Wednesday, November 08, 2006

listmania, progress, and benevolent bloggers

First up: Benevolent bloggers
This past week I came home to my mailbox, to a delightful surprise package from Kim in Athens GA. We were in Athens just a couple of weeks ago yet it was such a fly by trip that I didn't get to meet Kim. Anyway, I came home and opened up this package, and found the book
Classic Knitted Vests. I decided to photograph it on my knitting tray on my table, in front of the chart that I'm working right now on the vest-turned-into-lace cardi for H. Kim knew that I would have benefitted from having at my fingertips some vest patterns when asked. Also included was a listmaking pad - love those long format pads. As will be discussed later in this installment, I've become, in the last month, a real advocate of lists.
Thank you truly Kim, for a wonderful surprise.

Also, this last month I joined two of the KAL's going on. I'm keeping with my pledge not to join KAL's for projects that weren't on my radar already, but this fits with what I knit, and I love cables. In fact, I have [cough cough] several cable projects on needles right now, slated to be finished by end of year. One of the hostesses is Jennifer (whose link really should be on my sidebar, I didn't realize until just now that it isn't). Jennifer hosted the Vacay swap last Spring, and regularly visits here. Hi Jennifer!. Anyway, She and Christie, the other hostess, are running contests - and I WON! the first. I received an email from Janet Szabo herself saying that she was sending me a copy of her book. This is abook I've been contemplating and wanting. I've heard nothing but great things about it. Janet is the guru who hosted the FLAK last year, and moderates the Aran knitlist on yahoo that I read everyday. I am thrilled. Thank you all.

On to Progress Reports
Just to prove to everyone that all this talk about knitting lace is not just talk...I bring you pictures.
Unblocked, but it is coming along nicely. I met with H last Friday and we did a pin-fitting and it is perfect. I'm really pleased with the way this is turning out. Only caveat: I would not have chosen fuzzy mohair as the best yarn to show off this lace pattern. The color is a deep brick red. I've got the remainder of the second sleeve and the ruffle yet to go. H left for England and Paris, and I'd like to have this done by the time she returns at the end of the month. Very do-able

From the Sewing Room
I'm working on wardrobe enhancement. Two reasons:

1. I have nothing, nada, in fall clothes, that fit me. I've been a slug and gained a significant amount of weight since last winter, and it shows. So I'm judiciously choosing fabrics that I don't mind cutting up and making into clothing that will fit me now that I will either have to take in or store in several months when this weight is gone (And it WILL be gone).

1a. we are going to Boston tomorrow and wearing jeans isn't going to cut it. I need something to take with me.

2. I have committed to finishing up some of my vintage projects and using up at least a fraction of my extensive fabric stash before boarding a boat and all of the stash must magically disappear.

In light of the fact that I'm supposed to be making clothing for me, you might be wondering what this is a picture of.

It is the dustruffle that I completed Saturday, after we got home from going out for coffee in the AM. On leaving Kaldi's we stopped at a mattress store and bought a new mattress. Oh my aching back. Our old mattress was very bad on my back, and it was literally hurting everyday just to get up in the morning and move. dh got heartily sick of hearing me mattress. It is heaven to wake up and be able to move.
So, wardrobe sewing interruptus. I told dh when we bought the mattress that I would go home and stitch up the silk plaid dust ruffle that I cut out months ago, and that is exactly what I did. Before going to the Symphony Saturday night.
Today I have the day off of altering bridemaids clothing, so as soon as I am finished writing here, I am back downstairs finishing up the jacket, pants, skirt and dress combo that I am taking to Boston tomorrow AM. Look for pics later for evidence of completion.

almost forgot I planned to write about lists....and I'm out of time, so lists will have to wait.
I need to start treating my own work as if it were client work - I would get lots more done. So, as if I were my own client, I'm on the clock, and the sewing room beckons.
later friends, thanks for checking in.


Marina said...

The "vest-turned-into-lace cardi" looks lovely but you're right about the mohair. Wouldn't have been my first choice.

I have a love-hate relationship with dust ruffles! Love because they hide the "overflow" that goes under the beds. Hate 'cos when the kids do the vacuuming, the dust ruffle somehow gets eaten up by the vacuum cleaner!

Hope you have a good time in Boston. As a tourist, that's my favourite US city!

Brigitte said...

Glad to hear you're back.

I agree, the pattern on the AV cardi is barely recognizable.

Have a great trip to Boston.

AR said...

Ooh, nice stuff!

The dustruffle is pretty. You make me want to learn to sew!

Becky said...

You are really getting a lot done! I like the pattern on the cardi. Have fun in Boston!

Donni said...

love checking out your knitting miss marji.

Elizabeth said...

Funny, I just bought a new comfortor that only came in a set with 2 shams and a dust ruffle. I'm not the shams and dustruffle type. But I do need a new mattress!

I've been trying to develop a bit more of a set schedule for my working at home time. It tends to either spill into every available minute (to the exclusion of things like tending to kids or making dinner) or nothing gets done. If I made a bit of a schedule and put "exercise" in there, too, maybe my whole life could change!

Carrie K said...

It does show the pattern though. Pretty!

Oh, nice book from Kim! I think I'm going to get into vests soon.

We're not going to discuss growing out of our clothes. *lalalalala*

rebecca said...

Lovely dust ruffle, charming sweater. I bet you are knowledgeable enough to choose patterns that will be easy to alter to your new, slimmer form.

Lynne said...

That looks like a great book..I'm going to google it now! I did a vest this past winter from an IK magazine...cables, etc. It's in my photo album on my blog. I really liked the design, and it was pretty simple.

Lorraine said...

Hi Marji- Busy, busy- I can't keep up with you.
One of my favorite knitting books is Cheryl Oberle's Folk Vests- I think I'll check that one out.