Monday, November 20, 2006

dropping by to say I miss you, HI

First off, a note to all my knitblogging friends who think I've absconded with the cookies and left to go sew...
this is true to a point, but I Need to sew, as in, I Need clothing to wear. So, I've been busy chained to my sewing machine and sewing table, and haven't been near the computer much.

But the other thing going on is: there just hasn't been any knitting of note to report on. Finally, the Lace cardi by Vittadini is off the needles, and is soaking now. As soon as I'm off here it is going onto the blocking board. Next up is to pick up *cough cough* a thousand or so stitches around the perimeter and knit on the ruffle. This I will do while travelling to Michigan tomorrow. With any luck it'll be done by the time I come home.
The plane knitting going to Boston was the prettiest little scarf for my friend Jacquie. She is a knitter whose life is so overbooked that when I gave her the yarn and pattern, I offered to knit it for her too and she took me up on it...the pattern is so easy and so pretty. It is a Colinette number alternating lace weight mohair with silk ribbon, all in garter stitch with every 4th row a double wrap (creating a YO) on each stitch. I think I mentioned though, no plane knitting on the way back.
Don't get that is bad and I was down nearly a week with it.

most recently off the sewing table:

I wrote a pattern review Here if you want the gory details. They do need a crease pressed in the leg - it'll happen.

Next up on the sewing table:
I've joined the Timmel SWAP [sewing with a plan] which starts Dec 1. This one has some teeth. The 1st prize is a gift certificate for $300. I'd like to win, but lord we all know I don't need a certificate for more fabric, and the real win will be getting all of these garments made up. There are a total of 14 garments here, ready to be made. 11 are required for the SWAP, so I'll have to see what it whittles itself to. In any case, I plan to make all. Best thing, all of this fabric was in my stash. (well, one pc was added to stash last week while I was in Boston...)
we've talked about that right? That my fabric stash makes my yarn stash look like childs play. And my yarn stash is nothing to sneeze at.
Spring SWAP
So I will try very hard not to bore you with too many details of the sewing, but it will be front and center for awhile.

Meanwhile, it is Thanksgiving week here, and we will be travelling to Michigan tomorrow. Both of my boys, with their respective girlfriends, my dsd, her father and I, and my dad and his wife will be celebrating in Pentwater MI.
so, see you later. Thanks for visiting.

PS, I'm taking Liz with me to Michigan too. Liz is feeling very neglected of late. oh, and Marina, I forgot how to count again. Second sleeve is nearly done on Liz, and I realized my first sleeve was wrong. I'm contemplating ripping back most of my first sleeve. So then I'll have 3rd sleeve syndrome! ;)

ETA: I love those boots I posted last entry, but none of you really thought I was so extravagant that I would spend nearly $900 on a pair of boots did you? I just looked at them and drooled, and lusted, and then went back to work.


Brigitte said...

Glad you're still around (and busy). I'm going to be very interested in seeing how the AV cardigan turns out.

Have a great Thanksgiving holiday!

Marina said...

Man, this is serious stuff. I looked through your album ... LOL, I'm glad those "paisley curlicues" missed the mark!

Happy Thanksgiving! And hopefully Elizabeth will have both sleeves done. You realise I'm on my second set of six sleeves, right?!!

Donni said...

I'm thinking the profits of the Vittadini would fund the boots, non?

AR said...

Your pants are super cute!

Bring a coat. It's been cold here in MI!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Jennifer said...

Glad you are feeling better. The flu is no fun.

Have a peaceful Thanksgiving!

Becky said...

Nice job on those pants! No easy feat getting a good fit. have a nice Thanksgiving with your family.

Oiyi said...


Thank you for the yarn you sent me (Colorswap yellow/orange). I was so happy to receive it. You are a great angel!

Linda said...

Saw your review on PR and found your blog. I am impressed with your Timmel SWAP project. Love the colors. Looking forward to seeing and reading about your progress.

Elizabeth said...

I really need to get my sewing mojo back again. It's been so long. Seeing all your great sewing projects almost kicks me into gear.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Rebecca said...

Cookies? There were cookies?
Actually, I want all the details.

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

Love the pants!
Love all the sewing you've been doing ( the pencil skirt is a particular favorite).
I think the boots are too die for and if I was as stylish as you I'd buy them. They're works of art, forget the price.
Hope you have fun in Michigan for thanksgiving. Missing you.

Carrie K said...

There's something wrong with spending $900 for a pair of boots?

Those pants look great! I love to hear the sewing stuff, I've got sewing WIP's myself.

Bummer over Liz! I can't count myself. I'm sure she'll like the trip, but sad about Sleeve Island rerun.

I can't wait to see the Vittadini cardi all done up.

DeeAnn said...

Well I just hope your weekend in Pentwater was anything like the weather in metro - divine for November. I love your sewing updates, you look so good in the items you create :)

Terri said...


Nice job on the pants. You are so talented. Sewing, knitting, and weaving... Wowza.