Wednesday, November 01, 2006

She's alive and kicking

Fear Not, the Fiberartist who's landlocked is well and busy...Thank you all for your emails and concern.
It is November 1st, the Vittadini Lace cardi has a back and two fronts, as well as one partial sleeve, however when the project changed so much in scope "H" let me off the hook for the Nov 1 deadline. If this were to be a simple vest, it would be done! (is not the vest portion finished?) Anyway, I had to lay off knitting for almost a full week due to a rather overambitious stint of knitting in the car on the way to and returning from Georgia a week and a half ago - I even went and got a massage on forearms last Sunday - was able to knit again Monday. oh, several of you have asked - the Vittadini cardi is being knit holding two strands of a lightweight 100% mohair together - def not for the feint of heart - this one is a bear.
I've also been sewing 8 hours a day for Isabelle, leaving little time left for my own work (ah, but there has been a little work done).

Question of the Day for those who pop on by: Have you ever seen a really pretty mother-of-the-bride / mother-of-the-groom dress? (note: this question is not prompted by any impending weddings, but by the fact that the sewing I'm doing lately are alterations [the bane of the sewists world] on bridesmaids and mother-0f dresses.) If so, what do they look like?
this is a pic of the one that I worked on yesterday
- these dresses never fit, and they are not meant to be taken apart - and the bodice on this one is heavily beaded, with boning - but it is pretty - the color of the one I'm working on is champagne.

Thanks for hanging in - I'll be back soon, I promise

Look for an update with pictures by Friday AM.


Marina said...

That is so wrong! It looks nothing like any mother-of-the-bride / mother-of-the-groom dress I've seen on TV. Does she have the figure for it?

If I had to let it out to accomodate my matronly figure or need some help holding it up, I wouldn't wear it! But that's just me.

Dorene said...

That was too sweet of you to leave a comment on my blog. And touched that you remembered me.
Yes, Debi finally did catch on the the Estonian Wrap was indeed for her! And she hadn't stopped doing wheelies in her chair! I was so happy to have been given the opportunity to repay her kindness and generosity.
We all missed you this time around in the ISE. I look forward to hearing from you again. Keep knitting and sewing and cooking (my, you are busy)....

Brigitte said...

Glad to read your OK! I figured the AV cardi must me taking it's toll... But, I still do want to give it another shot.

I was a bridesmaid once...never again. Our dresses didn't look as nice as the one above!

Jennifer said...

Wow! You have been so busy!

I like that dress a lot, but it doesn't look like it would be all that comfortable. Of course is any wedding garb comfy?

lorinda said...

If that's a MOB dress, I have to wonder who designed it. For women of a certain age, the neck/collarbone area are not the most flattering feature.

Glad to see your post!

Carrie K said...

I knew you were busy with deadlines but it's always good to see you post.

Almost all bridesmaids dresses look dreadful, at least on one of the bridesmaids. Either it's supposed to make the bride look better in comparison or that one look can't look good on everyone.

The only good looking mother dresses I've liked have tended to be heavily tailored suits.

That Chick from a long long way away.... said...

Hey you....glad to see you back. Missed ya.

Becky said...

Hope all your hard work is over soon! I would not want to tear apart or alter that dress in any way! It's fantastic that you can do it.

AR said...

Glad you're still around! That is a pretty dress. I don't sew, (by choice)hehe, but I can imagine!

rebecca said...

I bought one from Talbot's because the groom's mother did and I wanted to be cooperative, but I ended up wearing a pretty floaty dress that I felt comfortable in.

Say said...

My aunt wore a wonderful skirt and top combination last year when my cousin got married. It was a warm brown slimming skirt with a dyed lace sheeth that went over the top, (or something like that). Her top was cream coloured, very classy. She looked beautiful.

Paula said...

You are so right about alterations being the bane of the sewing world! I so felt that way this year during from time with dresses that were so cheaply made and not created to be taken apart!

The best Mother of the Bride/ Groom dress's I have seen so far were worn this year by my aunts!
They were a very fine tailored silk suit dress with a looong skirt in neutral colors.

Mercy's Mama said...

Wow! I saw your post on the Fall Cabled Knitalong and I just had to come and visit your blog. I love that you have project in progress pictures on flickr. You seem very talented and your projects are lovely. I'll be sure to bookmark you for sure!

DeeAnn said...

Gorgeous dress, but I've seen those and you are absolutely right - they are definitely not made to be altered with any ease at all. I look forward to the photos, I'm sure you'll do a smashing job of it anyway :)