Saturday, January 20, 2007

Liz is OTN, Dales are on, Auction news, and a Tag

Liz is OTN
that would be.....Off The Needles
whew, finally.

So today, after the Mister around here leaves for Chicago to go watch the Bears game tomorrow, she goes into the bath, then onto the blocking board.
That gives me a whole (mostly whole) weekend to project play.

Is anyone else feeling this left-out sad empty "Everyone else is playing, why can't I" that I'm feeling because today is the official cast-on day for the Dale of Norway KAL? The little guy in the back of the brain that says, "you can play, just go" is urging me on...maybe just a pair of mittens... or a hat...

The last week or so I've been v busy with some personal things around here, but I've also spent my computer time helping to set up what we hope will become an annual fundraising event for the Artisans Square Stitchers Guild web-community. We've set up an auction . Items are being listed daily until the end of the month. So far the only yarn that was listed has been sold in a buy-it-now situation, but there are fabrics and books and more to come.

Have loads of fun Lorraine and Jewel and Marina and all the rest of you 90+ knitters who're casting on Dale projects today.

oh, I almost forgot,
Shannon and Nanflan both have tagged me (I got tagged)

So, here's the deal:
  • Get tagged by someone
  • Write down 5 things that have never been revealed on your blog before
  • Tag 5 others
1. Even though I tell everyone I'm from Traverse City MI, I was born in Rochester NY and lived there til I was 12, then moved to the Detroit area, where I stayed til I was 31
2. When my husband and I went on our honeymoon to the Grenedines (the windward islands where we'd chartered a boat), American Airlines lost our luggage for 10 days. We recovered it from the unclaimed pile in customs in St Vincent, but 2 months later AA contacted us to tell us it was permanently lost.
3. When my son was 12 he got a baby iguana. Bob lived a long life, as a male ig he got so aggressive that even ds had difficulty handling him towards the end. Bob died of kidney failure a week ago today. He was 12 yr old.
4. Even though I lived with a large lizard, I have a terror of alligators. I have alligator dreams.
5. Even though we have a dishwasher, I hand wash all of the silverware and all of the glassware everyday.

ok, I tag Jae (whose got an important fundraiser of her own going),
Kim (Kim, that'll give you an excuse to write a blog entry),
Brigitte, because she is feeling sad and left out today too,
Carrie, because she thinks she's got time to cast on today ;)
and ErikaB


Anonymous said...

The suspense is killing me ;-) Can't wait to see the modelled shot of Elizabeth!

A hat! The husband would appreciate that!

Michellers said...

Awww, I'm sorry to hear about Bob!

Anonymous said...

Too bad about Bob (love the plain name for an unusual animal!). Is 12 a long time for an iguana?

Anonymous said...

If I hand washed all my silver and glasses every day, I think my family would soon be using plastic ;-)

I am sorry to hear about Bob.

jae said...

I have the same left out feeling. Not about Dale, because we all know I don't knit fair isle. ;) However, I joined the Victorian Lace KAL. Everyone else seems to have the lace flying on and off their needles. I want to cast on, but too many other things are getting in the way.

Hmmm, 5 things huh? Ok, I'll give it a shot.

Carrie K said...

Yes, a hat would be great! Not too much of a committment (in addition to all your others) and then you'd be KAL'ing.

Five things I haven't already babbled about that I want people to know? Huh. I'll try.

YAY about Eliz! Looking forward to the pix. You're a machine lately!

Anonymous said...

Handwashing - what the heck is that? :)

Becky said...

It would be nice if we could do it all, but there are some we have sit out. Can't wait to see Liz on you.

Carrie said...

Hey, I'M from T.C., MI! (humming It's a Small World) Sorry about Bob, the lizard. I know what you mean about alligator dreams. I dream about small biting animals, and it's really hard to go outside after dark. Knit some awesome mittens! It's a great project idea.

Carrie said...

You should just email me at carrie at galsys dot com. Then we can dish! =-)

Jennifer said...

12 years is quite long lived! I don't think I could have lived with an iguana though. Reptiles give me the willies.

Jennifer said...

12 is long lived for an iguana! I couldn't live with an iguana though. Reptiles give me the willies.

Anonymous said...

Congrats about Liz! Can't wait to see it all put together.

Yes, I'm bummed about not being able to do the Dale...but I have so many other wonderful WIP's I'm rediscovering.

Thanks for the tag!

Lorraine said...

Marji- Your welcome as part of the Dale Group whether you start now or later. Or not at all.
What would our group be without Marji?

I scared to death of Iguanas!

AR said...

Traverse City is covered in snow right now!

Are you going to show a pic of Liz?

DeeAnn said...

Congratulations on Liz! Can't wait to see the finished shots :)

I get the feeling left out thing, I'd love to do the Dales and a few other things but just have too much on my plate right now.

Sorry about Bob :(

Linda said...

Okay, I have been meaning to talk to you more about this. Did you grow up in the city of Rochacha or did you go to one of the suburb schools? You can PM me at SG to talk more about this. It will be interesting to see what you remember. - Linda

Mary, Mary... said...

I have a Dale pattern that I will make in 2007, but joining a KAL guarantees I'll never finish it--hello, Sunrise Circle Jacket? RIP Bob, is there a Rainbow Bridge for iguanas?