Monday, December 04, 2006

random monday

Thanks everyone, my dad is doing great!
I talked with him Friday night, and he's home from the hospital and the prognosis is very good. The worst news for him is that he can't travel til the very end of December, which means that they will have to spend Christmas in the snow in Michigan rather than in the comfort of their Florida residence. oh well.

still getting lots done. and this morning, in the never ending quest to clean out some of the excess, I listed 20 sewing patterns on ebay
This is just one, but if you are interested, you can click on 'see sellers other items' and the rest will come up.

Meanwhile, we had a wine tasting / dinner party Saturday night for 12. It went exceedingly well.
hors doevres:
crostini w olive and sundried tomato tapanade,
crostini with peppered ricotta & anchovies,
and bruschetta with fresh tomato/basil topping
a cheese plate consisting of plain brie, sliced french morbier,sliced manchego, and two different italian salamis sliced - one spicier than the other.
Caeser salad,
veal roulades,
spinach lasagna,
steamed green beans tossed with olive oil, tomatoes and garlic,
seasoned white beans

dessert tray: dense chocolate single layer cake with whipped cream (couldn't find my flourless cake recipe so I went into epicurious -found a recipe that I won't use again - too much fuss for reallymediocre results),
petits fours (these are the best, from a local bakery)
sliced almond fig "cake" found in produce section - it was excellent
sliced lemon white stilton cheese (again, this stuff was incredible)
spiced nuts

a variety of red wines, after dinner a variety that included grappa (Yuck!), an excellent sauterne, grand marnier, baileys, and I don't even know what else.

The spinach lasagna is made with a white bechamel sauce and the descrip and recipe can be found in a 2005 issue of Cooks Illustrated. The veal roulades are stuffed with a mixture of prosciutto, anchovie, capers, garlic, tom paste, white bread crumbs, butter, and ?? I don't even remember what all else I put into it.

Now I've gotta go finish some needlework.

and tomorrow or the next day I'll list another 20 patterns on ebay,
and I'll post my thoughts on setting goals for knitting and what I've learned this year about my rate of production - subtitled "how I've learned that planning new projects is faster than executing new projects"


Donni said...

Glad to hear your Dad's op went well and he is recovering nicely. Just wondering where my invitation to dinner went - checked my inbox but nothing was there ;)

Marina said...

ditto what Donni wrote!

Don't be tough on yourself where stash, goals & actual production are concerned. Those are three separate things and seldom meet!

Jae said...

I cheered about your dad, drooled over the menu, and fell on the floor laughing about your upcoming subtitle. I have more ideas than I know what to do with, never mind the time to actually make them. ;)

AR said...

Glad your dad's doing well. I feel for him, though. If I had a place in Florida, I'd want to be there, instead of Michigan! It's really cold and snowy here, in MI, right now! Poor guy!

Carrie K said...

Glad to hear about your dad! Meeting the expections we had for him. Good man.

Oh yum, that menu sounds delicious!

And "how I've learned that planning new projects is faster than executing new projects" is something we all know. Intellectually. Emotionally? Not so much. ;)

Michellers said...

LoL, Marji, it sounds like you're ready to write that self-help book now!

Oh, wait, that would just be another new project to plan. ;-)

Brigitte said...

Oh, that's good news about your dad! Yay!

Yeah so, I'm checking everywhere, and I couldn't find my invite either. Now that sounds like a fantastic menu!

I'm going to go eat my crappy yogourt and oatmeal breakfast now.

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

So glad to hear that you dad is doing well, Marji. I was thinking about you this past weekend when they were talking about the power outages in St. Louis, obviously it didn't mess with your dinner plans.

Dinner sounded wonderful. When you cook, do you do a lot of the prep the day before or do you just go crazy the day off?

What are you knitting?

Jennifer said...

Great news about your dad!

The food for your dinner party sounds so delicious!

Elizabeth said...

Planning is always faster than execution. That is the truth. It's at the root of all our stashing woes.

Sending best wishes and get-well vibes to your dad.