Thursday, November 30, 2006

SWAP, Ready set plan

I started this blog to separate my regular knitting blog from this sewing, and to keep track of my progress on the SWAP contest sponsored by Timmel Fabrics

updates will follow, and I will clean up this entry and add pertinent info that is missing right now.

11 garments

2 Jackets
4 dresses
3 tops
1 skirt
1 pant

Jacket 1: light eggplant boucle from Britex Fabrics purchased July 2005, trims purchased at same time. Lining is silk charmeuse from Calamo silks. Pattern based on Vogue 7975, constructed in couture method as taught by Susan Khalje
Jacket cut out and stitching lines marked by threadbasting approx October 2005.

Jacket 2 and skirt Vogue _ _ _ _
silk tweed purchased from Eunice Farmer Fabrics fall 2004. jacket Lining: silk charmeuse from Calamo silks. Skirt lining china silk from Calamo silks. Jacket and skirt cut summer 2005, fused to sof-knit, then put away.

Dress 1 sheath dress, Butterick _ _ _ _
Chinese Brocade from Britex purchased July 2005, lining: same china silk as tweed skirt. Cut and partially assembled Spring 2006. I am counting this as my "previously made" garment, although construction is only partially complete

Dress 2 Sleeveless sundress OOP Vogue Calvin Klein pattern
print 4ply silk from Habermans (Royal Oak Michigan) purchased Sept 2005. Lining, same china silk as tweed skirt.

Dress 3 dupioni sheath with lace overlay. Vogue _ _ _ _
cross-weave silk dupioni and purple crochet lace from Eunice Farmer Fabrics, spring 05
Lining to be determined

Dress 4 Sleeveless sheath, OOP Vogue _ _ _ _ (subject to change - I may trade this out of the SWAP as it is a little dressier and not necessarily totally compatible with being worn with a jacket, although a lot of the accessories will work and I will make it whatever the case)
Fabric: embroidered silk taffeta from Van's Fabrics, Boston, purchased November 2006

Top 1 qualifying Reversible Garment
adapting Textile Studio Milan Dress pattern to make it a tank top. Pattern purchased from Timmel Fabrics as part of qualifying purchase.
side one silk jacquard print from stash, source not remembered
side two solid yellow silk broadcloth purchased from Timmel Fabrics

Top 2 cowl neck shirred midriff top, Vogue _ _ _ _
purple silk charmeuse, same as lining fabric for boucle jacket

Top 3 classic long sleeve shirt Vogue _ _ _ _
Italian cotton shirting purchased from Woolen House, a Toronto merchant, at the Sewing Expo in Novi, Sept 2005

Pant new Montana pattern Vogue _ _ _ _
stretch wool gabardine from Michaels Fabrics, online

just in today, a totally fabulous silk plisse from EOS in the perfect lavender color. May have to swap out a top.

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