Wednesday, October 11, 2006

on the literary front

3 posts in 3 days - you'd think I'd suffered withdrawal or something ;)

Anyway, since the summer reading challenge ended I've read more books than I read all summer long.
Latest update:
just this morning I finished reading Zadie Smith On Beauty
my initial reaction is, there is just too much going on here. I honestly think its worth reading, but would have benefitted from some Paring Down. How do you wrap your arms around the middle aged male mid-life crisis, race relations, left vs right wing politics at an old, venerable New England University, teenage promiscuity, feminism, adolescents coming-of-age, and art appreciation all in 443 pages?
Last week I read Susan Carroll The Courtesan
Absolute formulaic bodice ripper stuff, about 2 tiers above Harlequin...but diverting. Pure fluff, with a tad of historical fact thrown in for fun.
Just before I left I finished Sarah Waters Fingersmith
Oliver Twist meets The Prince and the Pauper, as lesbians. Actually quite entertaining, and the plot twists in some predictable and some not-so-predictable ways, to keep it interesting.
and just before I left I finished listening to Brad Meltzer Book of Fate
I guess I've been reading so much that is melodramatic, set in historical times, that something melodramatic set in contemporary times was a bit shocking. That, and there is a point when men need to be men. Especially in a novel that is macho and full of political intrigue and spy stuff. The hero in Meltzers tale needs to develop some cajones and for crying out loud quit whining and crying - about everything. I wanted to slap him by the end of the book. Cannot recommend this one.

Have you seen Tricoquine's (Isabelle's) COW post? Oh how I wish my WIP's were more FO's so that I could have a COW.

Now, you are probably wondering about that lovely Chanel style knit jacket at the top of the page. Are you?
It is a Kim Hargreaves design, and is included in the book The Kim Hargreaves Collection which I managed to score a copy of from a LYS in Traverse City while travelling. If I could have a COW, that would surely be among the herd. I seem to have a penchant for Chanel style jackets lately. It knits on a 3mm needle - must swatch the Karabella Breeze and see if that is a viable candidate for this project. Stash yarns - year of the Stash - must try to use more of what I own (memo to self)


Marina said...

The "old" Marji would have had a COW every month ;-) And yes, I was wondering about the jacket and before I read through your post, I had already gone through the whole Hargreaves site looking for it!

Carrie k said...

COW! I love that! I want to have a COW. Wait, I just did. Can I have a COD instead? They're not as cute but they do have a book.....

Jennifer said...

I want to have a COW! Of course I've got to finish what I've got on the needles first.

rebecca said...

I always feel that way about Zadie Smith. I love your jackets! I am still dithering abotu the buttonholes on mine. But now I have a good excuse, what with the presents I am making and all. It doesn't look as much like chickenheartedness. Right?

Lorraine said...

Marji- I think Kim Hargreaves is one of the best things to come out of the Rowan Mill! And I admire your fortitude in using what's in the stash- it's a great design, and a great colour.