Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The subtitle:

how I've learned that planning new projects is faster than executing new projects

Ah yes, In January of 2006 I was free of UFO's. I'd spent the previous 6 mos finishing or trashing all unfinished projects lying around (knitting projects, we are not even going into the sewing room in this discussion).
And I made myself up one helluva list for the year.
And now it is December. It's reckoning time.

I got startedon my list. Admittedly, I got a lot done. A lot that was on the list, and some that wasn't.
but, I also started way more than I finished, which leaves me now in the same place I was in a year and a half ago, with a lot of UFO/WIP's.

Truth: I have lofty ambitions (don't we all)
Truth: When I put my mind to it I can stick with a project - this has come as a revelation
Truth: It takes longer to knit a whole sweater than I want to acknowledge

In August, when I attended Stitches with Jae and Kim and had such a marvelous time, I bought the yarn for Elizabeth (that Polwarth silk&wool which is just gorgeous stuff) and got started around Aug 15-ish. I worked steadily on that, and almost finished it (drat, there is that first sleeve that needs to be completely re-worked so it's not really almost finished).
Oct 4 I accepted a commission to knit a lace cardi for someone else. I put aside all else and began knitting the Vittadini cardi. I am to the stage of knitting miles of single strand mohair lace ruffle - when it is done I Will post pics, I promise. I expect to have it finished to deliver Dec 15. That is 10 weeks of fairly intensive work. I think it's fair to say that if I'd kept going on Liz, rather than getting sidetracked by this commission, that would have been 10 weeks solid knitting to finish.

So, it takes 10 weeks for me to knit a sweater.
I'll keep my sidebar the same for now.
but come January
the in the queue and the planned stuff is coming down.
goals ahead: finish all the WIP's, and then start new projects as they strike my fancy - with no agenda hanging over my head and with no production goals in mind.
'nother goal - stay on this yarn diet. I've managed to go since Sept without purchasing a single skein of yarn. Methinks my incredible stash has finally caught up with my psyche.

Meanwhile, want to know what I just decided today to make for tomorrow night?

Kathryn over at Stitchers Guild put up a link to the Missoni website, for ideas for someone, and I've just eaten up almost an hour watching their slide shows. I have this sudden inspiration for a dress using fabrics I already own (bonus!) to make this style of dress. Admittedly, it's way outside my typically tailored/fitted box - but hey! I'm going to give it a go. We have an annual party to go to tomorrow night hosted by the Patent Attorneys office that my dh does a lot of work with, and then dinner plans following at Remy's Wine Bar, so I've decided I want a new dress. I'll be back with pics to let you know how it works out.


Lorraine said...

Hi Marji- So glad you could join our Dale KAL- I promise we'll have alot of fun, and there's absolutely no pressure.
And remember, it isn't the end result so much- it's the journey.

Anonymous said...

Will you wear the leggings, too?

Brigitte said...

You're going to look fabulous! And I'm glad you've joined the KAL as well.


patsijean said...

Wow. You will make that in one day? Do you have a similar pattern? What fabric? I'm amazed.

Marina said...

Aw, come on, that's not a fair comparison. The Vittadini cardi was lace with miles of ruffles. Plus you took time off for sewing and other stuff!

I just don't think it should be forced. I still have my 3 WIPs from 2005 and Am Kamin! A couple, I know I still want but am not willing to give the time right now. The others I will eventually rip.

Donni said...

As always, IMPRESSED. Blogging about a dress that you are going to make, and in time to wear it out tomorrow night. Sigh.

Elizabeth said...

That dress is quite a departure from your usual style. I thought at first you were joking!

Go easy on yourself about the WIPS. As long as a few things are getting finished along the way, it's ok.

Becky said...

On a yarn diet since Sept.?! Amazing! I think it's a great idea to take inventory of where things stand from time to time. I'm in the same mood to finish things up for the year. Good Luck to us both!

AR said...

A party definitely calls for a new dress! Show pictures!

Jae said...

Can't wait to see the dress! You are keeping us on our toes, because it is definitely not your normal selection. I like it but I am surprised that you are so taken by it. ;)