Monday, November 13, 2006

Half a SWAP

Completed before leaving for Boston:
A Jacket, a pair of pants and a skirt. 3 of the 6 items required for the Sewing with A Plan contest at PatternReview...which I decided to join with less than 4 weeks to go because I need to complete some clothes to wear, and it just seemed like a good idea.
Jacket Remember This? This is the finished product. I removed the patch pockets, assembled the lining with the facings that were all cut out, then hung the completed lining unit on the hanging rack where I store half finished projects....and then completely forgot that I had done that. Left it alone for two weeks, then decided to finish it up. I finished up the interfacing of the back piece, made up the sleeves, put in the bound buttonholes (must get a pic, they look really nice) , found the large rectangular stained wood buttons I originally purchased for this jacket in my button stash...then began looking for the lining. After wasting several hours, I gave up, dug through my stash and ended up finding and using a beautiful light jacket weight twill lining I had earmarked for another project. After it was all cut and assembled - I also had to cut up the remaining piece of wool I had leftover from the jacket, enough to make a skirt - for the facings....after all was assembled, I happened to look over at my hanging rack, and saw the previously assembled lining hanging there. ARGH! oh well, Onward. I finished up the jacket Tuesday night, after taking an interlude out to make the pants, leaving barely enough time to cut and make a skirt.

Particulars: Fabric, wool flannel
Pattern: Vintage Vogue (was current when this was cut out) in the "wedge" shape popularized by Linda Evans in the 80s'
Lining: Acetate twill
Interfacing: lightweight hair canvas
Extras: I used old fashioned tailoring techniques to pad stitch the collar at the roll line, undercollar is cut on bias with CB seam, applied a sleeve header of Armo Rite, made bound buttonholes, interfaced hem with wiggan, topstitched with Mettler Topstitching thread.
The style is a tad dated, but I'm tall and can carry that big-shouldered Dynasty look well, and I'm really pleased with this one.

Next up, the Pencil skirt.
Pattern: Vogue 2770. I altered this design significantly by cutting the CF on the fold and moving the walking slit to the back. This is truly a pencil skirt. The Hem is a full 4" narrower than the hip. Contour waistband, center back invisible zipper.
Fabric: Double woven wool crepe pique. Wonderful stuff that has been in my stash only about a year or so. Originally came from Eunice Farmer Fabrics in St Louis. There is quite a bit of stretch inherent in the weave here, so I Lined it with a poly tricot knit.
In order to control the stretch at the waist I interfaced the waistband with silk organza. Worked nicely.
I will make this again.

Center back slit, narrow hem.
Last Up: Pant
Pattern Vogue 2759
Contour waistband, unlined straight leg pant with side invisible zipper.
These are actually flattering, however next time I make them I will drop the waistband so that it sits below the waist about 1 1/2"
Fabric: Wool/Rayon blend gabardine with a crimped yarn which also has a degree of inherent stretch without the addition of lycra.

Lots to say about Boston. I had a gloriously fun time...however, I came back with either a very bad cold or the flu, so you'll have to wait for next post for details.
I did go fabric shopping
I did get some plane knitting done on the way there (including the 4 hour delay in Detroit). No knitting on the way back, I was feeling lousy.


Anne said...

Just wanted to say that the pincushion you sent me a while ago is getting loads of use - thank you so much.

Marina said...

No arguments from me! You are the Sewing Goddess.

tatjana said...

Ooh! Love the new duds, and that purse too. Hope you're feeling better soon :)

Carrie K said...

The jacket, the pants, everything looks great! But rest up. Being sick is no fun.

Jennifer said...

Love all the sewing projects! I like pencil skirts.

I hope you feel better soon. Colds/flus are miserable.

webber the webulous webhead said...

Those red shoes are fabulous.

Donni said...

Schmart, Schmick Chick!

Becky said...

Beautiful job on the suit. What a nice addition to your wardrobe.

Feel better soon.

patsijean said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. What an attractive travel wardrobe. Guess you will have to make another jacket so that you can use that lonely lining, all assembled with no where to go. How about a wool houndstooth?

DeeAnn said...

Well done! You look wonderful :)

Brigitte said...

Wow, it all looks fantastic!

(Love the shoes too!)

AR said...

Wow! Your sewing is unbelievable. Super great job! I love those red shoes and hose, too.

Lorraine said...

Hi Marji- I'm sure you wowed Boston with your beautiful clothes.
Hope you feel better soon.