder pad in the shoulder too. This is a side to side knit. Comfy as a pair of old jammies, but frankly not as tailored as I think I like my clothes.
(do I look tired in that pic or what? and my legs are swollen bad - you can see where my sock line is from the socks I'd just taken off)

I also finished the Simplicity Jacket that I needed to finish prior to the Chanel style jacket class I'm scheduled to start teaching this Thursday.
Pattern: Simplicity collarless jacket (I'd have to go 2 floors down to look up the number, so later, or email me if you really want the number)
Fabric: Heavy woven boucle wool/cotton/acrylic blend
Lining: Ambiance
Underlining: Fusible Armoweft
Interfacing: Formflex woven - I also insert an Armani chest shield in this jacket, as per a Threads magazine article several years ago, and use the Formflex for that.
Trim: vintage corded and sequined trim

Simplicity Jacket

Fabric and trim detail

Pattern eval: First, for the jacket class I teach, I need a jacket with a princess line that extends vertically from the hem to the shoulder - not as easy to find as one might first think.
I don't like the way Simplicity Jackets fit, but I needed a V-neck alternative to the Vogue pattern I've been teaching, so I tried this. It is too full in the upperchest area for nearly everyone, so something needs to come out of it. This is easily accomplished with the princess seaming. The sleeves also have a real bell shape, which I also cut down a bit.

Note: I've gained weight since I cut this pattern, so it is a bit snug...a lot snug.

Where do I wear these clothes?
I've gotten several comments lately asking me where I have occasion to wear the clothes that I make. Well, I do wear them. True, I no longer work in an office situation and no longer work outside sales where I had occasion to wear a lot of dressy business suits, but, I live in affluent suburbia in middle America. One does not wear Nikes here unless one is at the gym. One wears jeans, however they are generally not your typical Wranglers - rather the stylish ones, worn with heels, sweaters, jackets, and blouses, not sweatshirts. I know several women here my age who don't even own jeans. I can wear skirts to the grocery store and not be out of place. I also "do lunch" at least once a month with a group of women, most who are def into fashion. So we dress. And my husband and I go to theater, have seasons tickets for the symphony, try to attend the Opera in Chicago or Detroit once a year.... and I travel. Plus, I guess I've always had a dressier than not sensibility when it comes to clothes, I enjoy them.
Questions answered?

Next: my B'day swap package with Donni.
gift from Donni
Donni and I both celebrated decade b'days this year - milestones of a sort, ( I officially entered middle age), so we decided to have a b'day swap.
When I arrived home from my last little jaunt my package from Donni was waiting here. And what a great package it is. The colors don't show very well in this pic, but the felted purse she made is an incredible mix of blues/purple and greens - very reminiscent of water. With a button on it that she also said she made. It looks a lot like petrified wood - Donni, what is it? The shape, the workmanship, the handle and the way it is attached, is all great. My hubby declared that it looks so professional he thought I might have gotten it from the latest Nordstroms catalogue that came (which he threw away before I saw it thank-you very much).
Donni also included a tea cozy she make in brights with black, a lovely skein of zephyr in deep violet, a bookmark and refrig magnet, some flowers, a spice packet, and the most fun little booklet of vintage mens sweaters. I found a Mr Rogers sweater in there even.
Donni, thanks, I love it.
ETA: I just got an email from Tauton Press - back issues of Threads Magazine are for sale right now here. The issue with the directions on the Armani Chest Shield, which is suberb, is #105.


Marina said...

Grrrl, put your feet up! You're doing too much.

The "Simplicity Jacket" is gorgeous. Love all the details.

Gawd! That sounds like my neighborhood. One of the kids was asked whether husband was ... shock, horror ... a plumber because he was seen wearing his Dickies and heavy boots coming home!!! After 11 years, I think they've learnt not to judge a book from it's cover & that we dance to a different beat ;-)

Donni said...

Wow - that sounds like some kind of lifestyle I could aspire too....glad you liked the pressie - but a small amendment - I didn't make the tea cozy - a little old lady on a market stall beavered away on it - I put it in for a laugh - :)

Jennifer said...

Nice gifts!

I like Lara and your sewing FO. Very nice!

tatjana said...

Yay! You're back :) I'm crazy about all your projects...the Chanel jacket looks great, the trim is a nice touch and I'm very impressed that you intend to make that Marina sweater. Just thinking about all those colours makes me nervous ;)

Brigitte said...

I love your Simplicity jacket as well! And - I much prefer your take on the Lara jacket than the original. It does take it up a notch.

elizabeth said...

I am a serious knitter but can't sew-still love to read about your sewing projects. The jacket is gorgeous! There is no harm in looking your best even at the grocery store!

Lynne said...

Well, Marji...both are fantastic. Love, love love both jackets!

Becky said...

Great jackets. I love the sweater, too. It looks good on you.

AR said...

I love your clothes! Here, we all wear jeans, and sweatshirts, mostly with the local school mascot on them! I'd love to be able to dress up for something other than church! LOL

Carrie k said...

I love your clothes. It almost makes me wish for the days when I dressed like that routinely.

My mom grew up in Birmingham, MI.

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

The channel style jacket you made looks beautiful. I can just see you wearing it. For those who have not met Marji - "she's one classy chick!" If you had met her, you would not question where she wore the clothes she talks about. You know when you're out shopping at a large mall or doing a spot of shopping on the Mag Mile in Chicago - Marji is the stylish lady who walks past you and you wish you could look like her. The definition of the word Marji should be "Style". Some of us have it, and others (me) can only aspire to be like her.