Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Today

Today is several things;
#1 - Happy Birthday to my Husband! (he is out on the Atlantic right now sailing so I'm not baking a cake today)
#2 - It's Memorial Day here in the US. Last night we watched some of the History Channel's Band of Brothers series on WWII. I take a moment here to salute and honor all in our Military and all who've served before.
#3 - Happy official kick off of summer.
#4 - Happy b'day tomorrow to my brother Keith - whom I've heard lurks here once in awhile.

But biggest of all -
Happy Graduation to my son, the electrical engineer! He walked for his graduation ceremony Saturday in Terre Haute IN, graduating from Rose Hulman Institute of Technology I am so proud of him I could burst.

Monday, May 22, 2006

overwhelmed with an abundance

Bold little birdie, let me get this close this AM

I'm nuts, absolutely nuts.
I have, on the needles, all the projects on the sidebar plus a baby gift (which I completely ripped out version one of this AM 'cause I hated the way it was coming out, and have cast on and knit some of version 2 - same yarn, diff pattern),

(bleh - hate the way this looks, hated knitting these short rows...ripppit)

plus the project for my vacation swap partner, (for obvious reasons there are no pics here of either)
projects too numerous to detail in the sewing room (pics to follow), and, because of the DATE on the calendar, really feel that, as a good hostess for the Tudor Roses KAL, I must cast on today for Eliz I.

I'm thinking I will cast on, to be able to say I did, then return to finishing Orangina, (progress pics to follow), and finish up the Drops Cardi out of the black alpaca/silk which I am just loving.

Is there any wonder why I don't love my sewing room? the space is great - the ambiance of the concrete walls and floor leaves much to be desired. And I would LOVE a wall that I could just screw something into.

Friday, May 19, 2006

a double rainbow today

This is the sight that greeted me this morning as I set out to make the mornings coffee.

The rainwashed green out my back door. Again, my husbands ability to grow herbs exceeds my capacity to use them fast enough. It sure is great though, to walk out to the deck, scissors in hand, to cut fresh herbs whenever I need them. The Rosemary, Mint, Cilantro and Parsley are around the corner.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

From the TBR pile

As with my knitting, my to-be-read stack seems to exceed my time allotted for the to-be doing of it!

and so, In the spirit of joining almost everything that comes along (not really, it just feels that way sometimes- I did manage to resist the Lace-along)
I've signed on to Amanda's Reading Challenge.
I can't say I'll read a book a week or anything like that, my schedule doesn't seem to work that way. So I'll just post a list of books that I'd like to get through this summer, and then see how far into it I get. May keep me on track reading what I'd really like to read instead of picking up the latest from the paperback rack at the grocery.
These are all books on my bookshelf already, so no trips to the bookstore required.
Umberto Eco The Island of the Day Before
Wallace Stegner Angle of Repose
Wallace Stegner Crossing to Safety
Bronte Wuthering Heights (for Knit the Classics - I may not be getting the projects done but I am getting the reading in)
Elis Weisel Night Just borrowed from Jq

and to accompany the Tudor Roses Knitting I'd like to re-read:
Susan Kay Legacy
Eliz Jenkins Liz and Leicester
David Starkey Elizabeth
Rosalind Miles I, Elizabeth

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

funny link

too too funny - as one gf said, "not bad dancer for a white guy"

Sunday, May 14, 2006

It's What I DO

I'm beginning to think that this is what I should be sporting, instead of this:

Stash enhancement photos follow
The Dale Tiur and the Gems Pearl were purchased to make Eliz I since what I owned in my stash and had swatched weren't working out. The Gems is still too light, but the Tiur is IT! Love the colorway too - a v deep red, almost magenta. I'll get pics of my swatches when I finish unpacking and figure out where they went.

The green peeking in the corner was purchased to knit into a bag to felt (ok, I know, I don't felt...but there are exceptions to every rule, and I had all the rest of that Classic Elite Le Gran mohair that had been ripped out of the silk garden heavy sweater.) It has already been knit - at above 30000 ft I might add: This was my airport and flight knitting. Whole thing was cast on, knit and bound off while in transit on this last trip. Used all the Le Gran too - have just a little bit (showing there at the top) - hope it's enough to knit the embellishment flowers. Now I just have to find a washer to felt in, or figure out how to use a front loader to felt.

I also purchased this sale yarn - the wildflower DK has been discontinued, and as I've seen it knit by several from my Wed Night knitting group into baby/kids knits, I thought I'd better have some...and the classic elite was just too pretty to leave there....

do we wonder why my stash looks like it does?

oh, and I managed to purchase some yarn on the way out of Wilmington - on the way to the airport. What? you want to see that too? later alligator

Happy Mothers Day

My MomHappy Mothers Day to my Mom. She's had quite the life. She bore 2 children in the 50's, two in the 60's and one in the 70's.

My mom graduated from H.S. in June (or maybe May?), Married my dad in August, had me the following July. This is what girls did in the 50's. The next two decades saw many changes in society, and in my moms life and our family life as well. By the time my mom had my youngest brother in the early 70's she was on the verge of becoming part of the working force, trying to live to that Virginia Slims ad ideal.
She is still working, is happily married again, travels, gardens, is taking up sewing again (that is her making a Chanel style jacket here this spring) attends Opera and concerts and movies and is involved in her church group, and cooks. My mom is a cancer survivor.
She is grandma to 5 grandsons, and word has it that there is a granddaughter on the way ;). She is step-grandma to many.
My wish for my mom this mothers day is to continue to live her life to the fullest, maybe retire soon (huh mom?) and be able to travel more. My wish is that she is able to spoil this new grandbaby girl coming soon. My wish is that she is around and lively still to see all her grandchildren graduate.

I also wish a happy Mothers Day to my dear sister Denise, who is mom to one special boy, and full-time stepmom to 4 more kids. Her life presents many challenges, which she meets with grace and more understanding than I think I could, or would. Love you Denise.

and a Happy Mothers Day to my sisters in law:
Erika, who is mom to two wonderful boys, one just born this past year. Erika, I owe you apols I think. My baby bro, your husband, was unduly influenced by my first marriage, and after his own childhood experiences, swore off marriage. It is only due to your extraordinary self and a testament to you, that he got over that.
and to my newest sis-in-law Wendy, who is not only mom to her 4 children but is giving my brother the opportunity to become a father, not only to her 4 kids, but to the one which she will bear him this coming June. I had the opportunity to spend a night at Dave and Wendy's last November. What a special woman my brother found to marry.

and Happy Mothers Day to Joan, my dad's wife. Although I never considered Joan a step-mom (she married my dad after I was an adult and already married), she was every bit an extraordinary grandma to my kids.

and to all the moms out there, happy mothers day.
(I need to single out new mom Michellers - I am so v happy for you and Rob.)

Friday, May 12, 2006

at Topsail Beach

Serenity defined

Views from the Deck
we are taking long beach walks everyday, doing some bopping around in the shops, getting some knitting and reading done...eating well.
Friends Jq (whose beach house the rest of us are a guest at) and Mike dancing.

Getting some knitting done. This is the progress on the Drops Cardi which I would really like to finish before starting the knitting for the Tudor Roses KAL.

Have been trying to read Pride and Prejudice but there just hasn't been much reading time. Today the sun is shining, wind has calmed a bit, and I think we are going to park it in the beach chairs at the waters edge. Maybe I'll get some reading done then. Alas, tomorrow is a day to travel home.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Another F.O.

One that I never even put on the sidebar.
Pattern: Elena, Endless Summer
Yarn from stash: AdHoc from Filatura di Crosa. Cotton/Rayon
Needles: Addi Turbo size 6
Cast on April 1
Bind off May 5

News of stash enhancement and swatching to come.
I know, stash enhancement isn't supposed to be happening. I fell off the wagon. Big time.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

quick notes

In my usual habit of joining what looks remotely interesting to me, I have been tempted, v tempted, to join this. However, I have an agenda this month/this summer/this year.

and that is: to finish up what is on the needles this month so that I can start my Tudor Roses projects.
This summer: to be a good hostess for the Tudor Roses knitalong and actually make progress on my chosen TR projects,
and this year:, to work up all that is on the goal list here so that at the end of the year, I can buy myself the Christmas present of the yarn for the Katherine Howard. I've still got some knitting to do! (I'm making progress though!)
But I'm thinking that Jae might be heading over that way.

oh, and I believe it is time to wish a very happy last day to be 39 before turning 40 to Donni.
Donni, in a bid to raise some $ for cancer research, is shaving her head and donating her hair next week. Stop on over by her blog and click on the link to pledge something to help make a difference.